FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: Tell Me What You’re Listening To So I Can Stop Listening to Bruno Mars

Hello, mason jars full of sweet tea! Welcome to this week’s Friday Open Thread, in which we spend our nights hanging out with each other instead of the rest of the world. From now on, we’ll have a Friday Open Thread every Friday, kind of like how I have bottomless mimosas every Sunday. But the good news is you don’t even need a last-minute Open Table reservation to be here! You just need to be you, and that’s beautiful.

I spent a remarkable amount of time holed up in my office this week, and next week doesn’t look much better. This will come as no surprise to the handful of people who regularly attempt to plan Happy Hour outings with me only to have me push back like sorry work is all I have in my life and I have been consumed by it. I know I should want to leave work more often, but my Pandora station makes it really hard for me to pack up and go, kind of like it also makes it hard for me to behave regularly in my workplace and not get caught singing, dancing, or otherwise jamming out at my small wooden desk. Now that I have a room to myself in the hallowed halls of my non-profit, my fate is sealed: I’m officially a total weirdo who listens to weirdo music all the time. 

Some of the songs I listen to are of the classic rock or folk variety, including but not limited to: Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Eagles, Led Zeppelin, and Lynryd Skynyrd. Sometimes, I just play Fleetwood Mac for an hour, too.

Occasionally, my supervisors come in while I’m listening to Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, Daft Punk, or Pharrel, which is okay, I guess. Except that time that the song in question was “Blow.” That was totally not okay.

Other times, I’m caught innocently listening to nineties music like Alanis Morisette, Natalie Imbruglia, Sugar Ray, and Hootie & the Blowfish, mostly because the dolphins make me cry.

The total fucking mind-blowing treasure of the bunch, though, is the Bruno Mars selections that come on my station — and my inability to let them go. I may liberally thumbs down other songs, but when Bruno Mars comes on something comes over me. Maybe it’s because we look alike.

High Quality Wallpaper

Not kidding.

Not kidding.

It might just be because he’s really adorable and sweet, though, which is embarrassing. Like, what if I genuinely relate to this dude? What if I enjoyed the Super Bowl more because of him, and not the Red Hot Chili Peppers, whom I worship endlessly? What if I’m just the kind of person who LISTENS TO BRUNO MARS? This is a full-blown crisis waiting to happen, and I can’t stop it. Nor do I want to, really, which is the worst part.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you for a minute. LET’S TALK ABOUT LIFE FOR A WHILE. I can’t possibly be the only person who has ten songs stuck in her head at all times, and I think it’d be nice to know what’s stuck in yours. So tell me: What are you doing tonight? What are you listening to while you do that thing? What song is stuck in your head now and forever, amen? Did you know you could embed YouTube videos in the comments? I DIDN’T. But now we both do!*

And even if you’re not listening to music, you can probably help me to forget about the fact that I can’t stop listening to music by distracting me as I reach over to my record player at home to spin some tunes. Tell me about your day, and especially about your day with your pets! Don’t forget: ain’t no open thread like a Carmen open thread because I am going to reply to every single photo comment on this post with a picture of my dog. So tell me your deepest secrets, the story behind your change of life, or just what you ate for dinner tonight. Take your coat off and stay a while.

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3. Go forth and jam.

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  1. I’m still listening to Let it go and Life’s too short (basically the frozen soundtrack)

    and I’m watching mistresses cause you people alerted me to anna torv being in it

    • NVM im not good at linking photos. but you can follow this to it :

      original came out in 2012 but still climbing the charts.
      she toured with Bruno last year also

  2. I had that terrible lego everything is awesome song stuck in my head on repeat for at least 4 days last week. The worst.

  3. I’m having one of those wallow-in-self-pity kind of days and have heard Say Something four fucking times and I’m going to kill everyone right in the face.

    • I feel you – last night my Pandora played literally THREE DIFFERENT VERSIONS of “Say Something” and I was too paralyzed with sadness and pain to turn it off.

  4. I second St. Vincent as I’m seeing her live tonight!

    Her latest album is pretty damn good (as is her previous work, you can’t go wrong). Plus, Annie Clark. I mean, enough said.

    Also, “iamamiwhoami” has been my obsession for months now.

