VIDEO: Autotstraddle Presents The Whitney Mixter Self-Inquiry Supercut

Once upon a time, Riese asked us all if we wanted to help with “a whitney mixter related supercut video” to which I replied “I will potentially volunteer for this thing,” because I am a masochist. Before a few short weeks ago, I am happy to tell you, I had never watched a minute of this TV show, you guys. Not one minute. Of course, I read (and loved) Riese’s recaps and obviously I knew a thing or two about what to expect, so I bought a bottle of whiskey. However, when the rules to the drinking game are extensive (which they are), and I was marathoning every single episode of season 1 and 2 (which I was), and my roommate refused to watch them with me (which she did), I often passed out in the middle of episodes and had to go back and find the parts I wanted.

So know that it was with great perseverance and liver strength that I was able to make you this supercut of Whitney Mixter asking Whitney Mixter questions about Whitney Mixter and answering them. No one knows Whitney quite like Whitney does. Do we already know the answers to the questions before she asks them? Yes. Do we particularly care about the answers? No. What can we learn from all of this? I don’t really know. Maybe you can answer that.

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    Also what exactly did she say…unindubitably? Did she mean indubitably? Dubitably? Letters no longer look like letters any more. Nor words like words. Probably because I’m not sure any of these are words.

    If I was clever I would end this comment with a self-inquiry. Not quite there yet.

  2. Is this shitshow going to be on the air forever? Probably. Does anyone have any idea why? I don’t know. Is there enough whiskey in the world to deal with this shit? I mean, I hope so, but how could anyone be sure?

  3. Did I read the title of this as “The Whitney Mixter Self-Injury Supercut” five times? Yes I did. Who has two thumbs and thought this was going to be a much, much different video? This guy. Am I drunk right now? Only a lot.

    • Hahah so true. Although I’ve heard that in those “confessional” scenes the producers not only prod them with questions but also have them rephrase the question as part of their answer. So was Whitney too drunk/high/not the sharpest tool in the shed and literally just repeated their questions back and tried to answer them? Like, maybe. And if so, that’s even more hilarious.

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