Shuddup M*therf*ckers I’m Watching Michael Jackson’s Memorial!!!!


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double_linesMONEY HONEYHRC logo featured in orbitz ad. It’s like a secret code that if we want to give them our money, that’s cool, they’ll take it. Yeah! (@towleroad)

OH FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! This is what we’ve all been CLAMORING for on the teevee! Not a full-blown “relationship” with a woman (YIKES! Ring the ALARM!), but “a little Sapphic experimentation” between lesbian roommates.” That has NEVER BEEN DONE and is always done REALLY WELL. I mean, certainly if Claire can heal from physical wounds, her soul will remain untarnished for Jesus.

Question: Is it true that Claire on Heroes is going to have a romantic relationship with Rachel Melvin’s new character, Annie? –Elizabeth
That’s true. Kind of. I’m not sure about a full-blown relationship, but I can confirm that the college roomies will engage in a little sapphic experimentation. At least that’s the plan.

lady-gaga-v-magazineGAGA: Lady Gaga is topless in V Magazine, and as it turns out she is also perfect naked.

RIP: Lesbian activist Bonnie Tinker, the director of Love Makes a Family, has died in a bike accident at the age of 61. (@advocate)

INTERSEX IN THE COUNTRY: In its continued efforts to televise all variations of unique sexuality/gender situations, HBO is developing Middlesex (amazing book, read it now!) for the teevee! (@broadcasting cable)

(EX) GAY: Professional ‘ex-gay’ advocates support professional ‘ex-gay’ advocacy: “What do you do if you support a scientifically-obliterated concept, with a goal to mold actuality so that it fits your purview (instead of the other way around)? Well if you’re Focus on the Family, you rely on “studies” commissioned by your own stable of like-minded supporters, acting like such laughably biased “findings” hold merit in the face of universal scrutiny from the credible scientific community.” (@GoodAsYou)

JESUS: The literal deification of Michael Jackson has begun. “In their defense, Jackson and Jesus are equally meaningful to me as well.” (@JoeMyGod)

LEZ-TEEVEE: New webseries Far Out reflects reality for UK lesbians: “We have real and valid relationships, that we can be butch dykes or girly girls or anything in between, that we have kids, responsible jobs, families, ambitions and aspirations. We can honestly say that we are telling our story from experience, this isn’t a group of men sat in a board room making a series for money.” (@afterellen)

DANCING WITH THE GAYS: Dancing with the Stars Goes Gay in Out: in conjunction with has launched a new Web series that manages to gay up the already extremely gay Dancing With the Stars. (@Adovocate)

LYNCH: I’m still gonna have to go with “the Lynch can do no wrong,” though I too wish that Starz had found a way to keep Lynch on Party Down as well as GLEE. (@variety)

SHUTTUP AWARD: Perez Hilton Would Rather Be A Racist Than Bad for the Gays: “Some of his best friends are gay people. Best friends like… himself!” (@Gawker) Also, he’s on the cover of the Advocate, which is … interesting.


↑ How gay marriage recongition in DC will work. (@the washington post)

↓ The original Bruno ending played gay-bashing for laughs. (@celebbuzz)

↔ Obama sat down with the Catholics and this is what he said: “For the gay and lesbian community in this country, I think it’s clear that they feel victimized in fairly powerful ways and they’re often hurt by not just certain teachings of the Catholic Church, but the Christian faith generally. And as a Christian, I’m constantly wrestling with my faith and my solicitude and regard and concern for gays and lesbians.” (@us news & world report)

Saddam’s rule ‘better’ for gay Iraqis: Investigating reports of the murder and torture of gay men in Iraq, Ashley Byrne found that some gays found Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship preferable to the threat of violence they face today. Some readers will find parts of his report disturbing. (@BBC News)

Would It Help Things If the Prop 8 Judge Was Gay? (@Queerty)

Why are LGBT people less healthy?: “LGBT people generally receive less health care, and it’s not just because of a lack of marriage or DP benefits. The number one reason is homelessness.” (@Bilerico)


Auto-Straddler of the Day

The Woman in the Mirror

The Woman in the Mirror


ebradshaw-iconfrom Intern Elizabeth:
I just read this hysterical blog/review/I don’t know what about the Care Bears Movie from 1985. I can’t say much else about it except: “In the 1980s, the Care Bears were a major contributor to the wussification of America. Children who once roamed the streets barefoot, playing with broken glass and poking dogs with sticks, were now taught to share their feelings and to care about people.” Apparently the Care Bears’ #1 feeling was creepy.

stef-iconfrom Stef:
Here’s the bad news: New Order are over. Here’s the good news: They started a brand new band with everybody except bassist Peter Hook, and they’re called Bad Lieutenant. Alex James from Blur is playing on their debut album and everything! If you’d like to hear them perform a new song called “Sink or Swim” acoustically (and if you love New Order, I promise you DO!), check it out here. I can’t wait to mope in my room with this album. The last classic New Order song can be found here, obvs.

crystal-iconfrom Crystal:
My pick today is particularly relevant to any writers out there who consider web surfing, reading and staring out the window to be valid stages of the creative process. I certainly do. You can read about it here.

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  1. Aww super sad about Jane Lynch not being in Party Down next season. She and Lizzy Caplan are my favorite characters on that show. Lame. But I mean, I love GLEE too so it’s whatever.

  2. From the US News article: “This is trademark Obama, seeming to effortlessly appeal to cultural conservatives and social liberals in the same breath.”

    I don’t really see the “appeal” they speak of in his statement. I feel like he straddles the line and doesn’t really taking a stand. And by straddling the line, I mean in a politician kind of way, not in the awesome autostraddling kind of way.

    • Yeah, I guess we just wait to see what he actually does. And that he’s at least serious about separation of church and state?

  3. certainly if Claire can heal from physical wounds, her soul will remain untarnished for Jesus.<==hahahahaha.

    A;ex, my what clever editing!

  4. Middlesex on screen definitely sounds like a great idea (LOVE that book). I’m just wondering which format they’re planning on using for it. I feel like it would work better as a miniseries than a full-blown television show. Either way, I’ll be watching.

    • Not sure how I feel about this. I LOVED the Virgin Suicides (the book) but the movie left something to be desired (Sofia Coppola did a good job directing, but it played more like a companion to the book than a stand-alone movie)… I just don’t know if/how Eugenides translate to screen. But I’m always wary of book-screen because rarely does it do the book justice.

      • I feel like Virgin Suicides and Middlesex were such different books, ’cause Middlesex’s story is much longer — and I’m glad that it’s being done as an hour-long tv series, I feel like that will better enable them to truly tell the story?

        I liked Virgin Suicides, but it’s also one of those rare films that I actually saw the movie first. I’m sure my perspective would be totally different if I wasn’t imagining Air pulsing in the background and the cast as I remembered them.

    • omg, what kind of songs, like “you’re bad, you’re bad, you know it…” la alalalalala

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