Supergirl Episode 208 Recap: Kiss the Girls That We Want to Kiss

I won’t lie to you, I went into this episode wholly expecting to not have Maggie mentioned at all. I thought it was going to be so crossover-focused that there would be no room for secondary characters, let alone relatively new recurring ones. What I didn’t account for was that Supergirl is brand new on the CW, so probably they didn’t want to alienate (get it? alienate?) any viewers who weren’t familiar with their other CW DC shows, so last night’s episode was actually just the most Supergirl episode of Supergirl to ever Supergirl — plus Barry Allen pops in at the end.

And thus, this will be a Supergirl recap, and the rest of the shows in the crossover will be rounded up in a mega-recap that goes up on Friday and will hopefully mostly be about Sara flirting with all the girls on all the shows. Or something.

We begin this week at Thanksgiving dinner with the Danvers girls (all three!) and the boys who follow them around (all three…), where James and Winn are arguing about who will tell Kara that they are Guardian. Alex solves their dilemma for them by being like, “Neither, I have a more important announcement.”

And Kara must know that Alex is working up the courage to come out to their mother because she steals a beer from her big sister’s hand and shoves it in the freezer, but then gets distracted thinking Mon-El is flirting with Mama Danvers to see Alex sneak right back in.

Alex sneaking booze out of the fridge without Kara or Eliza noticing

Literally me at family gatherings.

At dinner, Kara tells everyone to say what they’re thankful for, and Alex interrupts James coming out speech to start one of her own.

Alex holds a wine glass

I’ll drink to that.

But before she can slur her way through it, a portal opens up over the table. Though those of us who follow The Flash might realize it looks an awful lot like one of Cisco’s breeches.

Back at the DEO, they decide there are more important things to worry about right now, like what Cadmus is up to, and if Lena knows Lillian is behind all this. Alex starts giving Winn hacking instructions, but Kara says she’ll just go in as a reporter and get the info. Alex and Winn are doubtful she’d be any good as an undercover agent, and Kara is highly offended.

Kara looks highly offended

“Just because sometimes I get flustered around beautiful people…”

But they let her put on her glasses and get her notepad and ask Lena about her relationship with her mother. For a “puff piece” of her own invention. Lena tells Kara a bit about how her and her mother never really got along before getting a little uncomfortable and politely excusing herself.

Lena Luthor smiling brightly

“I’m happy to see you but it kind of hurts to look at you please leave.”

(Side note: I’m going to do a Supergirl rewatch and drink every time a scene passes the Bechdel test and get drunker than Alex Danvers at Thanksgiving Dinner.)

(Editor’s note: I know I told you not to play up the subtext between Kara and Lena, but are you also drinking every time you can’t tell whether or not Lena is trying to get into Kara’s pants? Because it’s very confusing!)

As soon as Kara is gone, Lena calls her mother and says they need to talk.

Meanwhile, Mon-El fights Cyborg Superman, who has invaded the Gaylien Bar and released a biological weapon that kills all of the aliens in there. Mon-El reports back to the DEO and gets quarantined, just in case, and the team calls on Mama Danvers to help. But until they figure out what’s going on, Kara and J’onn are to stay indoors.

Lillian Luthor goes to visit her daughter at L Corp and she’s cold and calculated when talking to Lena. She casually admits she loves Lex more than Lena and doesn’t see why this should bother Lena so much. But Lena didn’t call Lillian to discuss their family dynamic; she wants to know what she has up her sleeve. The smartest reporter she knows is suspicious her, and Lena trusts her more than she trusts her mother, the lying liar who lies.

Lena looks angry

If looks could kill, this would be matricide.

In his cell at the DEO, Mon-El’s sickness gets worse and Eliza says the virus is Kryptonian. And suddenly Kara knows where they got the virus, and why Cadmus needed her blood.

Kara zips off to the Fortress of Solitude and after fighting off the little robot, she unlocks the control pad and sees a hologram of her father. Dadogram tells her that he created the Medusa virus to destroy non-Kryptonians in the event of an invasion, and Kara is horrified. She thought what her parents did was good, but their idea of “good” is a lot different than hers. Anyway, at least now they know why Mon-El didn’t die instantly; his Daxxon blood is similar enough to Kryptonian to keep him hanging on.

The ladies get back to work, and when Eliza gets Alex alone, she asks her daughter what she’s been hiding. She can tell Alex has had something on the tip of her tongue since dinner and she wants to know what. When Alex can’t even look at her mother while she tries to figure out if now is when she wants to come out, Eliza asks if it has anything to do with Maggie. “You mention her a lot,” she says. When Alex falters, Eliza softens with realization. She calls her, “My beautiful Alexandra,” and is a little hurt Alex is so hesitant to tell her. Alex says she worries she’d be letting her mother down, since she’s not going to be able to live a “regular” life. But Eliza doesn’t care if her oldest daughter is gay any more than she cares that her youngest is an alien. She always knew Alex was special, and this is just one more special thing about her. She loves Alex, all of her, just the way she is.

Eliza looks at Alex lovingly

Eliza Danvers loves us, y’all.

I think this scene was quite a (tragically) beautiful juxtaposition to the scene between Lena and Lillian. Where Lillian shrugged and was like, “I love you as much as I can,” Eliza is like, “I love you for everything you are and will be, more than should even be possible.”

And gosh that scene was refreshing.

Speaking of refreshing, Kara and J’onn have a nice heart to heart, because Kara is feeling disappointed by her parents; she keeps learning new things about them that are tarnishing the memories she held dear, making her feel like their legacy is just destruction. But J’onn tells her that SHE is their legacy, and that they would be proud of her.

Kara is reassured by J'onn

This is the face of a girl who realizes her parents are human…well, I mean not literally…you know what I mean.

But their moment is interrupted by J’onn doubling over in pain as the White Martian cells take over a little more. He’s honest with her again, which I really love, and she’s worried about him.

After researching the chip Kara brought back from the Fortress of Solitude, Eliza realizes that the one missing piece Cadmus needs to spread the Medusa virus is only made at L Corp, so Alex calls in Maggie and Supergirl flies on over.

