Becky’s Team Pick: Newt Gingrich Glitter Attack

Attacking people is generally a no-no. But if you HAVE to attack someone, you might as well do it with glitter. And it might as well be for Gay Rights.

In fact, such thoughts have already been acted upon.

Valid points brought up in this video include:

“Stop anti-gay politics. It’s dividing our country, and it’s not fixing our economy.” And “Feel the rainbow”.

In the end, it seems Gingrich DOES learn from this experience, as his muttering of “nice to live in a free country” is the right amount of sarcastic, as if to say, until we (the people) have equal rights, this country is in fact, not free.


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  1. One of my friends said this on twitter and i thought it was a silly joke. turns out i won’t believe anything til i see it on autostraddle!

  2. Well, if you’re going to sit your pompous ass there, signing your GOD AMERICA WONDERFUL I’M IMPORTANT schwag, thinking you’re the cat’s meow, guess what.

    And look at that fucking DOUCHE BAG wiping him off at the end. What a life.

  3. All those Yahoo comments are so whiny-ass. “He’s protesting hate but with hate!” No, actually, I don’t think that throwing glitter at Newt counts as “hate” in the way passing anti-gay laws does…

  4. I lol’d.
    Then realized that was such a waste of glitter.
    There are tons of babygays like me who would love random glitter showers.
    But no. It’s wasted on Newt Gingrich.
    Thus is life.

    • I would also enjoy a random glitter shower. It would really make me feel like a part of the LGBT community if they did this to all the new members who visited the Queer Resource center at my school.

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