Heard It On TV: CAKE and Apple

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled several new and updated products — among them, the new fancy iPod Nano with touchscreen. I like Apple as much as the next gadget-obsessed girl, but I lovvvvve CAKE. And so, despite already owning three iPods (don’t ask — it just happened that way), the new Nano commercial featuring CAKE’s “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” stole my heart. Watch it below.

I don’t have much to say about the new Nano, aside for acknowledging it doubles as an incredibly sleek but impractical wristwatch, so I’ll take this opportunity to turn the attention to CAKE.

The Sacramento-based band is one of my favorites. I love the baritone sing-speak vocals, lightly distorted guitar, funky bass, unexpectedly prominent trumpet solos, and the country music flavors. Yet most know CAKE for its radio singles, like “The Distance,” “Never There,” “Short Skirt/Long Jacket,” which don’t really combine all of the above. While these are great songs, they neither capture what I love most about CAKE nor depth of their discography.

If I could, Autostraddlers, I would make you all a mix CD of my favorite CAKE songs. But because there are just too many of you, I will settle for a top 10 list and hope that you listen.

My Top 10 Favorite Songs By CAKE

1. “Mexico” from Prolonging The Magic

2. “Stickshifts and Safety Belts” from Fashion Nugget

3. “Sheep Go To Heaven” from Prolonging The Magic

4. “Italian Leather Sofa” from  Fashion Nugget

5. “Pentagram” from Motorcade of Generosity

6. “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town” from B-Sides and Rarities

7. “Jolene” from Motorcade of Generosity

8. “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” from Fashion Nugget

9. “Satan Is My Motor” from Prolonging The Magic

10. “You Turn The Screws” from Prolonging The Magic

Did I leave out anyone’s favorites? Are there any CAKE-lovers or haters among us? Let us know in the comments!

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Jess G.

Jess is a writer/producer with a knack for audio and online production. She grew up in California and now lives in Washington, DC, where she recently graduated from Georgetown University. Jess' jacket collection is obscenely large, and so is her music library. In her spare time, Jess enjoys riding her bike in the city, blogging, writing songs, and eating good food.

Jess has written 44 articles for us.


  1. you’re right, all i know are the radio singles. i love “the distance” but not so much a fan of “short skirt/long jacket”.

  2. back in the mid-90’s, i used to listen to “I Will Survive” every morning before school while dancing around my room, to get excited about the day and also overall survival

    • I was 10 when I first heard CAKE’s version of “I Will Survive.” It was in my brother’s car, and I was scandalized by the use of “fuck.” How things have changed!

    • “I Will Survive” is the best cover I’ve ever heard next to Flight 409’s “Don’t Stop Believing”

      • For me, “I Will Survive” comes in second only to Johnny Cash’s acoustic cover of NIN’s “Hurt”.

  3. Um, you totally missed out on
    Commissioning a Symphony In C
    Comfort Eagle
    Frank Sinatra
    Sad Songs And Waltzes
    Mr. Mastodon Farm
    Never There
    Mahna, Mahna

    Also, woo CAKE!

  4. love them!
    “Let Me Go” would probably be close to #1 for me along with “Sheep Go to Heaven” and “Satan is My Motor”

  5. You know Short Skirt/Long Jacket is the theme to the show Chuck right? I love the show and the song, but I’m an Applehater and was offended when Apple used a song I love so much.

    • Yeah, but Apple gave me an excuse to write about CAKE now. And as for being an Apple hater, as a PC girl, I have to say I have a strong appreciation for sound editing/video editing/aesthetics/ease of Macs.

  6. My girlfriend scootches over by me when we’re in my car (Ford Taurus, bench seats) and every time I think of “Stickshifts and Safety Belts.” So that’s probs my fav.

    Also, “Frank Sinatra.”

    My brothers went through a period of time where basically, we listened to Fashion Nugget. A lot. (yeah i’m the youngest)

  7. I love CAKE more than any band out there.

    I live in MN and have traveled as far as Seattle and Florida just to see them for one evening.

    They are the best!

  8. Walk On By and Hem of Your Garment. My girlfriend hates them, which sucks because I love them. “… and I am only biding time, only reciting memorized lines…”

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