Cyborg Superman is there, so Supergirl fights him, saving Lena and scaring him off without what he came for, but not before he zaps Maggie in the shoulder with his laser eye. But don’t worry, Maggie is wearing a bulletproof (and laser proof, probably) vest and it only knicked her shoulder.

Supergirl checks on an injured Maggie.

“Nicole Haught had extra.”

While regrouping, the team thinks maybe Lena is in on this Cadmus thing, but Kara has stared into the depths of her ocean-like eyes and knows the truth of her. No one else buys it, so Kara pays Lena another visit, this time as Supergirl.

Lena thanks Supergirl for saving her life, and Supergirl asks for a favor in return; she needs help finding her mother, because Lillian is the head of Cadmus. Lena is offended by the accusation, and assumes it comes from a place of Luthor discrimination. Supergirl doesn’t back down though, and channels her inner Cat Grant, telling Lena that she is not like her mother, and that she is kind, she is smart, she is important. And she can be her own hero.

Kara furrows her brow at Lena.

Believing in people sometimes requires superhuman strength.

But Lena asks her to leave, so leave she does. Lena calls her mother into her office again, but this time it’s to offer her the isotope she seeks. Lillian is surprised that her daughter would want to be part of this, but Lena says that’s what she gets for assuming things about her.

Back at the DEO, Alex tends to Maggie’s wounds like she’s some kind of Nicole Haught over here.

Alex patches Maggie up.

Chicks dig scars.

They exchange some playful banter before Alex takes things to a slightly more serious place by thanking Maggie. After a few more sleepless nights processing everything, she realizes now the progression she’s made. At first she denied being gay, then she thought maybe she was just gay for Maggie, but now she realizes it — and can even say the word — she’s gay. Super gay. This is her life now, and she’s discovering she’s more than just okay with it, she’s happy about it. And she has Maggie to thank for helping her find her way to this place, otherwise she might still be somewhere in the middle.

And man oh man can I relate to that fear that there’s no turning back. That feeling that once you say you’re gay, everything is gay, and you’re going to have to put on your gay shoes in the morning and walk your gay self around this not-usually-as-gay-as-we’d-like world. But then once you realize that you like your rainbow chucks better than those boring flats that hurt your feet, or that combat boots give you the swagger you’ve been wishing you had, or that your high heels make for a great gay catwalk strut, you find that you wouldn’t want to turn back, even if you could.

So Alex is happy. She’s gay and she’s ecstatic. And damn, so am I.

Alex smiles appreciatively at Maggie.

“No lesbians will die on my watch.”

In what I hope was just a cheap ploy to distract anyone who might be riled up (in a bad way, not riled up like we were riled up) by Alex using the word “gay”, in the very next scene, Mon-El kisses Kara.

Anyway, an alarm goes off back in the control room and they can tell that the isotope is being moved to the port. One of those push-broadcasts comes through, the anonymous face of Cadmus declaring that they’re going to make Earth great again and give it back to the humans. Supergirl is ready to fight but tells J’onn he can’t go outside. J’onn says too bad, he’s turning into a White Martian anyway so he might as well die fighting.

So off they go. When they get to the port, Supergirl is horrified to see Lena with the key to the rocket launcher, but Lena just arches a perfect eyebrow and says, “If they’re going to call me wicked I might as well be wicked, through and through.” And turns the key.

Lena Luthor looks defiant.

She’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a bombshell.

Supergirl flies after the rocket but as soon as she gets her hands on it, Lillian turns another key and the rocket explodes, dispersing the Medusa virus.

Kara gets back to the port in time to save J’onn from Hank Henshaw, where she informs him that his name is dumb and only half accurate.

Kara glares down at Cyborg Superman

“Also why do you hate aliens, it’s not like you’re fully human?”

Aliens around the city watch as red flakes fall from the sky, but none of them cough, none of them fall. Lillian is confused until she sees the mischievous grin on her daughter’s face. Lena switched the isotope. And also called the police.

I’ll admit, I had no idea what to make of Lena Luthor until this very moment. I went back and forth between wanting to trust her because Kara trusted her and not wanting to trust her because I’ve been fooled by a pretty face before. But I breathed a sigh of relief as Lena revealed whose side she’s really on. Truly the Luthor sidekick all good Zor-Els need.

Oh PS some creepy space nuns are hunting Mon-El and I dunno they look nice let’s just hand him over.

Speak of the devil, once they got their hands on the virus, Eliza used it to create a cure for Mon-El, and for J’onn. So he’s full Green Martian again. And I’m officially confused as to what that White Martian storyline was all about. I was kind of hoping there’d be more of a lesson there? A realization that it wasn’t White Martian blood that made White Martians bad? I don’t know.

Good news, when he wakes up, Mon-el pretends he doesn’t remember the kiss, maybe to give Kara an out, maybe to force her to say it; either way, she decides to play along and also forget about the kiss, which is fine by me.

Okay I’m saving the best scene for last so I need to do the last scene first: Barry and Cisco appear in Kara’s apartment and she’s all excited to see them.

Kara is VERY excited to see Barry.


Barry reminds her that once she offered to return a favor and she makes her cutest little determined face and is definitely ready to travel across space and time to help.
But before that, across town, Alex is unwinding after a busy day of saving the world when someone knocks on her door. She grabs her gun before checking who it is since she doesn’t have x-ray vision, but puts it down and opens the door when she sees that it’s Maggie…and a pizza.

Maggie at Alex's door with a pizza box

The girl you like showing up at your door with pizza and beer is the stuff of fanfiction. Pure magic.

She apologizes for being in her PJs, but Maggie thinks they’re cute. Alex adorably asks if there’s a murder to talk about all excited, but Maggie has something EVEN MORE exciting to talk about: Feelings.

See, Maggie almost died earlier, and the lives of hundreds of queer fictional characters flashed before her eyes and when she woke up, alive thanks to her Bulletproof Vest, she realized that she couldn’t waste this blessing the TV gods have bestowed upon us. Maggie tells Alex that the idea that Alex was coming out just for her scared her, but now that Alex was past that stage, and now that she realizes how short life is, especially in their line of work, she has a new motto: We should kiss the girls that we want to kiss.

