OPEN THREAD: What’s Your Beer’s Gender Identity?

So, beer! Right? SO GOOD. Lesbians love beer! I’ve observed all of you in your natural habitat and you’re often scrounging for beer or saying things like “I need a beer” or “let’s have a beer” or “just one more beer” or “HAND ME THAT BEER, WOMAN!”.

Anyhow, I’m not sure if you realized this, because you’re probably gay, and therefore somewhat mannish and probably very unfashionable with a bad haircut, 10 cats and a broken lawnmower and certainly not at all style-conscious but there has never been a gender-neutral beer!

You may be asking yourself, “Does beer have a gender?” and to that I say — yes apparently it does. That gender is “male.”

From AdWeek‘s “Is this the world’s first gender-neutral beer”?:

In a category almost complete geared toward men… Copenhagen can also attract women, who make up one-quarter of the beer market. “We can see that there are a number of consumers, especially women, who are very aware of design when they choose beverage products,” Jeanette Elgaard Carlsson, international innovation director at Carlsberg, says on the brewer’s website. “There may be situations where they are standing in a bar and want their drinks to match their style. In this case, they may well reject a beer if the design does not appeal to them. The consumer surveys that we have conducted in Denmark show that 98% of the target group finds Copenhagen exciting.” Of course, women presumably don’t just choose a beer as a fashion accessory. But there isn’t much mention of the taste, beyond it being “light” and “refreshing.”

Here’s the ad for Copen+Hagen beer, narrated by a British guy. That must be what women want, right? Well-designed beer and a British guy?


To be fair — this is one good looking bottle of beer.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that beer commercials are usually somehow offensive to women and always objectify women. But does that actually matter when you’re selecting a beer to consume? Have you ever felt like you needed a more feminine beer? Do you drink Dos Equis because Shane drinks Dos Equis? Do you drink Bud Light because they sponsored Dinah Shore?

On a related note, just talk about beer.

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  1. I like Negra Modelo. While I am not sure Modelo’s gender identity, I know that we share an ethnicity and it has shiny foil around the top that I like to pick at while drinking.

  2. Portland is the number one city for breweries and lesbians, so I think I can assume that all of our beers are lesbians.

    I love beer but the gluten in it makes me sick so now I avoid it.

    • Hooray Beer!

      This lady homebrews with a straight dude so our beers by default are bi-licious.

      If the gluten in beer makes you feel icky, check out Red Bridge, it’s a gluten-free beer that may be up yo’ alley.

      Also, if you’re super into beer like me, check out Ladies of Craft Beer, lots of info on lady brewers and some back story on the beverage that saved the world from bad water.

      Anyone live in the NJ/NYC area and wanna be beer friends? I promise I’m fairly awesome and beertastic!

      • I’ve had Red Bridge and I think it’s kind of crappy (though I’ll get it in a bar if I am really craving beer), but I like Greens. I’ve made my own beer before, so really I should just make my own gluten-free beer, but my kitchen is small and I don’t know if my roommate would appreciate it.

        • I find the cure to a gluten intolerance and the need to drink beer is to just drink so much beer that you don’t mind that your sick. As for the day and weeks after your beer binge… your on your own

          • This is very true. If I drink enough beer to be hungover then the awful stomach cramps just sort of blend in with the rest of the symptoms and so it’s fine really.

          • You see a Canadian can always find a way to drink beer it’s in our genetic code or something

        • Try Bards! its much much better than red bridge. they make it at the brewery I used to work at.

          • There is also a gluten-free beer from Lakefront Brewing(From Milwaukee). It’s called “New Grist” We can get it up here in Victoria, BC, but I’m not so sure about its distribution elsewhere.

    • I wrote a 3 page letter to Belmont Station (a super awesome beer store here in Portland) telling them how much I wanted to work in their store, but they still didn’t hire me. :(

      This beer ad pisses me off, and the idea that women don’t like beer pisses me off.

    • I miss the Portland beer! But obviously Northampton is the number one city for lesbians.

  3. I usually stick to Woodchuck, which, while not a beer, is close enough. According to Wikipedia, woodchucks are known “in some areas as a land-beaver.”

    Need I say more?

    (Also, woodchuck is apparently synonymous with groundhog, which gives that Bill Murray movie completely new meaning)

      • I definitely feel more like a true land-beaver when I drink Woodchuck. But what would it mean if I was drinking a Dark and Dry Woodchuck?

        My land-beaver is worried about being dry.

  4. that bottle looks boring. the label reminds me of those Dharma beers from Lost. So bland and boring. And don’t even get me started on the piss looking liquid inside. After a long night of drinking, that’s what my morning after piss looks like. I bet it smells the same as well.

    at this broke-ass juncture in my life, i usually settle for the beer i can afford.
    a woman settling, that’s what a woman usually does in this world, right?

    • I live in a co-op with an antique coke machine that we stock with bottles of beer instead of soda. Were it not for this magical machine (which is actually stocked with a lot of good beer, local stuff) I would not be able to afford the Fancy Beers at all. Horay for cooperative living and boozing!

  5. i’m a big fan of local brews..tallgrass ale, free state oatmeal stout, or boulevard amber ale..yum..excuse me while i go to my fridge.

      I was just at that delicious, amazing place Monday for $1.75 pints.

      • ohhhh..sometimes i drive there on mondays in the summer just for a copperhead.and then i go to the replay and drink even cheaper pbr.

    • sometimes i order yuengling on tap when i’m out and feel lame, and then i remember how freaking satisfying it is every single time you drink it.

    • I live in MA and go to school in PA and whenever my parents pick me up/drop me off/visit me, they buy like five cases of yuengling to bring back cause you can’t get it here AND IT’S SO GOOD

    • yes, yuengling. and pennsylvania beer in general. Troeg’s and Lancaster are my microbrew faves.

  6. Oh it’s pretty…it almost makes it look more tasty…

    I’m a hard liquor kinda person, not gonna lie. I also like girly chocolately drinks & mojitos & sometimes hard cider, esp. rasberry flavored :P

    Beer is always, without fail, the LAST thing I want…….though I sometimes buy it because it is cheap and to appear as if I am drinking when I have no money. But I very rarely actually finish the beer. It’s just for show.

