Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual Sings Karaoke to Lesbian Justin Bieber’s “U Smile”

Riese’s Team Pick:

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3M-uiUj-VfA’]

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      Who says obsessions are unhealthy?

      Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual + Justin Bieber cover…HOW DID THE WORLD NOT EXPLODE IN AWESOMENESS??

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    Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this but private messaging seems to be broken, or at least, not working for me 🙁 it’s not letting me send messages through ‘Compose message’ and when I try by clicking the ‘send private message’ on the person’s profile it takes me to this article… ho hum.

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    evan rachel wood bisexual + vest + alternative lifestyle haircut = me, grinning like a maniac for 1 min 44 seconds.
    I didn’t even care what the hell she was singing.

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    i feel as if this could be the new “chuck norris” craze. aka… evan rachel wood bisexual is the reason why waldo is hiding.

    evan rachel wood bisexual won amerian idol by using only sign language.

    i think you get the gist. let’s make this happen people.

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    Wait.. can someone explain to me why errbody says EVAN RACHEL WOOD BISEXUAL instead of just evan rachel wood? i feel like i’m missing out on something 🙁

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    she sings so well, plus the new look it makes her even hotter.

    blah, that evan rachel wood bisexual started months ago when they wrote an article about her being a bisexual.

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    You could combine Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual and her awesomeness with the awesomeness of Pinoe into one super awesome super talented person with spectacular hair.

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    She’s hot and all — and clearly a great singer — but ever since I found out she was in a legit relationship with Marilyn Manson, the appeal has vanished. Some exes are dealbreakers… and I guess Marilyn Manson is one of them for me.

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    Very tired and annoyed at the Evan Rachel Wood bisexual game. It was funny at first but now seems to take away from the woman being a very talented actress and an openly queer individual and instead makes someone who has been supportive of LGBT rights for years a joke.

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    daaaaaaamn, evan rachel woood bisexual can sing!
    I don’t think I’ve heard bieber’s music, at least not willingly, I’d never heard this song, it’s pretty dumb but her voice just makes it amazing, and the look. and the hair.

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