And guess who she wants to kiss. Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s Alex.

Maggie smiles at Alex


A lot of things happen in the breath of time between when Maggie says this and when she goes in for the kiss. Maggie pauses a beat, to make sure Alex isn’t going to recoil and be like YOU’RE TOO LATE. In fact, her face loses that classic dimpled smile for a second and her eyes search Alex’s, almost like she’s afraid she IS too late. But Alex’s face does the opposite thing. Her whole body relaxes like a wave of relief washed over her, washing away the leftover feelings she was still bound up in. And right after Maggie kisses her, Alex’s eyebrows shoot up, like she can’t believe this is really happening.

Maggie kisses Alex.

It’s not a mirage, this is happening, this is real, your feelings are real, you are real.

But Maggie keeps kissing her and Alex kisses her back and because she somehow went from zero to smooth af in record time, Alex pulls away for a minute and confirms that THIS means Maggie likes her. I think this speaks to the friendship Alex and Maggie have built off-screen — it was hinted at by the way she wasn’t particularly embarrassed about being in her pajamas, the way she casually popped open the beers Maggie brought, the way she didn’t seem all that surprised or flustered when she appeared with a pizza. And now, even while all her dreams are coming true, even she probably feels like she could fly as high as her sister right now, she feels comfortable enough with Maggie to make a joke.

Alex smiles at Maggie

“We’re gonna change everything, aren’t we?”

And Maggie feels comfortable to make one back, asking if she’s going to go crazy on her and Alex says she probably will (all the while crossing her arms over her chest like she can feel it beating so hard it might break out). Alex tucks Maggie’s away from her eyes, drinks in Maggie’s face like it’s a glass of cold water after a hike across the Sahara, and kisses her with everything she’s got, while the song in the background sings, “I’m coming home.”

Alex kisses Maggie

“‘Cause I’m tired of being out here on my own.”

And it does feel like coming home, doesn’t it? And I don’t mean going home, like visiting your family for Thanksgiving. This is coming home to a place where you’re more comfortable than you’ve ever been, this is a new home, one you didn’t even know you were looking for until you find it. Kara and Eliza (and Jeremiah!) will always be one kind of home for Alex, and nothing will ever change that. But this is the kind of home her soul has been searching for, and you can tell in the way she practically glows as she goes in for that kiss.

I watch a lot of TV. Like, a disgusting amount. One time I counted how many current shows I watch in a year and even I don’t know how there’s time for such a thing. But I do. And this Alex and Maggie thing is unexpected. It is being handled with a complexity and seriousness (and soundtrack!) that queer female relationships are rarely given on TV shows. It’s similar to Wynonna Earp‘s Waverly and Nicole in the way the camera is extra dramatic when it sees them together and the music gets extra special — and actually similar in that the relationship is the main romantic relationship since the main character, who happens to be the sister of one of the women in said relationship, is too busy having the world (though she has a few boys at her heels). It’s similar to Cosima and Delphine or Callie and Arizona in that they’re adults living their adult lives having adult feelings and not shoving over trash cans when things get complicated (which is a totally legitimate reaction for a teenager to have btw, and a story I think is also important to be on our TVs), though Grey’s is a lot more high-intensity in the life drama aspect, and Orphan Black’s stakes are a little higher. Really there’s nothing that is a perfect comparison, which in itself is perfect.

I was genuinely ready for a slow burn. I was ready for flirting and tension and waiting. But I’m not mad about this. The Sanvers scenes in this episode were perfect. They were sweet, they were thoughtful, they were honest.

Obviously I’m cautious with my optimism on this one. What happens when two women get together and one doesn’t immediately die? I don’t know, it’s been a while since we’ve seen it happen. I’m hoping we get a few episodes that were like that period of Orphan Black when Cosima and Delphine were working together in the lab and also dating. Openly flirting, stealing kisses. But without the underlying can-I-trust-her fear.

But those are worries for another day. For now, we get to end the first half of the season with Gay Alex Danvers and Gay Maggie Sawyer kissing the girl they want to kiss. I said this on Twitter but I feel it bears repeating: This season of Supergirl — these scenes and storylines coming to us now, this year, after everything that has happened on TV and off — is kind of like finding booze in a post-apocalyptic world. It can’t fix everything, but it is lifting our spirits and cleaning our wounds. And strong wills and scar tissue are going to be vital to our survival.

Alex Maggie kiss gif

(Pro tip: watch Maggie’s thumbs.) Source:

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  1. Before I get started, I do have to say that I’m disappointed that you didn’t do a review for “The Flash – Killer Frost”, one of their best episodes ever, and it centered on Caitlin. Danielle Panabaker killed it that episode.

    – When Lena sees Cyborg Superman beating up Supergirl, and she’s so afraid…for Supergirl, because she knows that she’s Kara.
    – And when Supergirl then comes and accuses her mother, it crushes Lena to hear her beloved Kara saying such things.
    – Mon-El is just wrong, wrong, wrong for Kara.
    – I love you Maggie and Alex, but to allow warm pizza to go cold like that is a crime, and I’m betting that since Maggie picked it up, it’s Chicago style.

    • Nothing gay happened and since Legends didn’t air last week it wasn’t worth doing just a Flash recap. I was planning on including a little blurblet about both Flash episodes in this week’s roundup.

      • The first time I watched it I didn’t realize Maggie brought the beer and thought it was just on Alex’s counter and I thought she was going to serve Maggie WARM BEER and I was highly offended. Don’t worry, though, it’s fine, Alex isn’t a monster.

        • Yeah I wasnt sure about the beer but they have more wiggle room. The pizza is getting worse by the second! Eat the pizza first, then have pizza kisses. That’s my expert advice, Alex Danvers.

  2. On Mondays I wait for Supergirl on the CW, on Tuesdays I wait for your recap :).

    OMG, THIS EPISODE. I was like you – I didn’t even think Maggie would be in it because I expected crossover-heavy plotting, but it was basically just a regular Supergirl ep.

