VIDEO: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Anti-Gay Defender Warrior Princess, Says David Tyree “Loves Everyone”

If you ever wanna really lose your f*cking mind, watch clips of Elisabeth Hasselbeck talking about gay marriage on The View for 4+ minutes. Really watching her talk about anything political is an exercise in emotional water torture (which Elisabeth probably thinks you deserve), but it’s especially grating today as we’re all on the edges of our proverbial seats regarding the vote on same-sex marriage in New York which could maybe kinda sorta happen today or possibly tomorrow or the day after that or never.

I don’t know why it surprises me every single time that Elisabeth still says these things without getting booed off the stage. Today, she spoke to her dear friend David Tyree, and she tells the ladies that David Tyree’s “beliefs” that gay marriage will lead to “anarchy” and same-sex parents cannot raise children are “respectful” and that the backlash against him is unfair.

Elisabeth: “I know David Tyree. I know his heart. He has no hate. He loves everyone. He believes everyone’s created by God and should be loved as such. He doesn’t have bigotry.”

How does Whoopi Goldberg or anyone with half a brain sit there every day without her head exploding? Like this time and also this time, when The Eth tried to knock some sense into her. At least Elisabeth managed to stay somewhat civil when Rachel Maddow was on the show.

When you “believe” that an entire group of people are not entitled to equal rights and unfit to raise children, and you express that belief out loud on television, it is by it’s very nature “disrespectful.” It is bigotry. And the fact that those views are simply tolerated by the other women at that table is why I don’t watch The View anymore. I think you need a radical left-winger like Rosie O’Donnell to balance out Elisabeth and when Rosie left the show, so did I.

Other folks on Team David Tyree include white supremacist named James Edwards.

Last night David Tyree visited Fox News to re-iterate his views on same-sex marriage and say that he is “totally against homosexuality.”

If he loves everyone, as Elisabeth says, then he’s sure got a funny way of showing it.

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  1. water torture is right.

    i actually banned myself from hearing anything from her for a long time because it make me feel fucking crazy.

    and at the end of the day, i can yell and scream at a fire hydrant for hours… its still gonna be a fire hydrant.

    ugh. fuck her.

  2. Remember when she was just some annoying chick on Survivor? Can we go back to that time please?

    • Oh geez. I was in the 9th grade and had such a crush on her. Haven’t thought too much of her since then lol.

    • I think maybe the severe, sudden starvation on that show may have done some permanent damage to her. Y’know, mentally. I mean, clearly she’s forgotten what the words “respectful” and “love” mean.

    • Are you fucking serious?? THAT’S where she’s from??? Wow, that explains a lot.

  3. Urgh this is so frustrating to watch. I don’t understand how straight-up bigotry is constantly labeled as one’s “beliefs” and “convictions.”
    Time is on our side, guys. That’s the only thing I can think of that makes me feel better when I hear bullshit like this.

    • i agree. i’m relatively young and also have hope that laws with be passed and members of the lgbt community will be able to have equal rights… all the way around. but what about the people right now that are trying to get married, start a family, visit their partner in the hospital, etc. they don’t have time to wait.

      it just makes me sad :(

  4. “When you “believe” that an entire group of people are not entitled to equal rights and unfit to raise children…”

    Pedophiles? Polygamists? Does it apply to them? Single people?

    She is not expressing hate nor is David Tyree. You are full of hate and its not because anyone is denying your rights. I bet you don’t even have plans to get married. If you don’t, you have nothing at stake.

    • dude, what the fuck. either stop making assumptions or go make ridiculous comments somewhere else.

      • He said that gay parents wouldn’t be able to teach a little girl how to be a woman or vice versa. In that respect, it applies to single people.

      • I didn’t even read the troll’s comment. My response still applies to Tyree’s argument which is what I was talking about above. I have no idea what “Ed” is actually talking about, so yeah.

        • I think it might be some kind of weird values dissonance, like they think we’re just as likely to dislike the unmarried as they are… or something… ??

    • just because a person doesn’t have plans at this particular moment to do something does not mean they shouldn’t have the right to do it later. to compare homosexuality to pedophilia is atrocious and should not even be a part of any argument. being gay is not a crime in this country, and people who don’t perform crimes are allowed all rights afforded by the constitution. marriage shouldn’t be seperate from these rights.

    • (Excuse the troll feeding, but I need to rant)

      It is bigotry. Moral superiority is not an acceptable reason to restrict an individual’s rights. Specifically, when the individuals in question are in a loving, CONSENSUAL relationship.

      Pedophilia is not comparable to homosexuality, and should not be mentioned in the context of the gay marriage argument, ever! The constant referencing to pedophilia/bestiality and “slippery slopes” by the anti-equality crowd is nothing but pure ignorance. It’s all just deviant/immoral behavior, and therefore it needs to be controlled by the self-righteous “moral” majority.

