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Holigay Gift Guide: What To Buy for Every Astrological Sign

Astrology is an incredible tool for self-discovery, connection, growth, healing, and empowerment. It’s also a super fun way to flirt with strangers, hurt your own feelings, and make wild generalizations about people. (I’m only sort of kidding.)

You might be someone that feels absolutely connected to your sun, moon, or rising placements — or you might not resonate with this framework at all. But no matter who you are or how you describe yourself, astrology can be very helpful when it comes to choosing gifts for the curious Gemini, empathetic Pisces, or bold Leo in your life.

I’m giving you exactly two suggestions for each sign, because my fixed water self is not interested in giving you hundreds of options to stress over. We’re also going backwards, because Aries always gets to go first and apparently I’m choosing violence with this gift guide. And if you want to fully lean in and get something specifically astrological you can always give them a personalized Birthdate candle, delicate astrology jewelry, or deliciously witchy book.


Romantic, compassionate, and with a gift for making everyone around them feel seen, Pisces’ innate sensitivity is enhanced by a tender, spiritually-driven curiosity, and a craving to create true intimacy. Give them something that reminds them to keep an anchor in the physical world, while still encouraging that dreamy need to explore the collective subconscious.


Fearless, purposeful, and with an innate desire to pursue the unknown, Aquarius usually gets pigeonholed as the weirdo of the zodiac. But these intellectual explorers are both independent and thoughtful, challenging the status quo and thinking about all that’s possible for the future. Encourage them to keep seeking while also caring for their bodies and minds in a practical, tangible way.


Known for their legendary control, competence, and ambition, Capricorn is used to running the show, calling the shots, and making the big decisions that keep everyone else on track. Gifts that remind them to slow down, take care of themselves, and enjoy the finer things can help them keep building that empire while also prioritizing their own comfort, healing, and joy.


Playful, independent, and philosophical Sagittarius loves to travel, explore, and question their surroundings, craving knowledge and inspiring everyone around them with a deep and powerful curiosity. These truth-seekers are often on the go, so give them gifts that encourage their desire for freedom, while still offering the support and security that they crave.


Intense, passionate, and deeply private, Scorpio loves to dig into the hidden mysteries, the strange unknown, and tends to only reveal their full selves to a trusted few. Make sure they know that you’re worthy of their attention and trust with gifts that reflect their emotional, intuitive self.


Stylish, diplomatic, ever-charming Libra loves beauty, art, and the finer things. But underneath that perfectly balanced outfit is a soul that craves substance and affection, someone that wants to be valued for all that they are. Remind the Libra in your life that they’re absolutely precious already, with luxurious self-care items that indulge their decadent side.


Pragmatic, detail-oriented Virgo often gets tasked with cleaning up the messes of other people — and while they love being valued for their skill, talent, and intelligence, they often feel pressure to always be in control. Give them gifts that help them relax, unwind, and remember the all-important art of play.


Adventurous, loyal, expressive Leo doesn’t mind being in the spotlight, but what they really crave is being seen and appreciated for their unique gifts and talents. Make sure they know how much you appreciate their playful side, and give them presents that let them shine and celebrate the people they love all at once.


Caring, sensitive, and emotionally generous, Cancer is often noted for their privacy and strong boundaries. If you’re lucky enough to be in their circle, you know exactly how nurturing these folks can be. Help them unwind and care for themselves too with gifts that pamper, as well as making their time at home even more enjoyable.


Quick-witted, curious, and clever, Gemini is adaptable, lively, and always on the move. These playful information-gatherers love to learn and teach, looking to collaborate and cooperate with people they admire whenever possible. Help them record all of their many ideas, and make sure their hands look good while they do it.


A collage of plants and pajamas for Taurus

1. MeUndies Modal Pajama Set ($98) // 2. Snake Plant ($50) // 3. Plaid Flannel Pajama Set ($40) // 4. Bouqs Flower Subscription ($40 and up) // 5. Eberjey PJ Set ($120) // 6. Succulent Assortment ($29)

Sensual, devoted, grounded Taurus knows how to make a space beautiful, how to make people comfortable, and how to prioritize pleasure. Give them a gift that will keep on giving, something that will bring them joy for months to come, and remind them to stop and smell the roses sometimes.


Energetic, focused, independent Aries is always on the move, ready to put their powerful determination into every goal on their list. Show them how much you admire their fighting spirit by giving them a game they will probably win, or encouraging a restorative daily practice to help them find a little balance.

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Meg is a freelance photographer, writer, and tarot reader living in New York City.

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  1. I actually think my Leo boyfriend would like those things. You definitely got it right that this Scorp loves tarot decks and interesting rings, though the ones you picked aren’t quite my style.

  2. Just fyi those crystal water bottles are not a great idea. First there’s the horrible mining practices that are digging them up with child labour, second there’s the part where fraud is super common and what it says on the label is often not the type of mineral that’s in there. (Not this company specifically, but the whole industry has an issue. Although these ones are all variants on quartz, a very common mineral, and these are often what they say to be.) Lastly there’s the fact that the water comes into direct contact with the porous crystal, and you can’t sterilize them with boiling water because it will likely fracture the rock. Porous and humid leads to molds. So what you’re getting is an expensive water bottle with a moldy petri dish in the bottom.

    If you really want one of these you should make sure that the water and the crystal do not make direct contact. For more on the mining thing, the Guardian did an article on this some time ago.

    Anyway: I’m a very sceptic Gemini but I really love the notebooks and fountain pens!

  3. Thanks for sharing that info about the crystals, Yasmin.

    On the point of unethical labor practices etc: I would really love it if Autostraddle made (only? also?) ethical holiday gift guides.

    I get that these guides are fun to make/read and bring in money for AS through the links, but it‘s always felt too uncritically capitalist and consumerist imo. I‘ve always had a bit of an icky feeling reading these on a queer website that otherwise strives to be radical and intersectional.

    I would much prefer hearing about cute gifts that help battling the climate crisis by reducing waste, awesome gifts were made by organisations that provide decent work for folks with disabilities or gifts that have certified supply chains and fair pay policies instead of exploiting POCs abroad.

    • Thank you Emily.

      And I agree, I’d love to see that too! We know that climate change, environmental damage, capitalist exploitation, etc, hurts the most marginalized people first. We are supposed to be supporting those people.

      We can also (besides ethical shopping options) do things like diy gift guides, the ethics and etiquette of regifting, how to have no-gift celebrations, wrapping with reused materials, how to propagate your plants for home grown gifts – there’s so many options!

      If you want witchy & pagan gift suggestions I volunteer my ideas. You might also do an article about what to use instead of crystals, for people who love their shiny rocks but want more ethical items.

  4. Hello! I would like to recommend this spa as a great gift for every zodiac sign. After we pick up gifts for loved ones and friends for the holidays, we often need to relax and unwind a bit. The spa is a place where you can enjoy a calm and relaxing atmosphere, get a massage or other treatments that will help you relieve stress and tension. I’m sure this would be a wonderful gift for any zodiac sign that loves to take care of their health and well being.

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