  5. This week, I physically cannot stop myself from listening to the Son Lux “Easy” remix with Lorde (!!!!) and jazz guitarist Rafiq Bhatia. Get through the whole thing – it’s bonkers! Note: Son Lux is a solid, acclaimed composer without any pop star assistance.

    I usually like super depressing melancholy folky music, but the surprise pop artist that is grabbing me is Charli XCX’s 2012 mixtape Super Ultra. It is uneven, bizarre, dancey, and over the top ridiculous. Yes it came out in 2012 and I’m so so late to this because I was so turned off the godawful amateur cover art for the past year. Can anyone name the movie samples?

    Notable for 2014, the best combo of folk, rap, and electronic supergroup collaboration you’re going to hear all year: the peerless SISYPUS. Thank me later.

    Happy Friday ya’ll!!

    • Ugh sorry I royally messed up the a href attribute formatting.

      Suggestion: Add a comment preview feature!

    • Super depressing melancholy folky music is my jam! Who are some of your favorite artists in that genre? I like Sarah Jarosz, Alexi Murdoch, Iron and Wine, the Civil Wars, Leonard Cohen, etc etc.

      • Mmm right now I’m digging the new Sun Kil Moon (it’s so heavy, it’s a gentle meditation on death), Angel Olsen (who sounds like the female Leonard Cohen), Midlake, Marissa Nadler, Cass McCombs, Warpaint (not folky, but so good).

        • Thanks for this! I’m definitely going to check out Angel Olson. Female Leonard Cohen? Yes please :-)

  6. This is my parents dog, Cosmo. He’s a very stately gentleman with his beard and all. He’s pretty much the calmest dog I’ve ever known. He doesn’t like to cuddle though, like if you try to pet him for too long, or put him even a little bit near you on a couch, he will bolt. I still try though, lol.

  7. Sam Smith!!!!!!
    I love his song Money On My Mind so much it’s not even funny. Also I’ve Told You Now.
    Quadron is also faaaabulous. Hey Love is my jam.
    Nearly Morning by Luke Sital-Singh and Bones by Josh Record. Anything on Angel Haze’s new album (especially her thing with Sia and her thing with A Tribe Called Red.) Speaking of A Tribe Called Red, I loooooove their Bread & Cheese and Red Skin Girl. And John Doe by B.o.b feat. Priscilla.

  8. listening to the oh so amazing Hiatus Kaiyote

    and some homegrown chilled New Zealand tunes: Fat Freddy’s Drop

  9. I have Sleater Kinney – All Hands on The Bad One stuck in my head right now, which I think I may have a quick listen to at work. Though I had Judas Priest – Victim of Changes stuck earlier in the day.

    And tonight I get to have more good food.

  10. These are the songs I have worn out over the past few weeks:

    “Waves,” Sleeper Agent

    “Bridges,” Broods

    “Recover,” Chvrches

    “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High,” Arctic Monkeys

    “Doses and Mimosas,” Cherub

    and “Blue Moon,” Beck

  11. Being the 25th anniversary of Like a Prayer i’ve been listening to Madonna all day

    • That song came out 25 years ago? Seriously? Gee, I remember listening to that jam all day long when I was a little child… aaaand cue me: feeling just way too old ;)

  12. I’ve had Genesis by Grimes stuck in my head aaall day; right now I’m trying to replace her with Gloria by Patti Smith.
    It’s still the afternoon here (Mexico) and I’m bored in my room because my gf cancelled. I might go skating by myself or something. Probably “something” (aka watching bad movies on cable).

    • I just found out that Grimes’ co-star in the video with shiny outfits and sword is Brooke Candy. Uh-mazing.

  13. Funnily enough, Bruno Mars was playing at work when I saw this post on Twitter.

    As for jams, I’m super into playlists by this chick: sashayed (especially the pop maenads!)

  14. I am currently listening to The Muppets Most Wanted soundtrack. I went and saw it last night and it was amazing. I’ve listened to the soundtrack on repeat all day. I’m slowly packing to go home for spring break. I’m excited about the people I’m seeing over spring break, but not really for being home. At least I get to spend some time with an A Camp buddy :D

    • omg jay i’m so excited to see you. also i watched the muppets for the first time today and it was SO ADORABLE.

  15. Lorde
    Chris Young songs that remind me of my ex
    “I’ve Got A Dream” (from the Tangled soundtrack)

    Also I totally read “Hello mason jars of sweet tea” in Penelope Garcia’s voice. I feel like it’s something she would say.

