Idol Worship: Nicki Minaj’s 8 Gayest Songs

The jury is pretty much out on whether or not Nicki Minaj is inclined to date women, sleep with women, touch women affectionately, or ever make all of my dreams come true and admit that “Pink Friday” was, in fact, entirely about her latent homosexuality. Rumors have floated back and forth about her lady lovin’, and she’s come out multiple times to “deny” that she was “ever bisexual,” claiming it was a lie she made up to get famous. But like, do famous people really lie about being bisexual when they’re relatively unknown? I’m pretty sure most celebrities come out after the fame part for a reason, but I could be wrong. And maybe I am. But to be honest, you can’t blame me for trying – especially in the face of some super queer lyrical content coming from the baddest bitch herself.

These are the gayest Nicki Minaj songs. (In no particular order.)

The Boys

Counterintuitive, but see it for yourself: this is definitely some top-notch satire and it definitely involves alluding to oral sex with Cassie to make that clear.

Young Thug

I am not gay
but let’s be precise
’cause if she pretty then watch it
’cause I’mma be fucking your wife

In the words of Brittani Nichols: “THAT’S PRETTY GAY NICKI”


I mean. It’s called girlfriend. And she might claim it’s about her best friend, but like, isn’t the healthiest relationship the one where people croon over one another and go, “she’s my best friend” while other people vomit in the background? Nicki and her girl are living THE DREAM.

Where Them Girls At

I feel like you already know this is gay because you listen to it every night before you go out because your entire life is looking for the right girl at the bar. But whatever. You don’t know my life.

Little Freak

Excuse me little mama
But you could say I’m on duty
I’m lookin’ for a cutie
A real big o’ ghetto booty
I really like your kitty kat
And if you let me touch her
I know you’re not a bluffer
I’ll take you to go see Usher

If Nicki Minaj takes her side chicks to Usher concerts, count me in. Unless that Usher concert happens in the present and not in the early 2000’s.

Right Thru Me

When I was coming out, my roommate pulled me into her room. “You need to listen to this.” She was coming out, too, which probably explains why we were both crying at the end. Nicki put a man in this video, but it does nothing to squelch the immense amount of FEELINGS contained in the second verse, which I memorized within one week:

Answer this question, class is in session,
Tired of letting passive aggression, control my mind,
Capture my soul, OK, you’re right just let it go,
OK you got it, it’s in the can, before I played it,
You knew my hand, you can turn a free throw to a goal,
You got the peep hole to my soul

I Endorse These Strippers

Nicki, we’re not at Chippendales anymore.

Girls Fall Like Dominoes

I’m gon’ need sixty nine real bad girls for my tour bus
Somebody get security to escort us
They go the long way but we take the short cut
Give me the blond hair, long weave, short cut

You know the flow sick, came in on the small bus
So give the d-cup, c-cup, small bust
They judge me like the girl’s on trial
But every time that I come out it’s just girls gone wild

I have nothing left to add except this: if this isn’t your life, you aren’t me.

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  1. I’m really not into trying to push people out of the closet. I love Nicki, and totally think her music is queer, but can autostraddle cool it on the perez hilton type shit?

    I feel like we can appreciate her queer music without making it personal to her (see: YONCE)

    • Sorry, I just realized how combative this sounds. (Note to self: never ever compare someone to Perez Hilton.)

      I just still have closet feelings of remembering how safe it felt, and how terrifying it was being threatened to outed. Saying women who call themselves straight are not being truthful stirs up uneasy feelings.

      But in any case I love all these videos and thank you for compiling them.

    • I don’t think celebrating the lyrics and tone of a song is outing someone. She wrote and published these songs. I’m assuming she had some say in the direction of the music video, since it isn’t your industry standard. Whether the image she portrays is real or not, I think it’s safe to assume she’s okay with it or she wouldn’t use that imagery in the first place.

      I don’t see any personal photos of her here. I don’t see any speculation over her friends. I don’t see anything that doesn’t have to do with her songs or music videos and the overall tone is light.

      I would never interpret any of these “top gayest songs” posts as anything other than fun and perhaps wishful thinking on the part of those of us who are fans of these women.

      • Ya, I was way too strong at first! It’s definitely not outing, especially since she did publicly talk about it.

        I mostly agree with you, I guess I just took issue with the first paragraph’s sort of “disbelieving” tone.

        But again, loving this compilation and forever loving the queerness of Nicki’s art.

  2. I kept getting thrown in that first video by Cassie. I swoon, because gorgeous woman in gorgeous suits and swimwear, then she waves her fingernails in front of the camera and I flinch and clench my legs together. Very jarring.

    I blame the fingernail post you guys ran ages ago for this visceral reaction, by the way.

  3. I do like nicki but are we just not gonna talk about her transphobia or

    i’m not gonna quote the lyrics here b/c they make me pretty uncomfortable but look up ‘lookin ass n*gga’ and go to the second verse

    i appreciate that she’s all about the lady loving in (some of) her songs, but not at the expense of trans people you feel me?

    (also is anyone else getting mixed messages here?)

    • I don’t get your issue with the song.

      She has a harsh way of putting it, lots of nigga being thrown around, but the overly dependent, self indulgent, god’s gift to woman kind attitude, that a lot of men in our community have needs to stop. And we should stop celebrating it.

      • The problematic part is: (TW transphobia)

        “No dick in the pants ass nigga
        I be damned if I fuck a non-man ass nigga
        I will, I will, I will never fuck a non-man ass nigga”

        which seems pretty transphobic to me.

        • I’m not going to tell you what to get offended by, as I’m sure the mods won’t like it. I also won’t presume to know how Nicki views the trans community. What I will say is that you’re taking those lyrics out of context.

          This song has nothing to do with gender identity and everything to do with the failing of the Black community in raising our young men. She’s not referring to people who identify as men and don’t have penises. She’s speaking to Black men who don’t act in a way you’d expect a grown man to act. Most of these men in fact do have penises. She’s using penis the same way someone might use balls, if you were to tell someone to grow a pair. Is it particularly sensitive, no, but you have to see it through a different lens. Not everything is being addressed to you or people you know. How you can completely ignore the lyrics directly before it, to come to this is beyond me.

          ‘Same cup in the hand ass nigga
          In the club with a credit card scam ass nigga’

          What she’s saying is she won’t get involved with a man who isn’t a “man”/adult. She’s saying it takes more than you simply existing and being born male to make you worthy of her time. She’s not looking for a hard nigga or thug nigga or whatever the current aspiration is. It might seem obvious, but it’s an incredibly important message. As bad as it is that our men act this way, our women accept them in any disrespectful, leaching, abusive way they come.

      • Jessie, calling a dude “dickless” as an insult (and equating dickless with non-man) is transphobic, even when you don’t mean it that way.

  4. There was an old video of her talking about her relationship with Remy Martin. And now she denies every word of it…

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