      Furthermore, what would happen to you, Ed, if gay marriage was legal? What do you “have at stake”? The answer is nothing, asshole. Your life wouldn’t be affected AT ALL!

      I suggest getting off your fucking high horse, and try walking amongst the common(homosexual) people. You may learn a thing or two, broaden your narrow outlook.

      Also, we throw great parties.

    • Wow just wow…. First of all I think every person has a stake in gay marriage being legalized because I want to live and raise my child in a country where everyone has the same and equal rights and at this moment I am not able to do this, regardless or rather I have plans or being marrying… Secondly that you would even lump pedophiles with any other group of people shows your ignorance. Children can be successfully raised by single people and gay couple just as they can be by straight couples… And there are even studies to show that children raised by same sex couples turn out just as well or slightly better than those raised by straight couples!

    • There are plenty of groups I don’t think should be allowed to raise children. Christian Scientists, for example. Lucky for them that their rights aren’t up to me.

    • Actually, I am married. Not in the eyes of the law, but in the eyes of everyone I give a damn about. Suck on that.

    • Isn’t there a website for straight dudes named Ed somewhere on the Internet where you could maybe find a home for your hatred? I mean, surely… surely there is. Maybe in the comments section of YouTube. You’d fit right in.

  5. I am so over the “backlash against the backlash” strategy that I keep seeing our right wing, yet oh-so-compassionate media frenemies employing. Tracy Morgan says he will kill his son if he comes home and announces he is gay, and gets defended by every comedian performing today. David Tyree actually says anarchy will result from the passing of gay marriage bills. Really people (Papi)? Can we stop protecting people from the ignorant trash and outright hatred these homophobes spew forth because “they have a good heart and mean no disrespect”

  6. wtf?! she was talking but nothing was coming out… all i heard was her repeatedly saying god, love, no hate. seriously??? did she not hear the things he said!

  7. When the opinions and beliefs you express promote discrimination and incite hatred, there isn’t a damn thing about them that is “respectful.” Elisabeth Hasselbeck is full of shit, but that’s nothing new.

  8. EH is nothing but a bigoted hater herself. She once compared gay marriage to that of marrying a toaster.

  9. I wonder if he feels the same way about his teammates that cheat on their wives and beat up their wives and or girlfriends. Not to mention raping NFL players. I guess that’s ok but gay marriage will lead to anarchy.

    • An NFL player rapes multiple women and he has to sit out 5 games and people say well he served his time…. it is absolute bullshit. Gay people want to fulfill one of the four basic human needs of shelter, food, water, and love and they are compared to pedophilia? There are not even words to describe how sad it is that people believe such things.

  10. I lost all respect for Whoopi Goldberg when she defended child rapist Roman Polanski. In my book she is no better than Hasselbeck.

      • Hmm. As a former haver of a stat-rape relationship (I was the consenting minor) I think there should be room for a distinction. That said, there was nothing consensual about creeper Polanski’s child rape, and defending him was gross and NOT ok.

        • yeah, there is a difference as i’ve also been in a relaysh where i was the consenting minor and can testifyyy. and her comment was like “roman polanski did not commit “rape rape” which was like, “huh?”

  11. AW MAN! I hate when videos are restricted from being watched in little old blighty :(
    Anyway, seeing as she never has anything of actual substance to say, just defensive ramblings, i will assume she is a lesbian.
    If this is the case, Elisabeth, there are plenty of lesbians out there who with let you put their foot in your mouth. Or your foot in your mouth. Just stop talking.

  12. EH calling Tyree a highly respected man because he caught a football at the Superbowl one year was the height of ridiculousness. So was her defense on twitter after the fact that she’s a supporter of gay marriage. Really, EH? I didn’t look that way to me. She is full of shit from one day to the next on gay issues. Remember when she compared gay marriage to marrying toasters?

  13. I think it’s so funny when straight homophobes try to act like gay people should still “respect” and befriend them despite their homophobic beliefs just because they’re not beating us up for something.

    We’re not stupid. We know the difference between genuine support, and just not being a TOTAL waste of oxygen.

  14. So you feel that way. Whatever. Feel that way, vote against it, be an ignorant self-righteous douche but why go on a press circuit talking about it if you’re coming from a place of love? That is in no way imitating or spreading “God like love”. I’m so tired of self-appointed spokesmen for “God”.

  15. I love it when people who have never met me judge my ability to love another human being and raise children. And tell me that my sex is sin. And my identity is a perversion. It really makes me feel God’s love.

  16. Whenever Elisabeth Hasselbeck opens her mouth, I immediately cover my ears and chant “Shut up, Shut up, Shut up!” True story.

  17. Ugh just reading this article makes my head hurt. I’m not even going to bother watching the video. It blows my mind how stupid people can be.

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