Lady Gaga: We’re Born Gay & Homosexiness is Telephone’s Most Bestest Aspect

Lady Gaga was interviewed on The Kyle and Jackie O Show in Australia in an interview they’re promoting as “Gaga’s gay revelation.” Apparently no one let them know that Gaga has been an out bisexual for some time now? Their fact-checkers must be worse than ours! (We don’t have any).

Gaga said Telephone was supposed to be a commentary on consumer culture and American culture and was an opportunity to use homosexual themes in a commercial environment. Also, the story of the Telephone video could’ve been told to “Happy Birthday.” Regarding the most controversial themes of the video, she brings up S&M and violence and says that’s not really what the fuss is about:

“It is my personal belief that this video is not getting so much attention for those [violent] themes because I’ve used those themes in my videos before, haven’t I? It’s because it’s with Beyonce and it’s because there are so many homosexual themes, and transgendered women in the video. Some people believe that being gay is a choice, and it’s not a choice. we are born this way. It has one foot in the art community and one foot in the commercial world.”

Lady Gaga’s ex-boyfriend is suing to get $20 million from her ’cause he says that he made her everything she is and bla bla bla. Someone punch him in the face.

A shy and super-cute Constance McMillen appeared on The Ellen Show today. Ellen said that she’d never have had the guts to do something like that when she was Constance’s age, and how brave Constnace is. Big words coming from a lesbian who was pretty brave herself when she wanted to bring her sexuality to a sitcom! Constance’s Dad was in the audience, I am serious if I was a random boy in her class I would be scared to fuck with Constance because he looks like he could kick my ass.

This is how the show was described:

Constance McMillen on Ellen Today: A school in Mississippi just canceled their prom because one of their gay students wanted to bring her girlfriend. That makes me sad. Prom should be for everyone, and schools should be teaching acceptance rather than intolerance. I hope these administrators will learn how their decision has hurt not just the student and her girlfriend, but all of the students at the school who simply want to enjoy their prom. Let’s work together to make this a world full of kindness and compassion so that no one is punished for loving another person.

Start at 2:40 — that’s where we get to talk about kissing Kristen Stewart. But this time it’s funny and you’ll see why!

Thank you, Feministing! Stop Calling Pretty Girls Ugly If Tina Fey, Lea Michele and America Ferrera are “ugly,” what hope is there for the rest of us? Knowing Lea IRL I was actually legit confused when GLEE began and I realized she’d been cast as the “ugly duckling” character. WTF? (@feministing)

Jesse James and the Fallen WomanStop slut-shaming Michelle McGee (@womanist musings)

I like Sandra, from the interviews I have seen with her – she seems like a woman that I would really enjoy sharing a beer with; however, the Madonna/Whore binary that this story is creating in her defence is harmful to ALL women.

As usual, when a celebrity man cheats, the slut shaming of the mistress is the result. McGee is routinely referred to as a skank, ugly, and a ho. People have attacked not only her behaviour, but her very being by commenting on her tats, as though they are a marker of depravity. Her motherhood has been called into question, thereby; affirming the saintly construction of motherhood which is harmful to women.

An actor with a spinal cord injury is guesting on GLEE this season — and this is his story. Also, perhaps predictably b/c America LOVES overkill, they want to make a Glee stage musical. Lea Michele could be back to her home turf after all! (@community server)

The boys from Hook – Where are they now? (@celebuzz)

Sex advice from Joss Whedon fans (@nerve)

A Wrinke in Time is going to be adapted for a movie! (@coming soon)

Daryl Stephens, Wilson Cruz, Quincy LeNear & Deondray Gossett Pose for “We Can Do It!” Campaign. (@living out oud)

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  1. Lea Michele is hotter than two hot things on fire in Death Valley in the summer. WTF ugly? She’s my future wife, thank you very much. Right on.

    • but Lea Michele is way hotter than Rachel. As in, she’s actually much prettier, not just… you know.. less obsessively annoying.

      • I like Rachel actually too. I mean, she’s annoying and obsessed, but she means well.

        And I like the way she dresses and her big nose and awkward effusiveness.

        But I am myself awkward and big-nosed, so, you know, LESBIAN NARCISSISM

        • Lesbian narcissism ftw (and a couple of good looking jews).
          Let’s make a deal. You can have Rachel/Lea Michele if you give me Brittany/Heather Morris (why? Because I like dancers. And she’s hot. And the square root of four is rainbows, forever. Google is your friend if you’re still not convinced).

  2. The lost boys from Hook, what! What a random piece of a lovely link thrown in there.

    I love this except I hate photo galleries that reload the damn page every time you click “next” to see a photo. Enjoy the high page view numbers, you sleezy bastards!

    • what’s awesome about that link is…just the other day i was at work and talking about hook and my co-worker was like “umm hook? wha?”

      and it made me sad that people didn’t know what i was talking about. and then i got on autostraddle. and you, autostraddle, know what i’m talking about.

  3. The Kyle and Jackie O show is still on? Kyle Sandilands had been under fire multiple times last year for really unethical conduct on air – forcing a 14-y-o to confess to sexual assault on air, fat hate, all sorts of random stuff. He went off air for a while but apparently he’s back in action. Of all the people for Gaga to call! They’re not interested in fact-checking, just controversy!