    After the medical bay scene, I really thought the show was pursuing the slow burn route with Alex and Maggie, but, um, wrong! Their last scene was so sweet and romantic with Maggie bringing pizza, with Alex in her pajama bottoms, with Maggie’s heartfelt confession – and those kisses were so damn emotional. Seriously, after the year we’ve had, what an incredible gift.

    I do wonder, like you, how the writers will generate dramatic tension between them now that they’re together, but for now, just want to appreciate the beauty of Sanvers over these last few episodes. There are definitely comparisons to be made with Waverley/Nicole on Wynonna Earp – love your “Chicks dig scars” caption! – but Alex and Maggie’s storyline has gotten a lot more screen time than Wayhaught did, and to me that makes it that much richer.

    I’m basically resigned to a Kara/Mon-El storyline, but Kara and Lena crackle so much together that Mon-El seems an extra-poor love interest chemistry-wise (even setting aside all the other problems with his character). At least we also got a fair amount of Supercorp goodness this episode, especially Supergirl saving Lena and Supergirl’s talk to her about being her own hero. And Lena is NOT evil (yet, anyway)!

  3. That kiss kind of reminded me of my second favorite lesbian kiss of all time – yes I have a list – from Buffy. You know when Tara walks in on Willow and goes “Can we just skip it? Can you just be kissing me now?” Same kind of deal here with Maggie like “I was going to drag this out but fuck it, can I just be kissing you now?”

    • Good observation – lots of parallels re the head saying “wait” and the heart saying “now.”

      Can I ask you what your favorite lesbian kiss of all time is :)?

      • Only 3 tv kisses have ever reminded me of my favorite irl kiss. That Tara and Willow kiss, when Bette grabbed Tina at the end of “Let’s Get This Party Started,” and my #1 Lexa kissing Clarke in “Bodyguard of Lies.”

        • That Clexa kiss was beautiful for sure! (I also loved the first one in 3×07.) I don’t know which Bette/Tina kiss you mean, there’ve been so many :).

          • It’s one from S5. They’ve been broken up a while and theyre out on a group trip to Dawn Denbo’s club. Tina says something about being lucky enough to find somebody then goes to walk past Bette who grabs her by the arm to stop her and kisses her like her mouth has the antidote. Again, its that whole “we have issues and whatever but I really need to kiss you right now.”

      • I hated Mon-El on sight because the actor last played my least favorite villain in the history of television on The Vampire Diaries. But he’s grown on me. Mostly because he’s fallen for Kara and I can’t hate anyone who looks at her like she hung the moon because she totally did. God, I love Melissa.

        • I think I might be the only one here who didn’t completely hate the Kara/Mon-El kiss for the same reasons – the way he looked at her. I do, however, hate the general concept of the two of them together.

    • I haven’t watched Buffy in too long, but I recall that scene taking place very close to the moment that Tara gets shot. If I’m not mistaken, then let’s hope it’s followed up a bit differently.

  4. Love the “finding booze in a post-apocalypse world” comparison, It is so spot-on. This month has been a huge punch in the gut to the queer community, we need this show. Speaking of Apocalypses, my big TV Show wish includes Tara living through this season of The Walking Dead. I know its a tough ask but I’m really hoping the TV Gods are on our side for that one.

    • If I were ever to live through an apocalypse, a fair amount of booze would be required. Just thinking about the days since the election.. my bar globe is almost empty. Yes. Bar globe.

      • I need a bar globe in my life. To go in my dream fully wheechair accessible bungalow mansion where every room has a secret passage with a bookcase or a fireplace.(the bar glove is more achievable though…)

  5. This is everything. I love them not being the main main characters of the show, but still having the most emotional and strong storyline.

  6. I do want to say specifically how much I liked Alex’s re-realization of her own awesomeness. Chyler Leigh is doing such a good job balancing that kinda teenager-ness this revelation brings with the fact that she’s also a grownup who is very self-assured. She’s gotten past that baby-deer coming out part and now even if she’s nervous she can still be cool.

    tldr I love Alex Danvers.

  7. I cant help but to be so afraid they will kill Maggie. Tv has warped my brain to believe all PoC’s and Queers shall die, so Maggie AINT SAFE.

    I loved the kiss, i loved that Maggie came to Alex’s house and professed her love. It was beautiful.

    I dont get the Kara Mon-El thing, and also not that invested.

    Also, Hank J’onn is one nice looking man. (and, what is up with the Black British invasion? LOVE IT)

    • From a British Person: Cause they don’t get employed here :( much less work, David Harewood has talked about it a lot. It is good they are getting employed in the state’s but a disappointment for the UK tv. Though Harewood is on the list for potential new Dr Who’s…

  8. And after reading this, I am emotional all over again. It may have only been 10 minutes of Supergirl, but damn if those weren’t an amazing 10 minutes.

  9. I really appreciated how alex touched and pushed maggie’s hair back a bit for that last kiss. Since because so many kisses happens in the dark or behind a curtain of hair.

    I think Lena is leading in the gayest race. Looked like she was almost in tears when she saw supergirl getting thrown around in the lobby of L Corp. People would have shipped them like crazy if there hadn’t been an alex/maggie storyline. (I always think “Love Corp” when I read “L Corp” for some reason)

    Thank you, Valerie, for all the great recaps this year :) Next episode is 16th January – So cya in the week of the Apocalypse!

  10. I feel like the Supergirl production team has had a hidden cam in my home for the last 4 years because Alex is me down to the damn colors in her living room. Also, how freaking cute is Maggie?? Awww…her nervous smile just…melts me.

    I get somewhat bored with the alien storylines but this ep, with Lena and Eliza and the gang all be part of it…the interpersonal relationships and them working as a team/family are what make this show work for me.

    As for Mon-El…I actually like him. He became a man on Daxxom and him being annoying or whatever is him still learning how to be “human”. Had Kara grown up with her bio parents and then sent to Earth as an adult she would have been a different person too. That said, I don’t like him with Kara at this stage. Unpopular opinion: I don’t even like the idea of her and Lena together. Don’t get me wrong they do have chemistry but something is wrong with their dynamic. Even more unpopular: I like the idea of Kara and Barry. I remember when he was on last year and thinking they would be good together.