    • ah hooray, I was reading all the comments and feeling like a bad queer for absolutely hating beer.
      I can knock back strong liquor in all its forms though. And cocktails are delicious. I really do belong in this alcoholic subculture, honest :P

      • Oh thank goodness. I am usually the reason that the rum is gone, but I don’t like beer that much either.

        • that was YOU?!

          in that case, allow me to reccommend Kraken rum. More delicious than anything else, and the bottle comes with a badass octopus on it.

          • Kraken rum is so good and the bottle is completely badass, but really how can you go wrong when it’s named after a sea monster

          • This.

            As for beer, I like the way it smells, oddly, but I hate the taste. I have actively tried to like beer, because I feel like I should. Everyone I know likes beer. I just can’t though.

      • I used to be a beer person but im switching to hard liquor now.
        Beer makes me feel bloated. I still love it though and it’s great for certain occassions (sports game, bbq, etc) but hard liquor just makes me feel better (not the hangover part) :)

  7. I have basically three go to beers: Blue Moon, Guinness, and Young’s Chocolate Stout. I usually whichever is on tap, so I’ve really never thought about what the beer looks like in a bottle/can. If they don’t have one of those, I’ll go with whatever my friends are getting. If I’m out with my beer savvy/obsessed friend, I’ll get whatever she suggests.

  8. I’m pretty sure the World Wide Stout in my fridge is gender-neutral, as is, oh I don’t know, every other beverage I ingest. Why does enjoying beer and being knowledgeable about beer have to be a gendered thing? I wear sundresses and pretty pink blush and somehow still manage to enjoy flemish sours and abbey ales and 120 minute IPAs.

    That time I went to a lecture on the role of yeast in beer, I managed to, yes, still feel like a woman.

    I can appreciate trying to expand your market base, but I wish no one felt it was necessary / it wasn’t necessary. I’m not going to be more inclined to buy a beer with packaging that is trying to “match [my] style,” I’m going to buy a beer that tastes good.

    Trying to gauge just how insulted I feel before I try to say more on the subject.

  9. When I can get it, I’m all about Sea Dog’s Blue Paw Blueberry Wheat. My “go-to,” however, is an Allagash White.

    I’ll usually reach for a bottle of red wine before beer, though…preferably with my girl helping me drink it.

    • Well hello, I think you’re my beer soulmate. Shock Top (and what’s not to love about the name) is my number 1 for marathon drinking; Blue Moon is my liquid lady for pure, languid enjoyment. Mmph.

  10. I don’t drink beer but pure blonde seems like a pretty feminine beer even while objectifying women in name and in ad posters, though not so much in the premises of the actual tv ads. it’s also markete

  11. oops. it’s also marketed as low carb and ‘light’ if I’m not mistaken. any aussies care to discuss?

    • Pure Blonde is definitely drunk most by chicks, in my experience. I don’t drink it, but just ‘cos it’s not very good :P Coopers green all the way!

      • COOPERS PALE FTW! (though I get full after two!!) But I agree that Pure Blonde is marketed towards women even though the posters are usually pretty objectifying…
        By the way, has anyone seen the new Jim Beam ad..? The two ‘hot’ (heteronormative) girls who like “boy things”…. they are terrible…!

        • AHHHH! Yes! Coopers! Coopers Sparkling Ale! Hurrah! always a treat on trips to Australia as it wasn’t commonly available in NZ. Now that I’ve moved to the UK…not available at all. Boo.

          Samuel Smith Alpine Lager at under 2.50 quid a pint (cheap for London) is pretty rocking also.

          I. Love. Beer.

          • Just thirding the Coopers <3

            haha, I grew up in Adelaide where it is the default 'cheap' beer that everyone drinks… I was so horrified when I moved away to find that the rest of the country considered it a little 'upmarket' and drank stuff like VB, Toohey's etc, which tastes like swill.

            I hear that there are some great NZ microbreweries, though :D

  12. Cider.

    I like Ace but I can’t find it in Indiana. The pear Ace is bomb tho. Woodchuck is alright.

    I love me some Strongbow on tap. Magner’s is good but a little sweet.

    Gluten free beer all has sorghum in it which makes me inordinately ill. As does gluten! So cider is the best for making me feel like a normal human being. Also, is tasty.

    • Like a normal human being…? Marika + a teensy bit of alcohol = entertaining Marika ;)

    • strongbow! strongbow! strongbow!
      sometimes i drink cider with a shot of whiskey in it.

      • Me and my flatmate sometimes have Strongbow with some rum in it.

        Then we take the bus to IKEA and drunkenly play in all the childrens things and jump into the bins of pillows and buy lots of delicious Swedish food.
        We’ve also smuggled more Strongbow in with us and drunk it down in the bathrooms.
        It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

    • Hmm that’s interesting, I find Strongbow a little too sweet, even the ‘dry’ one. Magners pear cider on the other hand… deeee-licious.

      Bulmers is pretty good too, I find :D

      • Ohhhh Bulmers…. I love cider. Mostly because its halfway between beer and not-beer and beer fills me up too much!
        I tried the Hills Cider Company Cider the other day (from Adelaide) and it was pretty good. It tasted like real apples and wasn’t too sweet…

        • That sounds good! I am in Adelaide a couple of times a year to see family, I will have to check it out when I am there :D

    • Poor celiac us! But fortunately I can tolerate the small amount of gluten in certain beers, as I’m technically gluten-sensitive and not full celiac.

    • when i could still drink it was Strongbow. any other beer or beer like substance and i did not get along.
      alas, now i no longer drink anything at all.
      imma go make some tea……

  13. I drink a lot of Blue Moon. I’m not really sure how I picked that brand (I think maybe because it was a wheat beer and the packaging looked coolish?) but I liked it, so now it’s my default.

    Also, fuck yeah, I knew there were other laydees out there who liked beer! I AM NOT ALONE.

