Foolish Child #5: Labels

Foolish Child is a biweekly web comic series by Dickens



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I am a queer coparenting mama to Dickens Jr. Doodler by day, 911 dispatcher by night. All my favorite shows look better on Tumblr. I am two years and 450K words deep into constructing a fanfic called Ages and I'm never giving up on it. Bering & Wells.

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    • For sure! “You define you” doesn’t just mean that you label yourself. It means that YOU are the definition of yourself.

      It was my hope that either meaning would become more apparent for whichever descriptor best fit the reader.

      • This is exactly how I interpreted it. I’ve gotten through a lot of years of life without defining myself very specifically because it’s not very important to me, and I like to embrace that I’m an ever-changing animals who can’t always be defined.

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