  11. Great recap as always. I love all the references sprinkled alll over it.

    A small part of me wished Lena was evil because Katie McGrath plays evil so well. But also the whole racist against aliens thing would make her impossible to like. So yay non-evil Lena.

    I relate to Alex so much sometimes it’s terrifying. But at the same time, the team for the show has shown that I can trust them, for the most part.

  12. Incidentally, my high speed internet quota for the month has been used up already, so I’ve been crawling through a two minute clip of that last scene, second by second, all day, afraid to get caught at work, constantly, and swooning most of the time.
    It’s been such a call back to ten years ago, when I was downloading torrents and God knows what else and kept waiting for little bars to upload and watching tiny batches of women making googley eyes at one another, because I just couldn’t wait any longer.
    This was good in a lot of ways, very good.
    Just what the doctor ordered.
    And thanks for the recap, Valerie Anne, I’m spoiled rotten for Friday’s crossover movie night, that my friends and I have been planning since forever, but I don’t regret a thing.
    Can’t wait for some Lena and Kara time, either!
    *Everything glitters and is gaaaay*

  13. First things first: thanks again for another amazing recap, it’s always worth waiting.
    Second: again, like you, I’ve been watching hundreds of tv shows and movies for the last years (well, the last 20 years actually) and what the scriptwriters are doing so far with alex and maggie is so respectful of what we are and how we gradually build ourselves until we “come home” (best song award btw!) that I can not believe they’re gonna mess it up this time, and yes I’m aware of what tv shows have been doing to us by killing or punishing our sexuality. I’m taking my leap of faith here and trusting the executive producers and writers this time. Alex and Maggie relationship may have its ending sometime, but just like most regular relationships end: without people getting killed. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy those two.
    But… the most important thing I wanna say is this: I teach classes here in Brazil on women representation in cinema and oh-my-goddess it is so good to watch a tv show not only with strong female characters but with a certain female gaze, avoiding to objectify women. Congratulations to everyone involved.

  14. I know it’s not what matters about this episode, but does anyone know why the Medusa virus didn’t kill humans, or why it’s called the ‘Medusa’ virus when Medusa specifically petrified her victims rather than killing them?

    • It doesn’t affect humans because it is developed specifically for aliens. I’m guessing that despite humans technically being aliens in relation to kryptonians, Cadmus may have altered the virus to ignore humans somehow.

    • I don’t specifically know why this is called the Medusa virus, but there are biological meanings to “medusa” that may explain it. For instance, there a several simple organisms (e.g. jellyfish) that have a phase called “medusa” when they have tentacles and things. Perhaps it just refers to the shape of the virus?

      I’m probably stretching, because Medusa existed around the time of Cadmus (also Perseus and Bellerophon), so rather than a direct reference to what Medusa *does* it may just be a nod to other Greek mythology.

  15. I must confess that I wasn’t expecting any Sanvers scenes this week, too but I decided to watch the episode anyway (even though Supergirl is the only superhero show I watch), and I was not disappointed!
    Man, it was so beautiful!!! Although, I think that they pushed hard the FF button of their plot, it was still delicate and sweet.

    One more thing I have to confess is that I was still hopping that this Mon-El thing would not happen! I really wanted Kara to be with Lena or just to firt with her until the end of times, just like things were with Cat in season 1!
    But, as you said, the TV Gods are being good to us let’s not be ungrateful and enjoy what They present us!

  16. 1: Alex sneaking to the fridge to stealthily pull out that bottle of whisky? rum? bourbon? ALCOHOL was ridiculously hilarious and had me chortling like an idiot. Badass Agent Danvers afraid of getting reprimanded by her baby sister for getting sloshed on booze as she (and everyone else who wants to stay sane when surrounded by too much family) does on Thanksgiving. Also when she threatens Winn and James to not “hijack her tradition of coming out with their vigilante hi-jinks” is too frickin’ funny. In that moment she’s totally the exasperated sibling who just wants to smack both boys upside the head and chug a whole bottle of alcohol.

    2: Lena looks at Kara the way I eye a perfectly cooked steak – like I haven’t eaten in days and I’m seconds away from tearing into said steak like rabid dog. Honestly I didn’t really get it when people starting shipping these two until that episode where Lena unexpectedly showed up at Kara’s apartment. A) how did Lena know where Kara lived? B) She looked at Alex with such murderous intent in her eyes that I was taken aback. Subtle, this woman is not.

    3: Alex coming out to her mom – beautiful. So beautiful. The acceptance and support from Eliza was astounding and hit me right in the feels. The way Alex looked like she was about to fall apart only to have her mom tell her that not only was it okay, but that she was EXCEPTIONAL. Yeah, I teared up.

    4: Alex and Maggie in the med bay – wow. These writers are killing it because Alex’s monologues are really something to behold. So much truth and wisdom and honesty in her speech and I especially love the look on her face and in her eyes – that of acceptance of who she is and she’s happy and comfortable with her new normal. Chyler Leigh deserves all the freakin’ awards.

    5: Alex and Maggie in Alex’s apartment – OMFG!!! *SQUEEEEEEEEEEALS FOR DAYS. MAKES INCOHERENT NOISES IN SUCH A HIGH PITCHED DECIBEL THAT DOGS IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD COWER* I honest to god was not expecting a kiss at all. I was all strapped in and resigned to a slow burn, which they have actually handled well so I was okay with it. But this! This confession from Maggie! And the kiss! And the little teasing from Alex! And another kiss! I can’t…it’s too much…I can’t!! I mean Alex’s face! The way her eyebrows hike up to her hairline in shock and surprised before she just MELTS into Maggie…wow. Just wow. I can’t believe we got to this point in their story. It’s like Christmas came early. I’m so beyond grateful they decided to give this to us. Fingers crossed that they continue to write and handle and evolve Maggie and Alex’s story with the same care as they’ve been doing and not fall into the horrible TV tropes that surround lesbian couples because these two are amazing and have so much potential. So much. GAH I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THEY KISSED! TWICE!! I want to run up to the top of my apartment building and scream out into the sky because I’m just so ecstatic right now!!