  14. St. Ambrose Apricot beer is perfect for basically any time, any season. I also love Hoptical Illusion but that’s mainly for the bottle haha. And if you haven’t had beer in Belgium (especially Bruges) GO TO BELGIUM AND DRINK SOME BEER! North American brews will never taste the same again!

    • Oh mon dieu, I LOVE Belgian ales. While living abroad in Paris I took a weekend trip to Belgium mostly just for the beer. Also for the chocolate and the fries and the waffles…I mean the culture, obvs. Not just the food and drink.

      • I know right?! NEED to move there! That place is hands down the embodiment of happiness. And I’m going to get on that pumpkin ale it sounds delish :)

  15. Hmm, this beer looks pretty, but “light” and “refreshing” are not the qualities I usually look for in a beer. Oatmeal stout, chocolate stout, brown ale, and Scotch ale are my favorites, and frankly I enjoy appropriating their manliness. Phillips Brewing Co’s Service 1904 Scottish stone fired ale is the best I’ve ever tasted — don’t think you can get it outside of Vancouver Island, though.

    Anyway, I’ve never actually yearned for a feminine beer. If I want to feel feminine I’ll drink pink campari cocktails and watch Gilmore Girls with my mum.

    • I think you are my beer soulmate. If I can see through the beer… I’m not drinking it.

    • YES. I wish I had said all of this first?

      That being said, this is how I order beer.

      “what is the darkest beer you have on tap? mmhmm. What’s a little cheaper? ok. Yeah. Guinness….. and jameson to chase it.”

      Really elderly male bartenders love me. Because I appropriate their old manliness. And I’m not pretty enough to be intimidating. It’s great.

  16. I love ciders – Ace Pear and Crispin (on ice). If I get a beer it’s usually a stout, the Young’s Double Chocolate stout being my faaaavorite followed by stouts with a coffee taste. I guess it’s seasonal; ciders in the spring and summer, stouts in the fall and winter.

  17. I live in Oregon. Period. I brew my own beer. They don’t even sell sam adams in most bars. People fall into categories like “IPA” people, “stout” people. Men and women alike fall into these categories. I, myself, fall into the “PBR” category because I am broke ass, which is also why I brew my own beer since it is so much cheeper and can have a way higher alcohol content.

    I think the idea that only men drink beer is antiquate. It is like saying only men are doctors and women nurses. I know plenty of straight men (my brother, aka the straightest man ever)who drink “lady” drinks. So, I say whatever to stereotypes.

    • Go broke-ass PBR drinkers! Though I don’t brew my own anymore.

      Fun fact about living in Oregon- if your goal is to get drunk for the least amount of money, you can pretty much copy/paste the OLCC’s list of liquors (which includes volume, price, and proof) into excel and use it to to calculate the cheapest ethanol available. Not surprisingly pure ethanol tops the list, followed by everclear. However, cheap eggnog is right under everclear (low alcohol content, but equally low price) though I’ve never known someone desperate enough to try that.

      • Also, all the liquor stores have the same sales every month, so you can just look up the cheapest thing at the start of each month! That is literally the only benefit of the OLCC though, I abhor them in every other regard.

  18. I’m about to take my Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ ale into the shower with me, I think that makes it a femme

  19. I generally am good with something simple like Budlight, although I prefer American Pale Ales and Cream Ales.

    Also, the Indie Press is doing an entire issue centered around American Craft Beer Week, FYI.
    Are you excited? I bet you are.

  20. Really? Are they also going to start selling appletinis in mini-kegs?

    More importantly, I can’t help feeling fairly certain it’s going to be disgusting. Aside from how pale the beer itself is, clear bottles skunk beer SO FAST. Bottles aren’t brown to be “masculine,” they’re brown to keep your beer from tasting like skunk piss.

  21. Moi, j’bois de la Unibroue! (I drink Unibroue, for non-french-speaking-straddlers)
    Who’s up for the best micro-brewed beer in quebec??

    • Dieu de ciel’s Aphrodite, IMO. Yummmmm! Wish I was still in “Mon’real”, what a city!

    • Moi aussi!!! La Fin du monde, c’est généralement ma favorite mais aussi Trois pistoles. Except I can only get it when I have friend(s) to drink with since the bottles are so big.

    • Love Blanche de Chambly and Dieu du Ciel beers!

      I can go for a McAuslan now and then too. Montréal pride.

  22. I like Hornsby’s Hard Cider Amber if I am at home and usually Blue Moon or Stella if I go out. I like the Hornsby’s because it has less grams of carbs than a glass of juice and more alcohol than beer, best of both worlds.

  23. I’m something of a beer snob. My beer probably doesn’t even have a gender identity. Just the way I like it. I like dark ales, brown ales, and the occasional Belgian white. While I appreciate the attempt at gender neutrality, they didn’t make that beer look very appetizing to me. Looks more like a white wine. Bring me a Newcastle or Hobgoblin and I’m yours.

  24. Ahhh finally a beer topic!! Stella, Dos Equis and Corona are my favorites.
    But lately I’ve been drinking the HefeWeizen from San Tan Brewery (local) or Dead Guy Ale from Rogue Brewery.

    Alright I think it’s time for a beer now while I watch Doctor Who!! :)

    • At first I was like, Corona, psh… SCROLL PASSED, but then, THEN I saw hefeweizens and Dead Guy and decided we should get married instead. And maybe watch a little Doctor Who (I just started series 3 of Torchwood)…

  25. I went from swearing I’d never drink beer because of the taste, to becoming sort of a beer snob.

    I’m a big fan of IPA’s from Three Floyds (which is brewed in my hometown) to Harpoon or the local choice from Goose Island.

    Anything by New Belgium Brewing (Fat Tire) or Leinenkugal’s, though I’m disappointed in learning they’re now owned by Miller SAB and even more disappointed to read that Anheuser-Busch bought out Chicago’s Goose Island.

    There’s one thing for sure, I don’t drink a beer because the bottle looks feminine or butch or because it has a label that changes colors or allows me to write on it.

    • I’m the same.

      I live in Australia, though, so I’m more one for the Redoak and the Bluetongue and the random-ass brew pubs I occasionally find myself in that brew their own and it’s amazing.

