Daily Fix: When Britney Shaves Her Head, Lorna Shaves Her Head Too.

Guess what? We have a myspace. We have like ten friends. Do people still use myspace? Wanna be number eleven? Please?

So as you may know, we’re having a Pride Party, and we really want you to come. We want everyone to be happy and have fun! But if you can’t make it to NYC, you can still have fun with our ONLINE PRIDE RAFFLE. Secretly, this raffle has turned out to be f*ckin’ amazing. Seriously. I would enter it like ten times. We’ll let you know how to buy tickets ASAP.

We’re finalizing our prize page today, but in the meantime, check out one of two special auction items: the actual dress worn by Tina Kennard (Laurel Holloman) in Episode 607 of The L Word. Yes, you can own a piece of television magic, a dress that has encased the breasts of Laurel and been touched by the hands of J-Beals lovingly and lesbionically.

It’s a 7-day auction, so you have about 5 days to mull it over before anyone bids. Anyone who bids on the dress and forwards their bid confirmation email to [email protected] will also be automatically entered in the raffle.

Speaking of! Big thank you to everyone who emailed my brother for his birthday. He thanks you all from the bottom of his heart, which is very deep because he is very tall. Dani H & Michelle E — email [email protected] to get your free CD!

double_linesBLOG: Stuff Autostraddle Lesbians Like: Grace the Spot on Autostraddle Disco Rodeo! (@gracethespot)

LOHAN: Lindsay & Sam are off again. I can’t even COMMENT ON THIS. (@e!online)

WOMYN: Is it too late to call SexReally the Worst Sex Website Ever? Is is too early to note that I originally typed “Really Sex Really?” (@jezebel)

POP!: What a bizarre life Lorna Bliss leads. “Earning around £45,000 a year as Britney impersonator, for her it’s not just a day job but a way of life. She lives, breathes, eats and sleeps Britney.” (@mail online)

STARS! THEY’RE JUST LIKE US! Megan Fox also has a crush on Angelina Jolie, along with 95% of the world’s population. (see Riese’s scientific study on that here). (@perez revenge)

POP! Kathy Griffin & Lily Tomlin call Jane Fonda. (@jezebel)

TEGAN&SARA: Tegan & Sara: All I’ve Eaten Today is Plum. (@teganandsara):

all i’ve eaten today is a plum from Tegan and Sara on Vimeo.

GAY: Not all gays support same-sex marriage – How does that brother on the street see President Obama’s homophobia as evidence of his Black manhood? (@grio)

POP-GAY: “Australia’s Next Top Model” contestant comes out after the show airs (@afterellen)

POP: Will Michael Moore jump the shark with his new movie where he dares to take on the financial collapse? Am I excited for the movie simply because I want someone to explain this nonsense to me in a way that makes me feel satisfied and not even more confused, even though I realize my desire for that emotion is a cop-out because in fact it IS confusing, period? Does it annoy me that every time I naturally think “Why ask why” my mind immediately answers, “Try Bud Dry”? Where was I. Oh yes: Moore Is Less. (@newsweek)

AMELIA EARHART FANTASIES: Fashion Takes Flight. (@fashion gone rouge)


Obama Will Give Benefits to Gay Federal Employees. Yeah, So? “It’s also the absolute bare minimum Obama could do to show he’s hearing our cries for equality, our demands that he keep his campaign promises.” (@queerty)

Sen. Ensign Supported Sanctity of Marriage. Then He Cheated on His Wife “While most folks are entitled to some privacy in their marriages, Sen. Ensign voluntarily abandoned that right the moment he voted for a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in June 2006 and followed it up two years later by violating his own union.” (@queerty)

The Georgia Supreme Court on Monday threw out a judge’s order that prohibited children in a divorce case from having any contact with their father’s gay and lesbian friends. (@ajc)

This looks really complicated, involves maths – Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science (@fivethirtyeight)


alex-iconfrom Alex:
I’m a fan of “Free downloads” – here’s the 2009 Lifehacker Pack for Mac OS X of the best free applications that may or may not be useful to you on a daily basis. Ya never know!


riese-icon3from Riese:

Though I read Jezebel every day, somehow I missed the graphical glory of Cover Lies (I’m one of those people who skips pictures and only reads the text), which’s not to be missed. Go archves go!


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  1. Interesting fix today.

    P.S. I get sidetracked easily and Sara is rather talented at balancing credit cards. I just attempted it, nope can’t do it. ):

  2. The most ridiculous part about extending benefits to federal employees’ partners is that it’s rooted in domestic partnership laws. Well, surprise! Only DC and MD have domestic partnership laws…VA (which houses tons of federal employees and offices, like the FBI, CIA, Pentagon) has no domestic partnership law. And regardless of that tiny little fact, the coverage still doesn’t extend to health benefits, which I’d venture to guess is the number one reason you would want to add a dependent to a benefit policy. /endrant

    oooh a raffle? yay presents!

  3. i think my #1 feeling about this very confusing daily fix is a sense of confusion about how tina kennard is a size 4 and therefore much smaller than i am. my dreams of also buying the dress bette wore and having a dance-off in my living room are dashed..

  4. Had a dream last night that I met you (Riese) and the entire Autostraddle team (it was comprised of about 50 people, men and lesbians alike), who spent all day every day at this huge conference table, on computers, reading mags, updating the website. It looked like the office of a newspaper, lots of hustle and bustle. I assume this dream was an accurate interpretation?

    By the end of the dream the ‘team’ was setting up a table at a local pride event, and I went home. Again, all too realz, right?

    Myspace. Done and done.

    • Did this conference table have a stripper pole mounted in it? Then you would be completely accurate!

      • It seems as though many people are having autostraddle related dreams lately— clearly this is serious— I have yet to have any, or at least remember having any– this must mean I am living the dream obviously

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