  16. i’m not a music person (yes, i DO have a soul! GEEZ!) so i’m neutral on the music convo, but i’m SO EXCITED about the Muppets opening this weekend!



  17. I listen to “The Wire” by Haim at least once a day. (Sometimes 10 times)

    Also, #Selfie by The Chainsmokers.

  18. Since it is the end of the month and I’m kind of broke, this song is stuck on repeat in my head:

    (Hope it displays correctly, otherwise just use this link:

    In other news: I did a college course about writing in the last couple of month and today I got the news that I aced the final exam! Well, I’m not quite sure of how to use it to generate some cash, but I DID A THING! Yay me!

    (Ok, that probably sounded less pathetic in my mind. Nevermind.)

  19. I’ve officialy reentered the CHVRCHES tunnel. While I wonder if I’m ever going to be able to get out of it, my NEW BUNNY is trying to eat a carrot without slipping on the floor.

    • aaaw, that sounds so cute! Is there a remote chance that you might be able to post some pictures? Just asking for a friend ;)

      Oh, and CHVRCHES are pretty rad, too. Kudos to your taste in music!

      • They’re great! They still haven’t come to my country yet:( I hope they will soon! (and by the way I also totally have a crush on Lauren)

  20. My gf is obsessed with Age of Aquarius and keeps playing it…so that earworm is chomping on my brain.

    Also…I shouldn’t have watched American Horror story before bed tonight (it’s 23:09 in UK). Night all…I’m off to have nightmares now…or sing Age of Aquarius in my head til dawn.

    • this is the dawning of a good reason to stay up and be in this thread. be right here, if you will.

  21. I listened to Spanish Guitar on Pandora all day at work and tonight I’m chilling with this guy.

    • I think I’m finally going to give in and check out Haim’s entire album because The Wire grew on me so much

    • I lent my mother my Haim album and it’s been on repeat in her car…turns out she thought I gave her it…not getting it back.

  22. Today while I was at work with our boxer office dog, I was listening to the Sunshine Indie Pop playlist on Songza. I highly recommend it! It’s upbeat and definitely put a smile on my face. :)

    • Oh. Oh no. My heart was not ready for this explosion of sunshine and happy feelings, but oh – here it is, it’s happening. Like poprocks, but in my heart. (Should I get a doctor?)

      Thank you for sharing the station, Whitney. I needed this today.

      • Isn’t it great? I mean, not appropriate if you just need to listen to angry music or something, but on an average day I dig it! Glad you and others like it as well.

  23. I’ve been listening to Channel Orange by Frank Ocean a lot, ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’ by Kendrick Lamar and and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West. Plus a little Arctic Monkeys and Tegan and Sara of course!

    • It is!!! Bastion was one of the best games I’ve ever played. A pleasure to the eyes and to the ears. I’m so glad I got the game and its awesome soundtrack on a Humble Bundle a couple years ago!

    • My missus has this, it awesome. Huge fan of video game soundtracks. The last of us has beautiful tracks.

  24. Just watching Star Wars with my roomies (um, the kind of roomies who are too young to vote and call me Baba).

    I’m only listening to the commentary around me. Nothing gets stuck in your head like, “Where’s my Elmo book?” When it’s been on repeat for 15 minutes.

      • by this i mean i’m jealous, sorry, that thought was fragmented, also, i wish you better company next time you watch star wars! like maybe me and a beer or something.

  25. The Secret Sisters. Old time-y country. Can’t wait for their new album to drop mid-April.

  26. Wow! What a Friday! I skyped a wonderful girl for an hour and a half, then just went to a Chinese music concert that moved me to tears, it was so brilliant. A really solid night.

      • the grammar train has left the station, i’m not judging

        i like your video choice ps, i am vv thankful

  27. I’ve had Sara Bareilles’s Brave in my head for approximately forever. Also, there aren’t enough pets in this thread yet so here’s one of my sister’s kittens (which I found and forced her to adopt):

  28. I’ve been really obsessed with the lyric videos released by The Julie Ruin, especially this one: but I’ve actually been listening to The Screaming Females a ton because they are opening for The Julie Ruin in Chicago on April 9th and I’m going!!