  17. I’m not okay with Mon-El pretending to forget the kiss. He’s pretending because he’s not sure if Kara was okay with him kissing her, (WHICH MEANS YOU DON’T KISS HER!) and it also goes back on Kara’s whole thing in the season one finale where she asks James if he was under Myriad’s control when she kissed him because she’s “all about consent.” CONSENT!

    Also, Mon-El is definitely either the prince from his flashback or a wanted criminal. Either way I hope Kara never forgives him for lying and he leaves with that cult.

    • I ship Kara/Lena but I see something else in the Mon-El/Kara kiss scene that I haven’t really seen anyone else mention. There are two things here that it could be 1) Mon-El might be kinda delirious and not really know what he is doing, pretty unlikely I know and 2) maybe he really thought he might not make it and so he took his one chance to be selfish and know what it was like to kiss Kara before he died. The second one doesn’t make it right but it might explain why he pretended to not remember. Just my two cents.

  18. Can I just say, at the risk of tooting my own horn, unlike everyone who thought there would’t even be any Sanvers in this episode, I TOTALLY SAW THIS COMING.

    I’ve been saying this since the first kiss where Maggie rejected her. This show blows through plot SO FREAKING FAST that I just knew it would only be 2-3 episodes before one of them got injured, considered their mortality, and confessed their feelings. I knew it.

    But knowing something and seeing it live on screen is a totally different thing. I feel like I just witnessed fan fiction come to live. I feel like the Supergirl writers just trolled through AO3 for their Sanvers story ideas, because I swear to god I’ve read this fic thirty thousand times already Hurt/comfort? Showing up with pizza and beer? Feelings confessions in pyjamas? These are such such fan fiction tropes. The only way this could have been MORE fanfiction-esque is if Maggie was a barista and they’d met in a coffee shop.

    And to address everyone’s worries about what’s gonna happen next, I admit, I’m not totally unconcerned. It would still be very easy for them to kill Maggie to create some drama for Alex. I can totally see like, Maggie getting infected with something evil and Kara having to kill her, as a revenge/reversal of the time when Alex had to kill Astra. I’m not counting that out. Not yet. We’ve been hurt too many times before, so I’m guarding myself for the possibility.

    But if the writers REALLY want to do something new and revolutionary, there are a TON of conflicts that can come up between Alex and Maggie that do NOT involve their death. Maggie’s a NCPD detective, Alex works for the federal DEO. There’s already a bunch of story possibilities built into that dynamic. Plus, Maggie still doesn’t know about Kara being Supergirl. That’s another area that ripe for conflict. And Maggie doesn’t known James is Guardian yet either – another thing for them to fight over. And Jeremiah’s still gotta show up, that could lead to more conflict. I would also LOVEEEEEE to see the show address Alex’s drinking habit at some point (considering what we’ve seen of her pre-DEO days in flashbacks, I’ve been a bit worried about her recently…) And let’s not forget we still no nothing about Maggie’s past, so there could be a whole mess of crap in there just waiting to come out and create story conflict for our girls.

    • FYI, this was my own comment from last week’s recap:

      “I give it 2-3 more episode of being “friends” and playing pool before one of them gets grievously injured and the other confesses that they never wanted to be just friends and they kiss again for real ?”

    • And this was my comment from 2×06:

      “As for Maggie, she absolutely did the right thing. But I’m confident that in an episode or two, (because this show moves through it’s plot pretty fast) she’s going to realize that she might have made a mistake. Maggie’s got feelings, for sure, but she’s hurting right now so she needs time, and Alex needs time to get her sea legs. Time is okay. Maggie basically just pulled an Arizona, and we all remember how only a few episodes later Arizona admitted that she’d called it wrong and asked Callie out. I’m not worried.”

    • plus there’s just honest to goodness baby gay in her first real relationship drama. they don’t have to go looking far.

  19. (Alex stitching up Maggie at the DEO)
    Alex: Sorry. You okay?
    Maggie: Oh, I’m okay, just a little nervous that you’re not very good at this.
    Me (to the TV): Girl, that’s Lexie Grey! Cristina Yang taught her a flawless running whip stitch.

  20. aaah another wonderful episode and recap! Supergirl is the most sweet and sincere show I’ve seen in a long time, and it’s really refreshing.
    Also, Valerie Anne, the Wynonna Earp references are priceless and spot on.
    P.S. In case anyone was wondering, yes Kara’s birth father IS Ben from Queer as Folk, and yes I DO still think he’s cute.

  21. this is so beautiful I wanna cry

    also I am so happy for lena. I was rooting for her all the way.
    I knew she had to have a plan.
    and it is so wonderful to see katie mcgrath get to play this character.
    to turn against her family, against hatred and prejudice and prove them all wrong.
    what a difference it makes when you have support,someone who believes in you.
    as a morgana fan I almost feel vindicated

  22. Sing Hallelujah!! Sing it!!! *Insert gif of Callie dancing in her underwear* Excuse me while I squeal and dance. AMAZING! The Sanvers ship has left the harbour! So beautifully done, too! Ok, now I’m crying!

  23. I loved this episode. I see a two season romance with Maggie with the relationship ending with Maggie not being able to trust Alex over some sort of secret Alex has been keeping as part of the DOE. I bet Lena and Alex start to have a moment.

    • Considering that Kara is not going to be gay or bi in canon, I rather like the idea of Alex getting together with Lena in canon.. slowly… (that handshake scene in episode 5, was full of potential) and Maggie ending up Alex’s friend and one of Supergirl’s gang. And somehow, Katie Mcgrath does seem to play Lena at least as bi.

      I like Maggie. So, it is not about that. They just seem too similar.

      Anyways, however it goes, I hope all of them become friends.

  24. Once again, Alex’s story feels a lot like mine. Her moment with Eliza was lovely.

    I came out to my mom via email, which was certainly not what I had originally wanted. I just had so much trouble saying what I needed to in person. So one night, we were talking on the phone and she had to stop and ask me two different times if there was something I needed to say. I couldn’t. But that night I decided i couldn’t wait any longer, so I emailed her and the next morning she responded with, “I knew there was something you were trying to tell me.”