      It’s hilarious, because I love beer and am pretty femme, while my partner is less femme and would rather drink her vodka lemon-lime bitters. :3

      • Bluetongues!

        Also, iirc you moved down under from the States – how do you find Australian beer compares with what’s on offer in America?

        • Mostly the commercial beers are a lot stronger than American commercial beers. Other than that, we’ve got a range of beers just like in the States – some are crap, some are meh, some are awesome. Oh, and also, beer here is SO MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE IT MAKES ME CRY. T_T

          Oh, and I’ve heard Fosters tastes better in the States. I’ve never had it, so I can’t say.

          • I’ve never had Fosters either, nor do I know anyone who has! I find myself wondering whether anyone in Australia actually drinks it??

            I do agree it’s ridiculously expensive to buy beer here! I found pints to be cheaper in the Scandinavian countries, and that is saying something.

      • My friend moved there for the past year and talks about Extra Dry? Is this a thing?

        How does it differ from say a Miller or Corona?

    • aww, I used to live in Chicago and I miss Goose Island! Great local beer…I’m sad that it’s being bought out. Also hell yeah Leinie’s!

  26. craft, independent breweries please. I like to know the people, story and passion behind a beer. “drinkability” is over rated. no north american style beer for me thanks.

  27. I refuse to drink Miller Light solely because of those abhorrent “Man Up” ads.

    Other than that, I am definitely not a beer snob; I love me some Coors Banquet just as much as Tommyknocker maple/nut/something brown ale. Maybe it’s because I live in Golden and can walk to the brewery and drink free Coors :D

    • BELLS
      Oberon is the best thing about summer.
      My beer habits are totally seasonal. Oberon in the summer, brown ale or Oktoberfest in the fall, winter wheat or stout in the winter, and usually something fruity like cherry ale in the spring.

    • Bells Sparkling is the best beer ever. Plus it’s like 10 percent alcohol so I have a pint and I’m good.

      Oberon is amazing right now, pretty sure I drank the 6 pack in my fridge during lunch time yesterday, just couldn’t wait.

    • Was hoping someone would mention Bell’s. Two hearted is definitely my current favorite. Also really loving Left Hand Milk Stout right now.

  28. As a student, I go with whatever is cheap. I am a big fan of Big Rock, gotta give props to a local beer.

  29. That quote from adweek makes me want to pound a six pack in despair.

    As far as this queer, I will drink anything in the cooler.

    I will buy anything on sale excluding the cheap domestics such as bud, miller, etc (only exception is PBR).

    IPAs (especially American ones) are generally too hoppy for me. If I wanted to drink a garden I would puree some flowers.

    I guess I like balanced beers – not too malty, not too hoppy. I really like Craftsman 1903.

  30. The Copenhagen commercial seemed as if it was emulating a drop of water running down the curves of a woman’s body, rather than those of a beer bottle, and I feel like this makes it the perfect advertising strategy for attracting lesbians.

  31. Oh, and because I’m under twenty one I DO NOT DRINK TEH BEERS but if I HAD EVER DRANK BEER it would have all been at shitty backwoods parties and um NOT KEYSTONE LIGHT. AT ALL. ‘Cause that shit’s disgustng, but all that’s available for me to…not drink.

    • when I went away to college for the first time and heard everyone speaking of “Natty” with disgust, I was horrified and confused…and then I realized that they were not talking about beer from the Land of Pleasant Living.

      Give me a Natty Boh when I’m broke over a PBR any day. If it’s not actually much better, I will still feel more at peace about it.

      • also, although Boh has been pushed into a hetero relationship with the Utz girl, he is supa fly and thus probably queer in some way or another.

    • NAT BOH
      NAT BOH
      NAT BOH
      NAT BOH

      ALL HAIL Mr. Boh!

      I have alot of feelings about Nat Boh.
      Also, in a blind and sober taste test at a party in a small Bal’more liberal arts college, Boh kicked PBR’s ass. And then we kicked some super hip kid’s ass.

    • Upvote for Natty Boh! I drink it when I go see friends in DC just so they don’t get any ideas about my allegiances.

  32. I really liked Carlsberg Elephant. The bottle always reminded me of both drinking on a safari and the White Stripes.
    I usually buy Stella and Hoegaarden.
    Also, I drink Dos Equis because Tasha drinks Dos Equis!

  33. I like Newcastle. Haven’t tried a lot of beers, being currently broke and um, underage…but I do know, NEVER DRINK KEG BEER UNLESS YOU ARE ALREADY DRUNK AND CAN’T TASTE ANYTHING. Not that I would know this from experience. Ahem.

    Yeah again on the broke/underage thing, vodka is the most cost effective per amount of alcohol so that is usually what is purchased and consumed. I mean, what WOULD be purchased and consumed were I purchasing and consuming…

    • Us underage girls have such great advice regarding alcohol. Because of, you know. What we’ve witnessed as sober drivers at all those parties we’ve attended and…not drank at. At all. Ever.

  34. I don’t think that I’ve ever really contemplated the gender of my beer… but, admittedly, I do like beer labels. So, the prettier/more interesting, the better to gaze at while drinking. This obviously expands beyond the beer label.

    Shock Top is my go-to, all year round. For the summer, it’s Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat and Pyramid Apricot Ale. Also my local brewery’s Blueberry Belch, which is probably not a feminine name at all, but let’s not lie, we all belch when we ingest the beer.

    I used to drink UFO’s Raspberry Hefeweizen, but that seems like a long time ago.

    Actually this post is slightly embarrassing and reveals my penchant for fruity beers. Huh.

  35. My favourite beer lately has been Moosehead. It’s got a pretty sweet looking moose on the bottle and the ads are about being outdoors and sitting in adirondack chairs, not about average looking men getting with hot chicks. Lesbians like the outdoors, adirondack chairs are made for straddling, and a moose is like a beaver but taller. I think of my Moosehead as female – she keeps me company at night and doesn’t mind if I watch sports, so she’s really the perfect girlfriend.

    • Ok, I’m six days late because I’m on vacation, but “a moose is like a beaver but taller.” –> I just spit yogurt on my computer.