  4. I love feministing, but sometimes they just miss the point, especially when it comes to humor. I’ll give them Ugly Betty and Glee, but 30 Rock, really? Obviously Liz Lemon isn’t ugly, that’s why it’s so funny. As Jenna said to Liz when she revealed she still wanted to be an actress: “You couldn’t be serious about acting for a living. You have brown hair!”
    The audience isn’t supposed to buy that Liz is unattractive, we’re supposed to be keenly aware that she is nothing of the sort. The whole show is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on show business and pop culture.

    Also, GaGa’s ex-boyfriend is a total tool bag. Still, I must confess that I would love to see what she would wear to court.

    • This. Also, 30 Rock is Tina Fey’s baby. The character is based off of Tina Fey. Who else would play Liz anyway? :P

  5. Lol advice from Whedon fans.

    I need to know: Spike or Angel?
    Faith. Dream big.

    So much epicness

  6. Love the bit on Ellen, I missed the show today.
    I am kind of excited about A Wrinkle In Time! I loved that book.
    I am also a big fan of the kristen/dakota friendship. I might see the Runaways tonight, haven’t decided yet.

  7. I have loved Dakota since she was a small child! I always said I would only have children if it were a girl and she behaved exactly like Dakota Fanning. Yay-yuh Georgia girls!

  8. I’m always disturbed by people discussing whether gays are born that way or not. Even when they say that yes, gays are born like that. What is disturbing to me is precisely that society is unable to accept that one might choose to be happy as opposed to unhappy.

    It’s like saying, leave strawberry lovers alone, because they’re born that way! Loving strawberries is something you’re born with! I mean, it doesn’t make any sense. Society just needs to accept that people are different and should follow their inclinations whenever this does no harm to anyone.

    Of course we’re born like that! But that’s NOT the point! An African baby is born with a passion and talent for engineering but it’s very unlikely that he will see the day when he’s allowed to put that talent to flourish because he’s probably too busy looking for food to eat. At the same time another guy chooses to study engineering because the school is close to home and he doesn’t like travelling. SO WHAT??? The point is allowing people to follow their heart, not establishing whether their heart is something they’re born with or acquired through education or experience or chance.

    Another argument is, imagine if gays were not born like that. Why would they choose to behave like gays? Because they enjoy going against their inclinations? Just to spite mother nature? I just don’t get it. I mean, I don’t get why they don’t get it.

    • What always gets me is when people say, “Why would you choose that life?” Um, “that life” hasn’t been terribly bad for me, tyvm.

      • Uh, Dina, I think you’re terribly confused. That life you live? It’s actually awful and you are the most miserable person alive. I’m sorry to break that news to you, but, y’know: Jesus.

        You’re welcome!

  9. Everyone on that Jimmy Kimmel segment is ADORABLE! And jeez, Dakota’s young.

  10. I don’t know…Rachel isn’t treated like a quasi-outcast in school because she’s ugly (in fact, Puck calls her a “hot Jew”) but rather almost exclusively because she’s “annoying” and driven to a fault (and dresses “poorly” by those characters’ standards).

  11. They have never said Rachel Berry is ugly so I don’t know where this is even coming from.

    The worst that has been said is that she was mildly attractive or that she needed a nose job.

    The guys on the show have comments on her hot body as well as being a hot jew.

    Nowhere have they every referred to her as a ugly duckling. She is unpopular because she is too intense not because she is ugley

    I don’t remember Tina Fey being describe as ugly just a bit sociallly inept.

  12. Lady Gaga makes me despise gays.. No offense to you all, but im not all for watching a buncha half naked chicks make out and almost have sex in front of everyone. My point is that Lady Gaga is not supporting the “gays” shes making them look like trash by USING them to promote herself. Im sorry, but not ALL gay people act like that… Have you once seen Ellen Degeneres stip all her clothes off and let dykes fondle on her? NO. Not all gay people are as trashy and disturbing as Lady Gaga shes not doing sh*t for the GAY community.

    • Have you once seen Ellen Degeneres stip all her clothes off and let dykes fondle on her?

      …are you saying this was an option all along? Because I’m beginning to think I chased all the wrong dreams.

    • In Lady Gaga’s world, everyone does those things. I think it’s nice that she wants to include the gays in her music video fun instead of limiting it to strais. Also, I’m pretty sure America realizes that people don’t really act in the way Gaga portrays them. And the image of Ellen and lesbians like her is so ubiquitous, why not mix it up and have a little fun? It takes all kinds!

    • Hold on, Christy. Let me take off my cigarette sunglasses. All right. I fucking love gaga because she makes people like you so uncomfortable and angry. I love the fact that she puts different kinds of women and the sex we have (together) out there for people like you to anguish over.
      Ellen is nice, funny, and great. But she is safer, more socially acceptable, and less confrontational. And I am just not sure politeness, being unoffensive, and making people comfortable are the best ways to go anymore to get the rights and the respect we deserve as a community.

  13. Um please tell me someone has seen The Runaways already! I went DURING WORK today because I just couldn’t wait. This movie is so amazing/homosexy/hot you will just DIE. Someone, write an entire post on this movie, please…

    KStew/JoanJ: be mine.

  14. Not that I’m opposed to a new A Wrinkle in Time movie or anything, but has anyone seen the made-for-television version with Katie Stuart and Gregory Smith? It was terrible, but I still loved it in middle school when it came out.

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