Girl Walk All Day Will Be the Best Thing You See All Day

Rachel’s Team Pick:

Hey hey how do you feel about Girl Talk? Good? Okay? Did you ever go through a period in your life where you would play Feed the Animals every night in your dorm room so you and your college roommate could have a two-person dance party? No? Just me? That’s okay. But if you do like dance parties or even watching other people dance and generally being fly as hell, you’re gonna wanna check out Girl Walk All Day. 

Originally a Kickstarter project that aimed to create a 71-minute video set to Girl Talk’s All Day, the creators raised almost $25,000 when they had originally asked for $4,800. Now not only has the film been made, but it’s turned into a traveling live show. But from the comfort of your own home, you can still watch the entire movie, which is conveniently divided into twelve parts and features more dancing than you will know what to do with. Do you think I’m lying? I’m not. There is A LOT OF DANCING HERE, kids. And Anne Marsen, also known as “The Girl,” is so cute you might need to take a break halfway through to look at something slightly less cute for a while, like a puppy and a baby deer working together to spraypaint rainbows over misogynistic graffiti.

Check out the first installment, and then head over to Girl Walk All Day to see the rest!

Girl Walk // All Day: Chapter 1 from Girl Walk // All Day on Vimeo.

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  1. Obviously someone from “The Good Wife” casting department must have seen this. I’ve had the biggest crush on Anne Marsen since she started as the tutor on that show. Anytime a cute and quirky girl can mix in random public dancing, face paint and Sleigh Bells – in a legal/political drama show – they have my heart forever.

    Now you have 71 minutes, a cute and quirky girl, random public dancing, an ironic jacket and Girl Talk…my heart runneth over with the pure awesomeness.

    As Goddess Rachel Maddow would say, this is the “best new thing in the world.” Thanks (autostraddle) Rachel.

  2. Aw, so much of my life I want to move around the world like this. I usually only dance when I think I’m alone in tube tunnels, or in lifts, and then suddenly blush when someone comes round the corner, or when I remember about the people on cctv duty watching…

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