  36. STRADDLERS OF THE MIDWEST: If you can find it, get yerself some O’Fallon Wheach. Fun to say, even more fun to drink, especially when it is summer and porches / balconies / outdoor spaces are involved. Also, the label is super cute. It has a happy cartoon peach on it. Can’t argue with that.

  37. I feel like such a drunk. Every comment I read has me all like, “oh, stella I like that!” and “Hard cider? YEAH!” I guess what I’m saying is, I like alcohol of all shapes and sizes. And now I am going to drink whiskey.

  38. I like too many beers to choose really. It all depends on my mood. My go tos are Blue Moon, Yuengling, Stella, and Peroni. But I’ll ocassioncally get a Guinness Extra Cold or even a Fruili. Not too keen on ales, as you can tell.

    At snobby beer places I’ve had a beer from Qubec with cloves and a Hefeweizen(wheat beer) that magically had a hint of banana in it. Best beers ever.

  39. BROOKLYN SUMMER, BROOKLYN LAGER, BROOKLYN PENNANT ALE. IF in the midwest GREAT LAKES ALL OF THEM. Blue point toasted lager is good too.

    p.s. I do not think i would drink this ‘new’ beer.

  40. NATTY.
    or for classier nights 211 Steel Reserve.
    Rly tho, Sapporo & Amstel Light are my top choices

  41. Here, not everyone drinks beer!! I f*cking hate beer with a passion, cider is the way to go, cider and vodka and gin and whiskey….and anything that isnt beer for that matter! I feel like maybe in some ways it’s a cultural thing, a lot of people in the UK and Ireland seem to drink cider instead of beer from what iv’e gathered. One of my actual genuine fears about my inevitable emigration to the US or Oz is whether or not you people sell cider on tap!! :-D

    • Lots of places in the U.S. have at least one cider on tap…

      unfortunately sometimes when you ask for a Strongbow they just give you a Magner’s without telling you. *rage*

      • I take Strongbow is good? I did some googling and found out that a place I go to frequently has it, what’s it like?

        • I dunno how best to describe it…it’s a cider that tastes less apple-y and drier than some of the other ones. More like beer to me, tho I haven’t had beer in a couple years so it’s hard to tell. *mourns the allergies and the lack of beer*

        • It’s drier than Woodchuck with a more… aggressive fizz. Like super aggressive, but maybe that’s just me and my dislike of carbonation.

          • Mmmm…. aggressive fizz actually sounds really great to me. I should try this Strongbow.

      • wait, you’re complaining?? Around my neck of the woods (and general UK studentdom as far as I can see) Strongbow is only drunk as Strongbow and black or if you’re waiting for your loan to come in. Otherwise it’s Magners/Bulmers or Kopparberg all the way!

        • Really? That’s weird. I like Strongbow better because it seems drier, but there’s no saying that the UK version is exactly the same as the one that the US gets…

          Magners tastes too much just like…apple juice to me. It’s fine, but it’s not my fav.

          • Strongbow’s getting so many favourable comments that I think they must have a different recipe over there, over here it pretty much tastes of ‘cheap’ (lots of tannin, lots of bubbles…)

            you’re right about Magners being like apple juice, but apple juice is nice and it’s cheaper than most decent beers so unfortunately that’s my options very limited! (if I was in Germany on the other hand, mmmmmmmmm weizenbier…)

    • I must find a place with cider on tap, that sounds great. I hate beer too, it’s never failed to make me gag. But vodka, whiskey, and gin are all fabulous.

      • Strongbow is the cheaper version of Magners I think. If you get the chance try Magners/Bulmers, it is amazing!! But the best cider in the entire world….according to me and my mates anyways, is South African cider, Hunters Dry and Savannah, they are just lovely, but difficult to get here which is a shame.

        • Strongbow is made by Bulmers in England. Bulmers set up an Irish bottled brand currently marketed as either Bulmers or Magners. The Irish stuff is meant to be drunk over ice, the English stuff ain’t, its all just marketing though. Strongbow isn’t cheaper, just branded differently.

      • kd15, you probably won’t see this, but based on your icon I figured I should let you know that there’s a cider bar in Portland! On Powell and 12th, I believe.

  42. Sadly I am not a beer chick. I’ve TIRED to like it. However the yeastiness reminds me of someone’s happy bits that need some Monostat. It’s just… ugh… can’t get past that.

    I am however a whiskey champion. Jameson all the way.

    Also vodka’s nice.

  43. oh, beer. more girls should be drinking beer for sure. so delicious if you’re drinking the good ones. belgian ales are the best. girls, you should try and get your hands on some delirium tremens or duvel. and they come in pretty bottles too.

    also, Women Enjoying Beer is pretty great. (

  44. The only think good about beer is that it’s cheap. I’ve tried American, Danish, German, French, Belgian, Mexican, Canadian, and Spanish beer. Some of the bottles were pretty. But they all shared one common characteristic – they were gross.

    I stick to white/rose wine. Or gin/vodka tonic if I wanna drink the least amount of alcohol with the greatest amount of affect.

  45. Ironically I just got a lecture the other night at a bar about how stella and lighter beers are “more feminine” while guiness and darker beers are supposed to be “more manly.” I actually like lighter beers by taste, but really I think this is more about the packaging…what if I put a darker beer in a curvy glass? WHAT THEN?

  46. IPA and Porter, especially from my local brewery since I can usually get it free. I don’t do fruity beer and I usually go for darker ones, but I’ll do Red Stripe or lighter German beers and I have been known to enjoy ambers. I like to taste my beer, and I don’t like it to taste like watered-down urine.

    Shit, I’m a beer snob.

    • preach it. i hear ya. i always go for IPAs or other really hoppy beers that hit your tongue and go “BAM I’M HERE.” in new york my go-to is brooklyn lager since it’s on tap most places and just the right weight for me. i also like magic hat and sam adams, and at home i drink belgian beer with my dad and we sit around and feel butch together (guess that answers the gender question). most domestic “drinkable” beers make me want to vom. even stella and blue moon taste watery to me these days– but i’ll take ’em over bud/heineken/etc ANY day.

      AND scene.

