Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Subscription Boxes for Last Minute Babes

Maybe you too have inherited your mother’s habit of only thinking about Christmas after December 15th and are wondering how you’ll make folks in your life happy when priority shipping is $7,284 per pound now. Perhaps you just forgot, and are thinking about last minute holiday gifts that folks in your life will like and need. Maybe you just like the gift that keeps on giving. No matter what, here’s the guide for you.

For Self-Care

Autostraddle Gift Guide: Subscription Boxes for Self Care

[1.] Ujamaa Box, $25, [2.] Bloom Beautifully, $39, [3.] Unbound Babe Box, $65, [4.] Bevel Shaving System, $69.95

Named after the Kwanzaa principle meaning cooperative economics, Ujamaa Box helps you support black businesses and sends little self-care things – think hair stuff, cute art, lotions, teas – to you each month. Bloom Beautifully advertises as “the self-care box” and has a subscription option as well as a surprise self-care box option for a one-off pick me up. Unbound offers a quarterly subscription of sex toys and really, what better gift than the gift of sexual exploration? Get the Bevel subscription for anyone in your life who shaves and especially those with course or curly hair.

For Food Lovers

Autostraddle Gift Guide: Subscription Boxes Food

[1.] HelloFresh!, $8.74/serving, [2.] Mouth, $54, [3.] Graze, from $10.99


If you’re trying to cook more often but are part of the generation that doesn’t know how to keep fresh vegetables fresh, HelloFresh’s perfect portions are your key to success. Send your favorite foodie a monthly subscription from Mouth. Get Graze and make packing a snack for lunch so much more exciting with their hundreds of tasty options.

For Book and Stationery Lovers

Autostraddle Gift Guide: Subscription Boxes Stationary

[1.] Mocha Glam Box, $14.99, [2.] Candle Lit, $27, [3.] Call Number $35

For brown girls obsessed with planners, get the Mocha Glam Box for Planners. If you want a box featuring, “newly released literature by authors of color, art, organic loose leaf tea, soy candles and more!”, look no further than Candle Lit. Call Number is a library-inspired subscription box that sends you curated items and a new book by a black author each month.

For the Kids

Autostraddle Gift Guide: Subscription Boxes Kids

[1.] Just Like Me, $28, [2.] Brown Toy Box, $35.99

Send the brown kidlet in your life the Just Like Me subscription box which sends age appropriate books with brown protagonists. Brown Toy Box affirms kids culturally by sending them diverse toys! (Take note: they make you choose a gender for the child you’re subscribing for.)

For the Culture

A+ Subscription, from $2.50/month

Get yourself, your loved ones, your hated ones, and everyone in between a subscription to A+! Do you want to read old diary entries? A+. Wanna read interviews with exes? A+. Wanna listen to the editors talk to each other? A+. Wanna know which emojis we use most, get to read intimate personal essays, and help independent media stay afloat? A+. You’ve always wanted it, and now is the time for you to get it friend.

Even if you start today, you can make someone’s holiday season very very happy (Even maybe, your own!)!! Go and get ’em, tiger!

Alaina is a 20-something working on a PhD in Performance as Public Practice. They are a mom to three cats, they listen to a lot of NPR and musicals, and they spend a lot of time on Pinterest lusting over studio apartments. They are actively trying to build A Brand on twitter @alainamonts. One day, they will be First Lady of the United States.

Al(aina) has written 270 articles for us.


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