DeAnne Smith’s Questionable at Best Asks “How Much Fun is Drinking”

Hello you wonderful reader. I know you’ve probably already subscribed to DeAnne Smith‘s new podcast Questionable at Best, because of course you have, but for those of you who somehow haven’t, a new podcast went up tonight! We’re so excited that we had to come on here and gush like a Mom on Facebook.

We love Deanne Smith SO Much

We love Deanne Smith SO Much. Could you tell?

Tonight’s topic is “How much fun is drinking” and DeAnne just answers that straight out of the gate (SPOILER ALERT): fun. But you still need to listen to the rest of the podcast because it really gets in there.

What do you hope DeAnne will talk about next week?! I really hope DeAnne talks about the upcoming A-Camp! I never get tired of hearing words about camp and I never get tired of laughing at DeAnne’s jokes, so really it would just be a win/win.

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