  47. I’m getting SURLY right now with a Coffee Bender. It’s the most harmonious blend of two of the best beverages.

  48. I like wine or mixed drinks, but never beer. :/

    Any sort of California red and vodka with either tonic/lime or cranberry are my drinks.

  49. I enjoy SeaDog which is local to southern British Columbia, where I live. Which means its gender identity is ‘West Coast’. That’s how it identifies.

  50. That “beer” looks like champagne. Bet it doesn’t taste like it, though. Probably tastes like gnat’s urine.

  51. Sierra Nevada Torpedo, Fat tire, Steel Reserve, Budweiser, Amber Bock, Guiness. i love beer so much.

    • Right on! You might like Lexington Brewing’s Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. It is really smooth and tasty, pairs well with whiskey.

  52. “Do you drink Dos Equis because Shane drinks Dos Equis?” That’s exactly why I started drinking Dos Equis… but my favs are local brews, especially Great Lakes Brewing Co. from my hometown. But I’m also lucky to get cheap good beer at the bar at my grad school – can’t been 95 cent beers!

  53. Beer taste like ass. If I were to get my butt landed in juvie because I was drinking underage, I would not do it with beer.

  54. copen+hagen beer has a really nice package design… maybe it is a beer for graphic designers/product designers??!?

  55. If i worked at an ad agency with any beers as clients I would be very thrilled with all this free (obvs highly accurate & scientific) market research!

    I primarily drink Stella, Blue Moon, and Corona. And of course, $5 PBR & whiskey shot specials cannot be passed up.

  56. I spent about six weeks of my life getting drunk in Copenhagen, and can attest to the fact that Carlsberg tastes like piss. I am reasonably sure that, even in a pretty bottle with a different name, their beer will still taste like piss.

    Their factory is quite cool though, it’s a little like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, only for beer.

  57. I prefer to match my beers with my situation.


    1) Great White for when I’m at the beach
    2) Red Hook Long Hammer for when I’m in the Pacific Northwest
    3) Negra Modelo for the keg in my backyard on Cinco de Mayo
    4) Coors Light for when I’m camping
    5) Guinness for St. Pattie’s Day (or for my car bomb)
    6) Stella for all family-centric holidays
    7) Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier on a hot, summer day
    8) Blue Moon (on tap) anywhere and everywhere

  58. I love beer!

    I usually go for local and micro brews when I can. But Yuengling and Blue Moon are good.

    Since I’m by Philly, PA there are a nice amount of local breweries with great beer. Yards, Flying Fish, Lancaster Brewing Company and Philadelphia Brewing company to name a few.

    I was quite thrilled when Yards brewed up a special batch of beer for the Philadelphia Science Festival. I didn’t know what to expect but I def liked it.(I like science and beer lol)

    I have one friend who brews his own when he can. And a previous professor who brewed his own when he was in college. One day I will also brew beer…one day…

    • try river horse! imho, better all around than FF, except for delicious, delicious exit 1 oyster stout.

  59. My first choice is bourbon, but I think beer and I are having a fling.

    I’ve been really into Stone IPA. Anything from Deschutes is good… their porter is nice. New Belguim makes a decent Trippel. And I’m definitely not above defaulting to a Newcastle or Red Stripe. Ungh, so good!

  60. I’m shocked and appalled no one has mentioned Kronenbourg 1664..kronies are my go-to beer, so tasty.

    • I like Kronenbourg too :) not much of a beer/lager drinker but it’s my fav if I am. Also they had that blanc blend a couple of years back, that was awesome.

  61. My two favorites are Rogue Dead Guy and Surly Furious. Surly also makes one called cynic-ale. I love a beer company with a sense of humor.

    • Are you a Minnesota? I didn’t even get a chance to try Surly before I had to go gluten free :( but Summit is the SHIT.

      • That’s right. Are you a Minnesota. Not Minnesotan. I meant to type it that way.

        *whispers* good save, Marika. *pats self on back*

  62. I’m a rugger. I run on beer. Krušovice is the absolute favourite, Czech beer in general being the best beer in the world. If I can’t have that, I’ll settle for London Pride, Bishops Finger, Duvel, or Meantime IPA. Strongbow is a killer to down, so don’t usually have it. If we’re not playing at home, I’ll usually just take a Courage.

    • Krusovice, Budweiser Budvar and Pilsner Uruquell were my BESTEST FRIENDS when I was in the Czech Republic!

    • yes.

      if ever you are in new york, there is a beer garden in queens that serves krustovice (light and dark) and pilsner urquell on tap. and cute barmaids. i live there.

  63. Steamwhistle. Good, Torontonian beer. Delicious and it has a pretty bottle. Because, yes, I’m shallow like that.

    • STEAMWHISTLE! by far the best beer! brewed in the uber-cool roundhouse in downtown toronto AND they give you free samples! AH-MAZING

  64. Any beer-loving Aussies out there? James Squire is my beer of choice, but I also like Coopers, Beez Neez, Fat Yak Pale Ale and Zierholz, Boags also pretty decent. And Tasmania’s Mercury cider knocks the internationally popular Strongbow for dead imo, as well as being a lot cheaper :)

    I love Hoegaarden (Dutch) and Leffe (Belgian), but they are both so expensive down under.

    • Oooh, I do like James Squire. And Fat Yak is… well, sometimes I find it a bit too hoppy (it’s like chewing on a Christmas tree!) but sometimes it hits the spot. I think it depends on my mood. :3

      • Have you tried the James Squire sundowner? It’s a little harder to find than the Amber / Golden ales, but a really nice beer, great for warmer days.

        Yeah, I am the same with the Fat Yak… it’s a nice beer, but I am a native South Australian where we are all nursed on Coopers pale ale ;) so it’s what I reach for when I’m in the mood for a pale. I have a friend who swears that Fat Yak is much better on tap though, so there’s that.

        The brewery who makes Fat Yak / Beez Neez has just realised a beer brewed with coffee beans called ‘Longshot’… as a coffee addict, I’m a little intrigued.