    Moms, man.

  25. This was the best!! Maggie and Alex’s storyline makes me so incredibly happy and has seriously gotten me through a really bad few weeks! It’s so great reading these recaps and everything is so true! I was also worried that we wouldn’t have any development or any Maggie this week but we did and it was perfect and I can’t wait until Supergirl comes back!! :D :D :D

  26. At the risk of repeating what’s already been said, “Supergirl” is totally nailing this storyline. Two things in this episode especially jumped out at me:
    1) I was almost nauseous during the scene between Alex and Eliza because of the realness – Alex practically shaking throughout the conversation? Yep, been there. And Eliza’s unconditional support, what an important thing for us to have on our televisions.
    2) A small thing, but when Maggie asked Alex if she was “gonna go crazy” on her, I found Alex’s “probably, yeah” ridiculously genuine and funny. Whatever combination of writing and acting created that moment, I remain awestruck by the authenticity of it.

  27. Just thought I’d leave this here:

    Andrew Kreisberg, Executive Director: “The chemistry between Chyler and Floriana, if you could bottle and sell that, you could rule the world.”

    • I liked the other thing he said, too:

      “This is our holiday episode, it’s our midseason finale, and nothing ends this section of the show better and sends us into our next batch of episodes than having a kiss,” Kreisberg continues. “It was really important for us to progress this relationship along and to have it pay off everything that came before it. Everyone who works on this show loves Alex Danvers and wants good things for her and Maggie, so we decided to go for it.”

      That gives me hope that there’s more good relationship stuff coming and that they won’t kill Maggie off at any point, but I guess we’ll see. I’d expect they’ve learned from The 100 debacle, though.

      • Kreisberg kinda confirmed that neither of them were going to die (at least, not this season). So yeay!

        “The decision to add a lesbian character to Supergirl comes not long after several TV shows were criticized for killing off prominent lesbian characters — a controversial trend that became known as the “Bury Your Gays” trope. However, Kreisberg says that hasn’t factored into Alex’s narrative. “Well, they’re not dying, either of them, so we’re not really thinking about that right now,” he says.”

  28. Okay let me get my weekly James rant out of the way, he wasn’t in this episode much (still too much) but what an f-in dick move when Alex explicitly told him to not bring up the Guardian thing and take away her moment and he stood up anyway. I do like how Winn pulled him back down because Winn knows the wrath of one Alex Danvers.

    Point 2 i know Lena is supposed to be adopted but Katie McGrath looks like a young Brenda Strong (not that Brenda Strong is all that old) especially in the eyes.

    Kara and Mon-El, I’m okay with them but kind of annoyed that he played dumb after the kiss because earlier she did flat out ask him if he liked her. So stupid, boys.

    At least this show remembered that Kara was a reporter, I’d like to see more of a balance between work Kara and Supergirl like there was last season. I guess with Kat gone there is no need for her to be spending time at CatCo so much (hence also no need for James to stick around) as her life as Supergirl has taken precedence.

    I’m skipping ahead but I want to know did just the DEO get the Cadmus video message or did it broadcast all over National City or the World because if it did then why weren’t aliens scrambling for shelter instead of coming out into the streets and looking up (and taking video with their cell phones)?

    Now Sanvers, years and years ago in TV land when a character would be gay the shows took care with telling the story they dragged it out because every tiny bit was scrutinized by the network so they had to make every morsel count. Now networks get a bit more freedom and some shows as we’ve seen have become a little more callus in telling stories so it is refreshing to see Supergirl go back to that time of letting the characters nurture and grow organically and come together for that big payoff but not because they will be censored but because the characters deserve it.

    A few mini tidbits…can Mama Danvers hang around forever? Does it bother anyone else that Kara calls Mama Danvers Eliza? I mean you see Mama Danvers and Alex, they don’t see Kara as an adopted outsider alien but as daughter and sister, there is no line but whenever Kara calls Mama Danvers Eliza it seems to me that she puts up this wall for no reason. And we know Mama Danvers loves both Alex and Kara equally and there is no divide there so what is Kara’s deal?
    Also I loved how Supergirl rushed over to Maggie’s side when she was shot, she was ready to speed fly Maggie to the nearest medical treatment because if anything happened to Maggie she knew it would hurt Alex.

    Back to the Sanvers scene, yes it was cheesy and romantic and probably not what happens in real life (well not to me anyway) but it was just…happy. It was what you want you happily ever after to be like but thankfully this is not an ending but the beginning and yes now we can look ahead to how they will be as a couple. Will they be protective of each other from danger instead of calling the other one in on a case, how will they act in the field, and is there a secret room in the DEO for makeouts? Plus Alex does have to lie about Kara/Supergirl to Maggie so how will that factor in?

  29. I needed your observation about how Maggie and Alex’s relationship and built up off-screen due to ..pajamas, easiness, jokes, etc. You didn’t mention the term “new normal,” and I think that is a vital way for Alex (and newbies) to see this transformation. Great scene. Great acting. Chyler kills it…and Fliorana holds her own.

  30. I can’t express how much I loved this episode and I was so excited for the recap to come up because you always capture my feelings plus add things that I missed out on.

    My absolute favourite moment was Alex’s face when Maggie said she looked cute in her pyjamas. She was SO happy, her ENTIRE face lit up and it was glorious:

    Also when they tried to give Hank Thanksgiving leftovers. I don’t know why but it just made my heart swell.

    It’s going to be a long hiatus.

  31. I have seen the chemistry between Kara/Supergirl & Mon-El as an easy-flowing camaraderie, a real friendship. Did not see it as a romantic once and it looked to me that they forced it suddenly from the last episode. Saw it coming…but still. What’s the deal with Mon-El replying in the negative when Kara/Supergirl directly asks him if he has a crush on her and then slyly kissing her? Worse when he feigns any recall of him doing it at all when asked.

    On the other hand, the chemistry between Kara/Supergirl and Lena is a roaring falls of attraction. Loud, noisy, clear, thundering, forceful and whatnot. The show will not go for their relationship for sure, but the sub-text is amazing! The way Katie McGrath plays Lena and the way Kara is played with a wide-eyed crush around Lena by Mellissa Benoist is a treat to watch.

