Ellen DeGeneres Lesbian Interview Extravaganza: Celebrating The Women Who Showed Up


There’s probably no greater TV moment then when a queer woman on TV interviews another queer woman. Well, I mean there are probably some other great moments (the Olympics comes to mind), but Ellen DeGeneres interviewing Rachel Maddow was still pretty life changing. A week ago I told you that Lindsay Lohan would be appearing on the Ellen Show to promote her Playboy spread. (Pun intended). Did you see the Playboy spread?!? It was awesome and fully deserving of Ellen’s calm and steady voiced discussion. Unfortunately Lohan missed her flight from Hawaii and thus will not be appearing on Ellen. Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson appeared in her place and the Ellen Show will not be rescheduling her taping. Lohan offered to tape the show the following day, but unfortunately that was scheduled to be the last taping of the season. I think we can all agree this is a bummer for everyone involved.

But! Since we can’t deliver on our Lilo promise, we offer you instead this Christmashaukkanazaka gift of other appearances on Ellen by queer women and Ellen Page.

Rachel Maddow (We originally posted this here):

Jodie Foster:

Wanda Sykes:

Portia de Rossi:in 2009

Portia de Rossi in 2010:

Ellen Page:

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  1. This is such a beautiful gift, it is exactly what I wanted and needed this finals (I mean holiday) season! Thank you, Lizz! Thank you, Autostraddle! Thank you, Ellen DeGeneres!

  2. Don’t get me wrong I am crazy about Ellen Page, but she isn’t queer-identified, is she? Or have I been living under a rock?

    • I don’t think she’s officially out but the paparazzi has pictures of her with her supposed girlfriend, who is the girl from But I’m a Cheerleader?

      • But then we’re saying she’s queer because some people say she is and she’s been photographed with an actress who has played a lesbian*. That doesn’t seem like a very good reason to me, plus it’s kind of disrespectful to proclaim that someone is queer if they haven’t said they are. I would LOVE it if Ellen Page was a big ol queer. But I ain’t gonna call her or anyone else one unless they’ve said it first.

        *Maybe she is a lesbian, I looked on wiki and I couldn’t see anything, but I don’t think it changes anything.

    • In Hollywood there are lots of “badly kept secrets”… things everyone just knows without any huge public announcement. Zachary Quinto being gay, for example, was one of them until he came out a while ago. Ellen Page being queer is another. But yeah, she def is.

      • well yeah, if she came out and said that she was gay, and then gaily went about living a gay life, it would be gayer than hugging Kate Moennig :)

        I guess people have different thresholds for when they’re comfortable calling someone queer. All good.

  3. Oh my, you are cheeky! Since when is Ellen Page a “queer woman”? Same to be said of Queen Latifah. And Jodie Foster is debatable, but I guess she’s also not officially out.

      • Idk, I hate to be so serious on such a fun post, but my idea of no fun was other people calling me gay way before I was ready to think of myself as anything other than straight.

      • Oh, please don’t misunderstand me…I don’t care! I’m just pointing out society’s “faux-pas”, if you know what I mean..

        • wait, are you also talking about queer people in general? Because I wouled think that it’s totally okay for someone to hide or deny their queerness *especially* when safety is involved, or at least comfort.

          • I was talking within the context of this post: “When a queer woman on TV interviews another queer woman.” Autostraddle is all about highlighting awesome queers, sometimes celebrity and sometimes not. In this case, public figures. I was replying to “Oh, do we have to go with straight until proven gay?”
            I don’t think it’s worth looking up to women that are public figures and potentially queer on the basis of being queer (and otherwise awesome) if they aren’t public about their queerness.

            But Lizz posted a disclaimer, so. Whatevah.
            I’m not sure why you would think I was talking about queer people in general on a post specifically about celebrities.

  4. I mean, if you’re going to go along with it, then you could also post the interview of another “queer woman”, Kristen Stewart when she was on Ellen for the Twilight promotion ;) ;)

  5. i’m sorry but this is just lindsay yet again squandering another opportunity and showing a lack of professionalism. still don’t and will never feel sorry for how she screws herself and her public image over.

    anyway, i LOVED,LOVED,LOVED when portia was on the show. she and ellen are such an adorable couple.

  6. This is great – an excellent study break. Thank you!

    Portia and Ellen make me so happy. And so does Rachel Maddow. And Ellen Page. All these women are so amazing! :)

  7. I love Ellen Page regardless of orientation. She is awesome. And also, apparently, my doppelganger. Neat.

    • Ha, I also get this a ton (it was more pronounced when I had a more similar hairstyle to her, now it’s shorter though and with bangs that cover up my matching large forehead), hitting its peak, of course, around when everyone saw “Juno” but continuing every so often to this day. I never had a celebrity anyone thought I looked like before her! And how delightful that she should turn out to be gay as well (okay okay maybe not but, c’mon).

  8. Jodie Foster has come out I believe. But, that interview of Jodie with Ellen was hotter than K.D Lang and Anne Murray singing a duet a few years back!

  9. Hey guys,
    with regard to Ellen Page she got thrown in initially when Jess and I were gathering a list of interviews relevant to your interests. She and Bieber were left on for funsies and I didn’t mean to project a sexual orientation on her (or Bieber for that matter).
    Sorry for the confusion!

  10. I had totally forgotten Lindsay Lohan’s music “career”.

    I’m so glad she dropped that and went on with acting and posing for Playboy instead.

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