Episode 4, Season 8 of MTV’s Bisexual Trainwreck Are You The One?: A Love Story in Screenshots

This week on my absolute favorite program, MTV’s A-Camp Are You The One?, tensions ran high as the two premiere couples of the house (Jenna and Kai/Amber and Nour) disintegrated into an explosion of spectacular gay fireworks. There was no shortage of passion, jealousy or truly terrible choices as the team swam with manta rays, threw their own gender-creative queer prom and based million-dollar decisions on thirty-second drunken conversations with fellow aspiring Instagram influencers.

Jonathan is giving me Jar Jar Binks with this look.


Kylie baby, you can have whatever you want. None for Nour, bye.

An earlier contender for Most Desired in the House, Nour seemed determined to sour everyone’s opinions of her all at once, first by obnoxiously staking her claim to Amber, picking on Paige for being tall (?!) and then by sneakily making out with Kylie. She revealed a side of her personality this week that I would have been fine remaining unaware of.

Paige, however, remains perfect. Please come to A-Camp next year, my towering angel of light.

Then there was this:

Chaotic Gemini and serious dark horse Remy lurked on the sidelines of the Jenna/Kai breakup, happy to stir up trouble wherever he could, but in the end he proved that he is the only person with any damn sense in this whole house.

Will Kai and Jenna ever stop licking each other for long enough to meet their true perfect matches? Will Jonathan wander out into the ocean, never to be seen again? Will this house disintegrate into five sexy threesomes and… Danny? I can’t believe we have to wait a whole week for answers!!!

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  1. i have never felt such pure wholesome joy watching trashy reality TV as i do with this show! i can’t believe how enjoyable and fun it is! thank you for letting me relive it via screencaps.

  2. Omg i just wrote into the a+ question box to ask if someone could PLEASE write something for every episode of this show cos it’s also my favorite program now and i’m obsessed and it’s your fault

  3. ahhhh yessss more AYTO coverage. Legitimately this show is all I want to talk about 24/7. Im not a reality tv person at all and had no idea AYTO existed but this season is everything.

    Im a bi lady engaged to another bi lady and I still struggle w internalized biphobia sometimes and this show helps so much ??????

    Justin saying I love being bi, I think of it as a super power I dunno a hot masculine guy saying that?? Like hell yes.

    Also Remy and Paige are MUST follows on Twitter

  4. Amber deserves so much BETTER, ugh. She seemed incredibly hurt by Nour’s actions.

    Sidenote: I NEED for Amber & Paige to work. I feel like the’ll bloom into the HEALTHY relationship that this show needs.

  5. How did I not know about this show that seems to combine my two great passions: bisexuality and trashy reality tv?!

  6. I love this nonsense in a way I have not loved trashy summer reality TV since the heyday of Evil Love Doctor Will Kirby. Please keep up this blessed content.

  7. Please do more recaps, because this show is a glorious mess that I need more of in my life.

    • also that perfect moment when dionne slay entered queer prom and everyone fell to their knees? ALL HAIL BASIT

  8. I am embarrassed to admit that I’ve long been a fan of AYTO and watched every season thus far. HOWEVER, this season is everything my butch bi-self has ever needed and I am so here for it.

    My very straight friend and fellow AYTO fan messaged me after the first episode, that I didn’t realize had aired, and said “there’s just something nice about it without all the gross straight energy”. Preach, straight girl. Preach.

    And after I had babbled to my girlfriend about the first 3 episodes with limited engagement from her, I put on this one as we were going to bed. She asked if I would be mad if she didn’t really watch it and looked at her phone. Within 2 minutes she was enthralled and yelling about how amazing and important this show was.

    It’s. Just. So. Good.

  9. This show, and this write-up, are amazing.
    Good luck to Jenna and Nour in finding their perfect matches, because they are both insecure as f***.

  10. i cannot believe no one is talking about that kai/jenna fight which intensified into them screaming and ended with them making out while it suddenly started to rain? has there ever been a gayer moment on television?

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