Have a Holly Jolly Internets Christmas: Hey Did You See That Comment?

Hello, friendly friends! This is Dina (you may recognize me from “the comments”) filling in for Emily for an extra special Australian Christmas edition of Hey! Did You See That Comment? Friday. Upon writing this it is already Friday, due to the Australianness mentioned above. My presents are all badly wrapped and my pumpkin pie looks like it was attacked by a dragon, but anyway.

This week, DADT repeal happened. Apparently we were very excited because we talked about it a lot. We also talked about the new moving picture Black Swan a lot (again, I guess?), probably because Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis are hot or we all secretly wanted to be ballerinas when we were kids or something.

We also talked about how dropping out of college is generally not the end of one’s life. Who knew? Not my high school guidance counsellor, that’s for sure.

Finally we learned that spiders in Australia are heinously scary, and that gender roles aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

So wherever you are, whoever you’re with, whichever season you happen to be in, raise a glass to your queermo Internets buddies and read you some comment awards!

The Alcomoholics Anonymous Award to Slevs, Natasha and Katelyn:

Slevs, Natasha & Katelyn

The I Put On Pants For THIS?! Award to LezGeek, Slevs and maria:

The Feminize This! Award to bdz and smartypants:

From What Does The DADT Repeal Actually Mean?

The Speaking For Us All Award to middlemuse:


We do not want to have sex with you.


The Fact That I Adore You is Just One of my Truths Award to Truth/Brianna:

Movie Review: “Black Swan” Has Mad Chicks, Made Me Feel Crazy

The I’d Like To Subscribe To Your Newsletter Award to Mariee:

I’m glad this film is cinematically significant and everything, but I have to say all I really wanted for Christmas was “Center Stage II: Dykes in Tights.”

From DeAnne Smith and The Powerful Surprise Absurdity of the Suddenly Topless

Anger Management Award to Irene JK:

Just ten minutes ago I wanted to rip off the head of a Santa Claus mannequin in the Apple Store window and throw it at an innocent passerby. But now I just want to hug everyone and blow sparkles out of every orifice in my body. So thanks for ruining my standard holiday scowl and putting a smile on this scrooge’s face. Merry fuckin’ Christmas.

From Get Toasted With Autostraddle:

Jesus Lemon Salsa Award to e:

The fanciest drink I’ve had is a vampiro because i’m 18 in the us. I take what I can get. But but but thankfully vampiros are delicious I think it contains grapefruit soda, something red and sweet, vodka (?), lemon salsa unicorn saliva Idk I can’t tell what I’m mixing under the cloak of night

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I am an American expat living in Sydney, Australia. I like science fiction and video games more than is probably healthy. I have a beautiful girlfriend and two little grey cats.

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  1. I like this extra special Australian Christmas edition, there has been a lot of Australianness on this site this week

  2. dina: even though i know you’re not australian, i still read anything you write in a bad aussie accent. i also do the same with harry potter, only its a bad british accent.

  3. Merry summer christmas, Dina! (and other fellow southies).

    I also want to subscribe to Mariee’s newsletter, I have seen the tragically non-dykey movie about 10000 times and was the only person I knew who had heard of Zoe Saldana pre-Star Trek (♥)

  4. My presents are all badly wrapped

    I labeled one of my presents “from: a bad gift wrapper.” They will know who wrote it.

  5. Aw hell yes comment award. I don’t have any wine, but I guess that’ll do.

    . . . anybody have any wine?

    • Australia does not condone the consumption of alcoholic beverages, but please help yourself to some Vitamin Water from the fridge.

  6. Oh my, for the first time Terracottatoes didn’t win an award. Yup, she’s definitely been paying Emily off that’s for sure.

    • If the comments she’s been leaving are any real indication of who she is then I’d let her pay me off too… if ya know what I mean… I mean, pay me off with her witty words and charming conclusions, perv. But if that doesn’t work, ya know… the other thing.

      • Forgive me Father, for I have sinned– I haven’t been on Autostraddle in two whole weeks! It appears that when I don’t have school to procrastinate against, I choose to sleep and spend my internet time elsewhere… there is also possibly the possible possibility that I may have become charmingly enamored with someone whom I am choosing not to name…ahahaha

        For the record, I don’t pay Emily off, except in the wit you see manifested in the comments themselves ;) There was even a week I didn’t win any, go Nancy Drew that shit if you don’t believe me ;)

        collectedprose, i aint no hollaback girl. unless. do you have a milkshake? brb, coming to your yard.

  7. dear dina,

    thanks for handing out awards to people who more or less drunkenly rant about their clothing – or lack thereof – two days in a row.


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