    I’m hiding in my room watching Blue is the Warmest Color and writing this, my first ever post on Autostraddle, after creating my account. Whew!

  29. The Kumbia Queers (who have a few more tour dates in southern california this weekend):

    Feriado Nacional

    Chica de Calendario

  30. HI AUTOSTRADDLE! Bokchoy and I are listening to Matt Nathanson tonight. We think “Kiss Quick” is sexy and we don’t know why. But we’re trying to explain it to my girlfriend anyway.

  31. I have been listening to the 2012 A-Camp playlist on 8track while doing my metal earth!! =) I now present you with my




    Now I deserve a beer. And dinner.

        • I got you! Just make sure the whole address is inside the quotations. (Like: “”)

          I really love and am impressed by that Millenium Falcon.

      • AAAHHH!!!! YAY!!! THANKS FOR FIXING IT!! =) Yes itty bitty sheet metal I like to put together. The Millenium falcon is about 2″ high and probably 2.5″ long. I now have 19!!!! I also have R2D2. They’re Metal Earth by Fascinations. The parts come in 4″x4″ sheet metal then you kinda pop em out and follow the instructions while looking at the 360deg view on their website..I started with the Titanic and have been so hooked ever since.

        Thank you Laura!! I really owe you one! IDK what happened!! I usually can put images fine but AAHHHH so excited they came out! =)

        • This is so awesome, hooray model building. I’ve not yet made one but I have huge voyager from star trek that I bought in a closing down sale, I need to get around to that soon.

  32. I’m listening to Serebro, a Russian girl group that makes Tatu look like nuns.

    Otherwise, I just came home from an evening spent with some friends at school and we walked like 5km to watch one of our profs give a seminar at a local historical society for funsies. My boots apparently were not made for walking.

  33. It’s Saturday here, and my biggest plan today is to go and buy milk, but let me tell you about my Friday!

    I went to the Dr in the morning and got some surprise blood tests done (‘Have you had breakfast?’ ‘No, sorry, I-‘ ‘EXCELLENT!’) then went to get my hair cut. I didn’t get asked what I wanted – just what number to set the clippers on. She gave me the same butch-y cut I got the last time I went in, all the while telling me how perfect my hair was, how much she loved it, and that I should go to her place so she could play with it. She also made me a second coffee after some of the hair she snipped off got into my first cup (yay, free coffee!)

    Then I got waxed which… was a thing.

    Later that night I went to the relaunch for the Pride Club at my university. They’ve just rebooted the club and I have a friend on the council for it who also suggested I join – and I’m keen. I met a bunch of amazing new people, caught up with some folk I hadn’t seen in ages, and got to hang out with a bunch of queer people I adore. Since I didn’t really have that community when I came out or was coming to terms with everything – it’s really nice to be surrounded by them now!

    We talked about lots of different stuff ranging from social justice to sex toys and at one point we talked about how I’m trying to get to A-Camp. It was really good to talk to people who completely understand why I would want to go to this thing in America, why it’s important to me, and support me on it. One girl joked that they should get together and fund me to go (aww!)

    Then when it got late and the guy asked us to leave so he could go home to bed, a bunch of us went to a Spanish Chocolate place for dessert. I cheaped out and got a Spanish Iced Coffee but that was nice, the company was fantastic, and all in all it was an incredible night. The Pride Club is off to an excellent start and hopefully it’ll carry on strong throughout the year.

    So that was my Friday, and it was fantastic, and I am happy :)

  34. Caravan Palace, always and forever. The first time I heard this song, it changed my conception of what music could be forever, and music is WHAT I DO. LIKE, FOR A LIVING.

  35. I’ve had a wicked cold/headache/sinus infection thing going on for the past couple of days, so I’m using that as an excuse to binge-watch The Sopranos, which I’ve never seen before. The writing is so good – “Cunnilingus and psychiatry have brought us to this!”

    At the moment I’m listening to Joni Mitchell’s Blue album, and trying to work up the energy to get out of bed and do my morning yoga (it’s 9am where I am).