        • Eurgh ignore me. There’s a coffee beer floating around, but Longshot isn’t available anymore – crossed wires :)

  65. abita! mainly because it’s a louisiana brew and it makes me feel cool like my grandad. and it’s the only beer i’ve ever had that doesn’t have a shit aftertaste.

    • Fuck yeah Abita! Damn, now I want a Turbodog or an Abita Amber. Perfect for a hot night sitting on a porch.

  66. I like La Chouffe, also known by me and my friends as ‘gnome beer’ b/c of the label.
    And as a real Dutchie, I will say Heineken..

    • good, somebody mentioned Heineken at last. My beer. People at work keep pressing me to try Blue Moon, but I’ve yet to. A cousin presented to me (w/ great fanfare) a bottle of Stella and I was a bit let down, but I pretended not to be. Guinness is good but I drank way too much in college.

      I also like whatever beer I sample at local German delis, but I usually forget what I had before and have to start again when I go from scratch. I like most Japanese and Mexican beers too.

  67. My beer’s gender identity is a well-dressed soft butch who gets trashy after a few drinks. Oh wait, that’s me.

    In flow-chart form, my beer preferences usually evolve (or devolve) like this: Some fancy local seasonal brew or Belgian ale–>less expensive local-ish beer like Sam Adams–>PBR/Dos Equis–>Tecate/Narragansett–>bourbon or whiskey shots.

  68. ‘řezané pivo’ – a heavenly mixture of light and dark beers..anyone from Czech Republic here?

  69. If the bottle ain’t green there is no way it tastes good. I’d rather match my dress to the beer I’m drinking than getting something that looks like lemonade, lemonade mixed with water.

  70. Real ale all the way! Also, the good thing about living in Yorkshire (UK) is that everyone is expected to drink pints and people rarely bat their eyelids when girls do.

    Now I want beer!

  71. I like beer because it’s beer. Coronas on hot days. PBR when I’m feeling cheap and/or trashy. Bud Light if it’s on sale at the bar. Shiner when I’m feeling delicious. Moosehead if I’m feeling lite. Spotted Cow when I get up to Beloit, WI.

    But I do not care about the ads. Frankly, I don’t have television so I don’t even know what’s going on.

  72. Ithaca has a lot of great beer. I thought this article was going to teach us, for example, that Guinness is a burly dude and that, I dunno, Ithaca Apricot Wheat or Flower Power IPA is a lady… and probably a lesbian hippie.

  73. Maybe this beer would be more appropriate for those straight girls? The beer’s gender identity never offended me before and certainly never halted my consumption!

    I’m pretty sure those dark bottles serve a purpose. They protect the product from light which spoils the beer.

    I’ll admit, the bottle looks pretty but does it taste good?

  74. Flying Dog Brewery’s Raging Bitch anyone?
    Or Great Divide Brewing Co.’s Hades?

    I kind of enjoy how my two favorite beers sound quite sinister.

  75. I could probably write a dissertation here, but I won’t. I love beer. I love wine too, but I love beer even more. I have never bought a beer b/c of how the bottle looks. I care about how the beer tastes.

    I love stouts(obvs), porters, bocks, brown ales, and Belgian dubbels. Depending on my mood, I might also drink a nice hefeweizen or pale ale. If all you are used to drinking is mass market stuff like Bud, Coors, or Miller you would be shocked by the incredible diversity of beer that is available to you from craft brewers here in the U.S. Not to mention the incredible beers brewed around the world.

    If you are a cider drinker, I would suggest trying a Belgian fruit lambic. These are beers slowly fermented by wild yeasts found in the air. They taste nothing like regular beer, they have a more sour cider-like quality to them. Lindemans fruit lambics are widely available in many good beer stores in the U.S. They have several different fruit flavors: Kriek (cherry), Framboise (raspberry), Pomme (green apple), Peche (peach), and Cassis (blackcurrant).

    I don’t think of any type of beer as a man beer or a woman beer – you just like what you like. Period.

  76. Can’t believe noone’s mention Leinenkugel’s. By far best beer I’ve ever had.

    On another note, I had Strongbow for the first and only time in Malaysia. I not feel stupid for not knowing it existed in the US. *facepalm…..

    • I did! Way up top! I’m a huge fan of Leinie’s on tap.

      Funny enough, the only time I’ve heard a negative comment about the beer I was drinking was the time I was drinking a Berry Weiss and was trying to get a friend visiting from Australia to try it and he said “no, that’s pooftah beer” and it pissed me off.

      Sorry my awesome berry flavored beer is too delicious for your manly ego to try.

  77. I’ve only ever tried a few beers and don’t drink much in general (yes I am a dyke fail). However, Guinness was actually the first beer I ever tried, and everyone told me I wasn’t gonna like it but I did. It will always have a special place in my heart.

    On the non-beer front: I can’t stand hard liquor because I associate it with throwing up (long story). So I don’t do “girly” drinks because as far as I am concerned they are death in a glass. I do love me some Bulmer’s.

  78. I like the microbreweries in my area (ma/nh). I have a bar i visit every thirsty thursday in my town that crafts there own beers, plus we have the boston, nh, vt and me brews availible :)

  79. hoegaarden!

    also, beer bottles are awfully phallic. this bothers me. when i’m flirting with guys, it’s easy to be all suggestive and shit. but with ladies…gah! WHERE ARE THE VAGINA SHAPED BEER BOTTLES TELL ME PLEASE KTHX

    • hoegaarden is the best! I would drink that stuff every day if it wasn’t so damn expensive.

  80. These people seriously think they are the first to make a nice looking beer bottle? Well designed beer, is not breaking news. There are so so many micro-breweries out there making very pretty bottles. My favorites: Agave Wheat (by Breckenridge Brewery) a tasty wheat beer with an awesome label featuring a skull with a sombrero, and Lucky Bucket Lager (Lucky Bucket Brewing Co, LaVista, Nebraska) a pre-prohibition style lager featuring lovely vintage-style design. Look these up and tell me they aren’t attractive.

  81. the coors family is a bunch of horrible people but a can of coors banquet just usually matches what i’m wearing / corona light / i think girls drink smirnoff ice and stuff, right?

