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Lady Gaga: We’re Born Gay & Homosexiness is Telephone’s Most Bestest Aspect

Constance McMillen is on the Ellen Show and we’ve got video! Lady Gaga talks to an Australian radio show about “Telephone” and exhaustion (and the podcast is advertised as her “gay revelation”?) Also; Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning are adorbs, The Lost Boys, Joss Whedon fans’ sex advice, pretty ugly girls, slut-shaming McGee and A Wrinkle in Time.

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Telephone’s “Lesbian Prisonyard Girlfriend” on Kissing Gaga, Queer Media, Gender & Being Hawt

Out magazine talks to Lady Gaga’s lesbian jailyard girlfriend, performance artist Heather Cassils, about kissing Gaga (‘intense’), butch/femme, trans, gender identity, performance art & everything you care about. If you’re wondering what Tila Tequila is up to these days, we’ve got an update. Plus, Tegan & Sara talk to Mother Jones about Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga is trying to brainwash you into joining the Illuminati, “Chloe” premiered last night, more outcry over Skins, and Adam Lambert is in Japan.

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Lady Gaga Announces New US Tour Dates, Has Basically Taken Over the Internet Today

Heaps of Lady Gaga News (including the identity of that girl she’s making out with), Adam Lambert in flaunt magazine, GLEE spoilers from the Paley Inside Media sessions, Suzanne Westenheoffer is interviewed about being a really funny lesbian, Joyce Carol Oates wins an award, AfterEllen’s Top 50 Lez/Bi Characters, lesbian kicked off Celebrity Apprentice & moar!