  36. I am listening to this while I am writing one of multiple papers due Monday. Ugh, college.

  37. best open thread ever. i never shut up about music and i need an outlet other than sending my friends endless links and annoying the shit out of them.

    right now i can’t get enough of this:

    and milo:
    (“i don’t know much about being and nothingness but i might just be a being of nothingness” woah)

    also, grieg is the perfect soundtrack to nice spring weather:

  38. Hi. So I know this is a music thread and all, but I am a little drunk (happy hour just ended) and kind of just want to… vent a little? Basically, I just realized (over a long period of time) that I’m gay, which is fine with me except I’m 24 and have only been with men for the past 7 years. I’m obviously thrilled I’ve figured it out, but there’s still a part of me that’s terrified that this is just a phase, or that I’ll sleep with a woman (which I’ve never done before) and not like it, or… one of many possible super scary outcomes that is maybe unlikely but still freaks me out. So I was kind of wondering… has anyone been here before? Do you have any advice on how to stop worrying about all these weird things? All of my friends have been super supportive, which is great, but I think getting out of my own head is going to be the hard part here. Anyway. Vent over. :)

    • I totally felt like that when I figured it out! Don’t worry. However you’re feeling right now is completely normal and valid. I eventually stopped feeling weird when a few months went by and I was still gay, and that it’s no wonder it sometimes takes a while to realize you’re gay, because a) people change over the course of a lifetime, and b) there is huge societal pressure to be straight. So just read Autostraddle nonstop and pretend everyone is gay, and then maybe you’ll feel better about it? :)

      • Thank you so much – it really means a lot to have someone take the time to respond and make me not feel like a crazy person. :) I’ve definitely been reading lots of Autostraddle and it’s been super helpful – I just don’t have any lesbian friends yet so it feels good to express these feelings by throwing them into the void of the internet. :)

  39. I saw an Off-Broadway musical tonight, so I listened to quite a bit of music. Here’s a sample of one of the songs:

  40. I’ve been rediscovering my love for listening to music in solitude. And pretending that you asked me to make a mixtape of the best new songs that will eventually worm their way into your head. And they all happen to have female singers! Here you are, these tunes are handpicked just for you:

    Cate Le Bon – “Are You With Me Now?” – She’s Welsh! And smoking while wheel throwing, yea.

    Warpaint – “Keep it Healthy” – Super lush, dark and full of movement. Produced by Nigel Godrich so it’s real slick.

    London Grammar – KEXP Live Performance – Strongly reminiscent of The xx, yet with their own budding sound. This is the first time I’ve seen Cheryl Waters utterly speechless/out of breath after a performance, and you know she’s sat with tons of talented bands in the studio during her career.

    Angel Olsen – “White Fire” – Stark meditation that grows on you. Female Leonard Cohen, anyone?

    Dum Dum Girls – “Are You Okay?” – Poppy shoegaze. There’s also a new short film by Bret Easton Ellis with this as the title track on Youtube.

    Wet – “No Lie” – (Presumably hipstery) Brooklyn band making downtempo R&B.

    Lykke Li – “No Rest For Wicked” – Yay it’s new Lykke Li! Let’s all watch her new Swedish thriller film.

    Marika Hackman – “Itchy Teeth” – This girl is so melancholy and sweet. Mad props to her for doing a respectable cover of Joanna Newsom’s 81 on this EP.

    • I checked out all your suggestions and loved all of them, esp Cate Le Bon, Angel Olsen, London Grammar, Warpaint and Marika Hackman. Thanks for the heads up, I’ve got some great new music to explore :) …

      • Yay! You’re very welcome and enjoy. Sharing good music with other folks is one of my top 3 favorite things to do.

  41. The Frozen Soundtrack, the Wack Album (Lonely Island Boys obviously) and the new Taking Back Sunday album Happiness Is.

  42. Is Bruno Mars uncool? I was completely unaware of this. I guess it’s another one of those things I never get told and thankfully work out using context before I embarrass myself, like “scissoring doesn’t happen” and the correct pronunciation of ‘Haim’.

    • and apparently pasting code directly from youtube is a thing that isn’t working right now. totally sober/embarrassed.

      anyway, the video was vienna by ariana grande.
      also agree with everyone who suggested haim, they’re wonderful.

  43. I have been obsessed with HAIM since September. I love them. They sound like Summer and nostalgia. My favorite songs are Go Slow, Forever, Falling, and Don’t Save Me. The Wire is also amazing. This is there video for Forever. You may have heard it in Targets new commercial.

  44. Tempest by Lucius is on constant repeat for me, prior to that I was listening non stop to Lake Street Dive..

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