  82. I have a serious beer problem. I have trouble trying anything new unless it’s on tap and the bartender will let me taste it first…. I can’t drink anything hoppy or bitter, but I can’t be bothered with anything too light, which SERIOUSLY limits my options. Think any of you lovelies can help me out? For comparison, my go-to beers are Negra Modelo, Magic Hat #9, Newcastle, Stella, Killians… and I can do Hoegaarden on occasion. I hate having to default to PBR because it’s drinkable.

    Please help me, oh wise, beer-swilling lesbians?

    • If you don’t like anything hoppy or bitter I would definitely avoid all IPA’s and most American pale ales (Magic Hat #9 being an exception). If you like Negra Modelo and Newcastle, I think you would like Michelob Amber Bock. It is on tap at many places, it is reasonably priced, and it is a nice smooth malty beer. Shiner Bock is also a good bock beer.

      Samuel Adams Boston Lager is a Vienna-style amber lager that is widely available that you might want to try as well.It has an easy, rounded drinkability that is not too hoppy and not too light.

      Depending on where you are, there may be some local craft breweries that have some good beers on tap. Look for brown ales, bocks, amber lagers, and dark lagers (which are often called dunkels – dunkel means dark in German)if you want more malty flavors as opposed to bitter hop flavors.

  83. Huh.. I never thought of light beers as girly.. I always drink the darker ones, because they taste of more, and are usually sweeter, and more caramel-y or chocolate-y..
    regular carlsberg is okay (never tasted this one though) but there are soo many more interesting danish beers.. I usually drink albani because it’s local, though..

  84. Red Stripe, Hoegaarden, Blue Moon, Shock Top are all winners for me! Usually the beers marketed towards woman are the lighter wheat beers, aren’t they? If so, count me in!! I’ll take what they think is a femme beer over a Guinness any day. And honestly, one of the reasons I love red stripe is it comes in such a cute little bottle!! EEEE!!!

  85. WTF? Here’s what I’m not worried about when getting a beer: the way it matches my outfit. It’s beer! Drink it, praise it!

    I like brands of the cheap persuasion — kanterbrau, lager and everything. Recently I started liking wheat beer (like hoegaarden). I think I’ll never appreciate darker beers, they just don’t taste right!

  86. how are there still pockets of the world where girls think it’s not ok to order beer, i don’t understand. beer is perfect for every single occasion.

  87. about to work overnight and having a lil Great Divide Yeti Chocolate Oak Aged Imperial Stout. BREAKFAST. OF. CHAMPIONS.

  88. I don’t give half a rat’s ass what’s in my beer’s pants. As long as she/he/it/undecided gets the job done, the rest is irrelevant.

  89. How does everything come back to gender politics?? I just wanna drink beer and dance around like Beyonce, is that too much to ask. :D

  90. Look at all of these comments! I wasn’t previously aware that gay ladies have SERIOUS FEELINGS about beer.

  91. I just always try to drink local brews. Microbrews sound so cute; like tiny microscopic beers! Plus they are tasty.

  92. MOOSEHEAD. there is a MOOSE under the cap. i believe it identifies its gender as canadian. i love it and it loves me; all i can ask for in a beer, really.

  93. I just wanted to comment on the creepy words that this narrator guy uses to describe a beer– “easy to embrace” ? Come on. NOT ALL FEMALE-IDENTIFIED PEOPLE LIKE TO HUG, OK?! Slash, I just think it’s ridiculous that they try to use emotional/love related things when selling a beer to a woman. Can’t you come up with something better?

  94. Any southerners out there? Sweetwater 420 = heaven. Also a big fan of Red Brick Numbers. Less locally, Yuengling, Stella, Red Stripe.

  95. Lagunitas IPA. Lagunitas is a fairly local company for me, but I don’t think they’re exactly a microbrewery. Anyone not from the great state of Norcal had any Lagunitas Brewery beers in their grocery/liquor stores?

  96. I spent a fall and a winter in Copenhagen and Carlsberg originally really isn’t anything that special. I usually drank Elephant when I was out (higher ABV for your kroner). And of course, in the holiday season it was julebryg (Christmas beer) and gløgg (mulled wine) all day every day.

    Thy Eksklusive is a cheap unknown Danish beer but has it all- cheap price, decently dark flavor/color, accidentally yonic label ( Mmm!

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  98. I looked all the fuck over Puerto Vallarta for Dos Equis, and lemme tell you, it’s not fucking there. Which sucked, seeing as that was supposed to be the beer-silver-lining to a city where *nobody* is into the ladies.

    So instead I did the other lesbian thing and came home with a dog. Oh my life.

  99. Blue Moon and Molson Golden were my go-to beers when I was in upstate NY last year. I also tried Shock Top, Magic Hat #9 and a few others I’ve forgotten the names of. When I travelled though, oh, what wonderous beers I tried in Portland. McMenamin’s Ruby was delicious. I tried the Stone IPA but it was way too hoppy for me.

    Back home in Scotland I enjoy Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Ale which isn’t really beer but it tastes so good and you’re all talking about cider so ssshh. But beer-wise, I love the Brew Dog beers. Not sure if many people outside of the UK will have tried them but I love me a Punk IPA. One of the small batches they did called Atlantic IPA might be one of the best beers I’ve ever tasted.

    I can’t drink Tennents. I tried some a week ago to confirm this and yup, just can’t.

  100. ah, now I pine for beer at 11 in the morning.
    I tend to drink Molson because they’re cheap. But when I got some extra money I’m a big sam adams fan.

  101. on sunday this girl and i went to fresh market and created our own six pack (i mean, seriously, YOU CAN DO THAT?? …america, i love you) and then went to my house and made curry and ate the curry and watched “milk.” then we kissed in the parking lot.

    …basically what i’m saying is, duck rabbit milk stout is pretty dang good.

  102. Tuborg, a danish beer is my absolute favorite! Definitely seems a bit more masculine of a beer to me. It’s delicious, I wish they had it in the US!

  103. I think there’s definitely a feminine/gender-neutral beer, and it’s cider. Mmmm, sweet, boozy cider. How rare and yet how worth it. <3

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