Relevant To Your Interests: Some (Spoiler-Free) Star Wars Merch For You and Your Favorite Porg

Yes. I’ve seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi. My friend Laura (who you might remember from the zillion times I’ve mentioned her on this website) got me a ticket for Christmas and we saw it at one in the goddamn morning the day it came out and we did not get back until four-thirty in the morning and even though I am a very old person masquerading as an almost-thirty-person it was WORTH IT. And I will not spoil one single thing for you. But I will show you all the very coolest Star Wars things I’ve found on the internet.

The Light Side

A Woman’s Place Is In The Resistance Shirt, $24+. R2 Measuring Cup Set, $12.99. BB-8 Purse, $65.99. Star Wars Terrarium, $69.99+.

The Dark Side

Kylo Ren Lion King Mug, $13.99+. Darth Vader Fair Isle Dress Socks, $16.99. Sphero BB-9E, $142.99. Empire Self-Stirring Mug, $6.99. You guys, I just realized how many coffee-related items are on this list I even cut an R2D2 French Press that’s how many coffee items I AM SO SO TIRED I AM CRYING IT WAS WORTH IT.

Neither Side

Galaxy Necklace, $29.99. Porg Backpack, $28.99. Cat Wars 2018 Calendar, $10.99. Episode 4, 5 and 6 Minimal Posters, $13.77+.


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  1. But also good work finding that backpack. It’s the only Porg merch I’ve seen that was actually cute. I looked up the stuffed animal immediately after the film and couldn’t believe that Disney went to so much effort to set up a good merch sell and then made weird looking merch.

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