    I dunno why it surprises and came as a relief to many that Lena did not out to be the bad person’s assistant—I did not doubt it at all.

    James- Is still around why? There is zilch to his character, there is no chemistry with anyone and he still thinks he can interrupt a tipsy Alex when she is trying so hard to come out to her mom at thanksgiving dinner. That too after being told by Alex not to Hi-jack her plan. Eeks, do the merciful deed, writers; please kill his character or write him out!

    If that Lena look screams matricide, I dunno what the actual look would turn out to be. That look to me showed, hope, hopelessness, the wish that her mother could love her, the expectation, a gentleness,
    begging at her mother to love her like she loves Lex. It was nowhere close to Matricide.

    I also liked how Lillian said that she loves Lena in her own way and no parent loves their children equally. That is a little closer to truth, isn’t it?

    Alex & Maggie- A few comments had predicted they’d get together in 2.8; so did a lot of fanfictions. I am happy they did, though would’ve liked it as a real slow burn. Just keeping my fingers crossed that they keep the both of them alive, gay…and if not with each other, with other women. Chyler Leigh is an absolute treat to watch. Not so convinced with Floriana Lima though.

    P.S.- Was so waiting to read your review….

    So Alex is happy. She’s gay and she’s ecstatic. And damn, so am I- If that is the ‘Imagine me and you’ reference, I love it!

    Oh PS some creepy space nuns are hunting Mon-El and I dunno they look nice let’s just hand him over- Valerie, you made me giggle at that!!

    Whoever this Barre Allen and Cisco are…doesn’t impress me much. Neither do I care.

  32. Watched this episode with my kid. I adored the Sanvers developments (for all the reasons you detail so well here), and I think he did too. But when the portal opened and Barry and Cisco popped out, the squeeeee he let out sounded like a teakettle whistle. (Kid totally ships Barry/Cisco. And I can’t say I blame him.)

    I’ll just add a “me too” to earlier comments on the high quality of the writing for Alex’s monologues.

  33. Okay here are my thoughts- First of all, thank you Valerie Anne for your write-up. The first thing I do after watching each episode is to come and read your recap along with the comments. It’s almost like rewatching the episode with like-minded people (popcorn missing, of course)

    I so loved the Maggie-Alex scenes. Although I was waiting for more slowburn/angst, I’m thankful to the showrunners for atleast giving us some closure before the hiatus. I wouldn’t have wanted Alex to remain in the friendzone till 2017. Now that Sanvers are a full-on couple, I can sleep through 2016 in peace (Thank Rao) Maybe a little angst later is okay, maybe even a triangle love story with Kate Kane???? (provided of course that Alex herself isn’t batwoman)

    And OH LENA LENA LENA….. those scenes with both Kara and Supergirl. There was so much room for subtext there that if not for the established lesbian couple on the show, there would be a lot of clamour for a relationship there. I initially thought they were playing up the chemistry, but I went and watched a few roles of Katie Mcgrath. OMG that woman has chemistry with anyone she’s onscreen with – man or woman. I guess some actors are like that. However much I like supercorp, I’m quite fine with that not being canon. (Maybe they are a couple in earth 39!!!!)

    All said and done, I’m so going to miss the show in december. I’m sure I’m not the only one with ‘vibe’ powers who wishes to go to earth-38 to meet these characters. Till 2017, I’ll have to live with fanfiction. So to all the writers out there, keep them coming. Thank you.

  34. Up until this week I’ve always watched supergirl on my own, overanalysing and overidentifying with the characters in bed, then going straight to tumblr or this recap to read and share.

    This week I watched snuggled up with my crush after we were embarassingly awkward about asking each other out the day before.

    Not only was this episode incredible and honest and funny and true to the characters, it also gave me 40 minutes of feel good snuggle time with an awesome gal.

    Thank you Supergirl. You fucking rock.

  35. it just occurred to me that among the many things we have to be thankful for regarding this show: they didn’t try to include james and his stupid guardian costume in the crossover.

  36. I just want to say I’m binge watching all of Supergirl in an embarrassingly short amount of days just to get to this gay stuff right here.

    • I did the same thing and ended up enjoying the show quite a bit! I hadn’t realized that Alex was such a prominent character. I love the Danvers sisters’ scenes together, and there are a lot of them!

  37. That soundtrack was perfect…. I’ve been listening to coming home by sigma/Rita Ora on repeat for the last few hours

  38. This show makes me sooooo happy. I crush Alex so hard. Am I the only one who goes back and rewatches the Alex/Maggie scenes after I watch the show?

    I’ve been googling since I started reading the recaps because I could have sworn they were saying “Daxum” not “Daxxon”. My google results tell me its “Daxom”. So….

  39. Have you guys seen this (or the twitter story that prompted it). It just warms my heart to see Chyler be so aware of the impact they are having and happy to embrace it.

  40. I agree wholeheartedly with “This season of Supergirl — these scenes and storylines coming to us now, this year, after everything that has happened on TV and off — is kind of like finding booze in a post-apocalyptic world. It can’t fix everything, but it is lifting our spirits and cleaning our wounds. And strong wills and scar tissue are going to be vital to our survival.” and would like to add THANK GOD.

    I would also like to add that it is going to be a LONG time before I’m over “We should kiss the girls we want to kiss.” Both because it’s amazing and because I absolutely love simple sentences that pack such huge meaning.

  41. I just have to say, I found this article while I was looking for the song that plays in the background during the kiss, and what I found is something I will keep in my pocket forever.

    The way you recapped the Maggie/Alex stuff was so beautifully done, and it really spoke to me. Being able to wear combat boots? And the feeling that goes along with that? 100% accurate.

    I saved this recap as a PDF to keep in iBooks so if I ever start to feel alone, I can remind myself I’m not. Thanks!

    • Thank you for this sweet comment, Nicole. You’re definitely not alone, and I’m glad you found this recap when you needed it.

      And in case you haven’t found the song yet, it’s Coming Home by Sigma. :)

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