FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: I’m Not at A-Camp Either, Come Thru

Hello, barking dogs who can’t decide how they feel about each other! Welcome to this week’s Friday Open Thread, our weekly bitch sesh about the world. Oh, and source of everlasting joy! Let’s all gather today and for the rest of days honestly and talk to one another openly and honestly about our lives. Sounds fun and not hard at all, amirite?


This week I come to you not from the great midwest, where many of my BFFs and many other adorable queers who haven’t become my BFFs yet because we haven’t met are spending some quality time on a campsite together, but instead from the Best Coast, where I am running away from reality in the bay. It’s cold! Update: LA summer is rough but jacket weather is rougher, especially when you left all your cold weather clothes in New Jersey in an attempt to build a new life for yourself. (Yes, this is my way of verbalizing a need/desire to shop once more til I drop. No, you can’t stop me this time.)

I’m assuming you’re also here in these parts because you’re not at A-Camp, which is fun since I hate feeling alone in the world. So let’s hang! Come gather round the virtual campfire kindled by my deep and unassuming love for you and tell me everything!

I’m here waiting expectantly for updates. I wanna know how things went with that girl, why you didn’t text me back, and what weirdo shit you’ve been through this week. How was school? How was work? How was your friend from college’s Instagram that you lurked last night? How was the food at that museum you finally checked out? Honestly, how’s the weather, I don’t really mind if that’s all you’ve got because all I have in this life are a handful of tweet drafts I’ve already told Keely about but will otherwise take to the grave without posting and some photos of Eli asleep in the backseat.

Come at me. I hope you’re doing well, bruh. TELL ME YOUR LIFE ALREADY.

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  1. College is exhausting. Law school applications are exhausting. Being the Token Trans Person in any room I’m in is exhausting. Mediating trans student group drama is exhausting. I’m drunk off my ass on Skittle-vodka right now and I’m just going to sleep for like 20 hours okay i love you all <3

  2. At first, I was feeling grumpy because I am very much in the Midwest, but I started a new job this spring and haven’t accrued enough vacation to take the time off for Midwest A-Camp.



  3. I just moved to a new city this weekend (Omaha) and start a new job on Monday! So I’ve been running around trying to get my new apartment all set up, but I’m really excited about this move. Plus I’m excited to get to know the LGBT+ community here and hopefully make some new amazing friends! I’ll also be able to get a cat here, so I’m PUMPED about that, even though I miss my two kitties from back home.

    Also, it’s Saturday, so I’m listening to the Husker game on the radio since I don’t have cable or Internet set up here yet. GBR!!

    • I wish you a good start in your new city! :) I moved to my new appartment in a new city 2 weeks ago and just nodded and smiled along all points you made (except the kitties back home and the Husker game on the radio). :)

  4. I’m a bit late to the party. I’m from Wisconsin and was intensely disappointed that the ONE weekend I’m not at home is the weekend there’s A-camp there. So, I really hope you guys do it again here next year!

    Anyway, since you mentioned food in museums… I went to the new Museum of African-American Heritage and Culture in DC, and was blown away by how well done it was. I think anyone you talk to who has seen it can attest that it is amazing. But one thing that I haven’t heard mentioned is how well done the cafe there was. I’ve been to some really disappointing museum cafes, and this one wasn’t it. They had a wide variety of food with deep cultural histories, and it was really delicious, well-made food as well. Pricy as hell, but so worth it.

    So that’s my two cents. If you are in DC, try to get (free) tix to go see it. I think it’s possible to get same-day tickets (they’re booked through November). So worth it.

  5. It rained yesterday and today here in NorCal!!! I hope it keeps up because we gotta beat this drought!

    This weekend I went to Lake Tahoe where it was very beautiful but very windy. I also bought/downloaded Animal Crossing: New Lead which is so, so cute! If any of ya’ll play it, message me your friend codes so I can maybe figure out how the heck to visit your towns!

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