Autostraddle Family Photo Album: Let’s Celebrate the Holigays With Nostalgia!

One of my favorite things about going home for the holidays is flipping through old family photo albums. My mother was fairly meticulous about compiling family photos and putting them in hardcover albums and captioning each photo, and it's such a gift to get to flip through those books, laughing at hilarious old haircuts or outfits, thinking fondly (or not so fondly) of certain momentous occasions, and generally basking in the warm glow of nostalgia. I often wish that I had such thick old photo album to browse of my chosen family, too – like, I wonder what Laneia looked like in her winter coat as a small child, or what pose KaeLyn made in front of the Christmas tree when she was 4, or what wacky gift Riese's aunt bought her one year. But we realized this year – why can't we have that photo album? It's 2017! We can do whatever the fuck we want! And so here it is: The Autostraddle Family Photo Album of my, and soon to be your, dreams!

Here's how this magical gift came into existence. ...

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