Get Baked: Four Ways To Celebrate National S’mores Day

The great thing about working 9-6 at a parenting magazine is that I am always in the know about really important things, like that today, August 10, is officially National S’mores Day. As a human who loves camp and melted chocolate, I felt the need to celebrate this holiday enthusiastically. Simply making a few s’mores would not be enough. That’s why I decided to make four different s’mores-inspired concoctions and share them with you. Now let’s all join hands around the metaphorical campfire and sing koombaya. Just kidding. Without further ado, let’s get baked in honor of National S’mores Day!


Inspired By My Counselors at Summer Camp 1999-2008

Because sometimes you want to pretend you’re still a small child at summer camp.

This is what we call “basic”


Graham crackers
Chocolate (get creative!)

Disney plate recommended but not required


1. Take your graham cracker cookie and break it in half. Put it on your plate. I used a Disney Princess heart-shaped plate but that’s not a requirement, just a friendly suggestion.

2. Take your chocolate and break it into a small piece, ideally the same size as one half of your graham cracker. You can get creative with this step; a true classic s’more uses plain milk chocolate, but who’s to say you can’t use mint chocolate, or caramel swirl chocolate, or cherry flavored chocolate, or my personal favorite: a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Really, the choice is yours. Anyway, take your chocolate, whatever it may be, and place it on top of your graham cracker.

You have options: annihilate your marshmallow or gently toast your marshmallow. You do you.

3. Roast your marshmallow. Again, you’ll be faced with some choices. Will you build a fire in the woods? Will you use a your stovetop despite your mother’s warning? Will you say whatever, I’m tired, and just pop the whole thing in the microwave? Only you can know what’s right for you. The point is, you want to make your marshmallow gooey.

4. Slide your roasted marshmallow off the utensil you used to roast it and onto the graham cracker and chocolate stack. Take the other graham cracker, put it on top of the stack, and smush everything together.

Thank you Carly for holding and eating my classic s’more

5. Think of the cutest girl who has ever made you a s’more. Reminisce about the last time you enjoyed a real outdoor campfire. Fret over the gooey strands of marshmallow that will inevitably get stuck to your chin. Don’t forget to eat your s’more, it won’t be as good when it’s cold. In short: Enjoy!


Inspired By Laura at Come Together Kids

This was originally created for a child, but I think we can all benefit from its deliciousness.

We are still on Level Basic


Golden Grahams cereal
Mini marshmallows
Chocolate chips


1. This adorable on-the-go snack is really fun because it’s made for a child and so really anything goes. Children are forgiving when you willingly give them chocolatey snacks. So the first step is, basically do whatever you want.

2. The original recipe suggests mixing the ingredients together in a bowl, but honestly that’s unnecessary. Just scoop a bunch of cereal, some marshmallows, and a handful of chocolate chips into your to-go container of choice (once again, you have options!) and shake it up a little bit. Boom, you’re done. Your co-workers, classmates, and basically all humans ever will be insanely jealous of your afternoon snack.

Bonus points: If you’re fancy, you can put this on-the-go mixture into cute little glass containers and serve it as an h’orderve next time you host a dinner party and/or your friends come over to get drunk. Everyone will be super impressed and now your on-the-go s’more is a here-to-stay memory. Remember the time you were the best host ever? All your friends do!

Next: S’mores so intense you’ll think you’re camping.

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  1. My reaction to the final picture of the smashing smores was to say, out loud and rather aggressively, “holy SHIT. that looks AMAZING.”

    also this inspired me to text all my friends and ask them if they wanted to celebrate national smores day with me.

  2. The great thing about not working 9-6 anywhere and having a roommate who made everything in this post in order to write it is that I am sitting at home reading the final post and eating these things at the same time.

    Perhaps I am the real winner here.

  3. Once when I was a little baby lesbian, I thought I’d be especially clever and roast marshmallows in the middle of winter over a gas stove. Genius! I grabbed a fork and a bag of marshmallows and began to roast away. How had this not ocurred to me sooner? No more would I be forced to wait for campfire season to enjoy s’mores. I grabbed my first perfectly toasted marshmallow, pulled it off the fork and popped it into my mouth. Success. I eyed the gooey marshmallow remains on the fork and STUCK THE SEARING HOT FORK INTO MY MOUTH TO LICK OFF THE MARSHMALLOW-Y RESIDUE, consequently burning fork-marks into my lips and tongue…My parents didn’t even offer me their sympathy. They just stood in the kitchen laughing at me, wondering how their daughter could be such an idiot…

  4. If you don’t have a gas stove and still want melty ooey-gooey s’more goodness, pop your pre-melted s’more creation in the microwave for a few seconds. It works amaaaaaazingly. Did this for a client meeting once (long story) and they were blown away.

    Just remember to keep your eyes on the marshmallow, lest it blows up.

  5. This post has inspired to set up a s’mores station when my parents have a party next weekend. I will probably eat like half of them, but they will be so good. I am thinking instead of hershey’s, using peanut butter cups, york patties, cadbury carmello squares, and any other candy I think will work. Oh the glorious gooeyness.

  6. Initial reaction – OMG what is a s’more; I want one.

    Why have I never heard of these before? I don’t think it’s a thing in Australia.. we just roast marshmellows by their lonesome. Damn you Americans are just so creative with your sweets!

  7. Did you guys know that Russell Stover makes individual packages of s’mores? Just found this out yesterday and they’re actually pretty good. I microwaved it for 10 seconds though and had to eat it with a spoon, so don’t do that.

  8. I haven’t been on autostraddle since June because I’ve been working at Girl Scout camp without internet. I’ve been eating a lot of s’mores. This was like a happy “welcome back to the internet, Colleen” post!

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