Epic Holigay Grab Bag: 100+ DIY Projects, Recipes, and Inspiration for the Season

Recipes & Food

From the Archives: Get Baked, Toasted, And Joyful

+ Irish Coffee For When It’s Cold Outside

irish coffee

+ Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire

Cut x shapes into your chestnuts. They should look like this.

+ Get Toasted with Autostraddle: The Holigay Drinkstravaganza


+ Flaming Cinnamon Martini


+ Vegan Olive Oil Challah


+ Get Toasted with Autostraddle: A Very Special Holiday Drinking Edition


Gingerbread Structures

+ Gingerbread Cookie Houses


+ Gingerbread House Cookies


+ Gingerbread Cave


I’m thinking that artistic interpretations can include “dessert rendition of the place you wanna crawl into when your family all sits down to dinner.”

+ Gingerbread Dreidel


He Sees You When You’re Cooking and Other Christmas Tales

+ Santa’s Belly Marshmallow Pops


Everyone loves a good belt buckle, y’know?

+ Santa Grahams


+ Hot Dog Stockings


+ Cheese Reindeer

Cheese triangle reindeer 2

+ Reindeer Sandwich


+ Elf Hat Cupcakes


+ Christmas Pizza

December.10 (6)

I was gonna save the best for last, but I love you too much to hold this pizza out on you.

Blue and White Frosting Forever

+ Chocolate Peppermint Rice Krispie Balls


+ Dizzy Dreidel Cookies


Petition to dedicate these to Drake and call them “Drizzy Dreidel” cookies instead. Nothing would ever be the same.

+ Marshmallow Dreidels


+ Frosted Sugar Cookies


+ Blue and White Velvet Cupcakes


+Hanukkah Pastries


Non-Denominational Festive Celebration Food

+ Candy Cane Brownie Bites


+ Winter Macaroons


+ Frosted Snow Person Cookies

9658fe25-9ae9-4c33-a8d3-44ea10d5afa9 (1)

+ Edible Wrapper White Chocolate Snow Person Cupcakes


+ Sunny Day Snow Person Cookies


These are my absolute favorite, mostly because of the silliness factor, and also because of that snowman’s total O Face.

+ Snow Face Doughnuts


(Or add two donuts and make a snow person on a stick. You do you.)

+ Nutter Butter Snow People Cookies


+ Snow Person Cookies


+ Cinnamon Applesauce Heart Ornaments


+ Remember Vanessa’s HoliGAY cake? I miss Vanessa.

Gingerbread cookie butter holiGAY cake

You’re a Mean One

+ Grinch Kiwi Snack


+ But it gets even fruitier.


THE REST: Inspiration, Lists, and Links


This just seemed important.

+ Creative Christmas tree ideas for small, cozy homes.


+ Wanna paint your nails? Or maybe just one, because femme flagging. Either way, there’s some real festive ideas out there.


+ I found, like, a lot of Hanukkah printables for you.


+ Also see: printable Hanukkah wine labels, paper dreidels.

Driedel favors

+ Or, like, print out these printables and build a DIY photo booth, if that’s more your lane. (And these printable props!)


+ And look at this fucking printable village.


+ 25 ways to tie a bow, ’cause I’m bad at it. Also, a while ago, Laura taught us how to wrap gifts and make good plays on rap song titles.


+ Looking for a gift that’s less “did it myself” and more “arranged it thematically myself?” Try these gift basket ideas.


+ Fold your napkins into trees, because you can. (Or like an Elf Hat.)


+ I’m really confounded by the idea of an elf on a shelf but if you have one at your disposal, I recommend doing these 50 tricks with it. Or just build it a kissing booth.


+ Holiday Office Party Hacks. Because it matters.


+ Probably you could read our entire holigay archive for some inspiration, unless you’re not exactly like me.

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  1. I wish I were an adequate baker so I could bake and eat all of the things. Especially the gingerbread, which seems sadly absent from this part of the world… Maybe I’ll cheer myself up by making stuff out of paper :)

  2. YES this is wonderful. Just what I needed to get into the holiday spirit. Nutter Butters decorated like snowpeople, combined with the holiday drinks article, might be the only thing that can make me feel okay about wintertime.

    Also the pinecone Christmas tree is the cutest thing ever. That’s gonna be my project this weekend. I feel really behind on the holigays because my roommate has already done all her Christmas shopping and cards…I’m still working on Thanksgiving leftovers.

  3. If there were a single craft to summarize my childhood, it would be the paper snowflake. I made so many of them as a kid and stuck them all over windows everywhere (though sometimes they were rectangular, depending on the paper I used). They were the best! All you did was cut triangles and voila! A masterpiece unfolded, unique each time! I was an artist making replicas of nature’s crystals that I caught on my gloves and looked at under my little 20x microscope. As a kid, I was naive to the perils of driving and commuting to work in the elements, and so snow was nothing more than beautiful awesomeness.

  4. A. I appreciate all the Chanukah stuff. I’m not one of the Chosen, but I love a Heb, so this was really exciting. I anticipate our apt being a blue and white, candle-lit dreamland.

    B. I too miss Vanessa.

    C. My office staff is going to get hella awesome and cute homemade gifts this year. Thanks for making me a better boss Carmen.

  5. this is excellent timing for someone (like me) who is suddenly in charge of coming up with awesome ideas for a holiday party. LOVE the DIY photobooth! and a lot of the crafty ideas that will definitely be used in the next few weeks!

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