Daily Fix – Iowa Gays Get Married, LiLo Changes the World, Miss Cali is From the Future

Hello! As we’ve been saying, all ye peoples who want to be an intern must email us by tomorrow night. Details on this Daily Fix. We’ll get back to people who’ve already contacted us later this week!

Today in Autostraddle: Green interviews Carissa Halston, this cute Bisexual Writer she found on Etsy!

BREAKING NEWS LILITH FAIR WILL RETURN IN 2010!! Get yer Tevas ready, womyn!

1. Hi-ho, hi-ho it’s off to getting married in Iowa we go! I hope two old people who’ve been together since 1950 get married, then there’ll be a cute video and our eyes will water and we’ll feel very close to every gay person ever.

2. Lindsay Lohan’s Fight for Marriage Equality

“It can’t be stated strongly enough: Lindsay Lohan is unlike any other LGBT celebrity to come before her. She’s young, she’s beautiful, she’s A-list — and at the top of her career, she began publicly dating a woman. This is not the coy “maybe/maybe-not” game that other young celebs have played, or the outing of a former star. It’s worlds beyond the occasional kiss or the admission to having “dated women in the past,” which, until now, comprised the most radical truth that Hollywood stars would own up to.” (@the advocate)

3. Jay “Ill Doctrine” Smooth’s “The Truth About Perez Hilton & Miss California“: SHE COMES FROM THE FUTURE! – “This brings up a lot of questions for me. The first one is, why do beauty pageants still exist? This whole ritual just seems so out of place to me in 2009, it feels like watching a Renaissance Fair.”

4. AfterEllen’s “Lesbian/Bi Women in Commercials, Part 1.” (@afterellen)

5. Gay & Lesbian couples are gonna be getting married in this year’s Tel Aviv Pride Parade. Yofi! (@HAARETZ)

6. Where are they now? Popstar Fails Edition. (@ohnotheydidnt)

7. The trailer for Kirby Dick’s Tribeca Film Festival much-buzzed-about film Outrage, about gay politicians who fight against themselves by funding anti-gay-rights initiatives and voting against gay rights while living a secret gay life. “It is very important that the people who make the law be subject to the law.”:

8. LOL Autostraddle

Funniest thing Green Said Today: “Is it bad that I was hoping the Autostraddle Style Guide* would be about our wardrobes?”

Best idea raised at Sunday’s Team Autostraddle Team Meeting, according to Designer A;ex’s notes: “True Life: I Live in a Lesbian Factory.”

(*It’s actually about web formatting and picture margins.)

9. When Pat Kavanagh, the literary agent and wife of Julian Barnes, died last year, there was no mention in her will of Jeanette Winterson, the author with whom it was disclosed she had an affair during the Eighties. (@the guardian uk)


alex-iconfrom Alex: You’ll surely find these illustrations of 30 Ways to Die By Electrocution (from a 1931 illustrated German book on electric safety) entertaining, weird and quite aesthetically-pleasing. The terrible/AWESOME factor here is great too. (from Bre Pettis)

Here’s one of my favorites from the bunch:

riese-icon3from Riese: When one is attempting to ignite a cultural revolution via print/online media, one must educate oneself on the history of such attempts. Right now I’m reading Spy: The Funny Years (I didn’t realize what an enormous effect Spy’s design, content and tone had on future magazines and online media, especially gawker — I’m learning so much!) and How Sassy Changed my Life. Both of those magazines eventually folded, we’ll be avoiding these mistakes as we attempt to create a sort of queer fusion of both.  Sassy 4-eva! (read more about Sassy here and here.)

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  1. I think that if I were American I would probs already know this, and also that I might sound like an idiot, but what does being an intern actually entail?

  2. The Advocate is right. I never really thought of Lindsay in that way. She did come out as being in a relationship with a woman, and when I saw her on Ellen, the whole thing seemed so natural. She talked about Sam and getting back with Sam. The focus wasn’t on her sexual orientation at all, and that is very different.

  3. How is AutoStraddle NOT my favourite website….? Ummm it just IS.

    Never thought about LiLo in that way either, actually.

    The Outrage trailer looks interesting…do the subjects in that film even have a “clue” they are being “outed” via film?

    Gay Republicans…go figure….

  4. Lilith Fair Round 2??? Wooooohoooo! I had sooooooo much fun and memories from the 1st Lillith Fair….Love my t-shirt and memories to this day…

    Sarah McLachlan and Sheryl Crow were awesome live!!!!

  5. is it normal that i might cry re: Lilith Fair 2010?!! it’s not normal, is it? define “normal” [ohhhhhh snap! easter egg!].
    i LOVE that Advocate article.
    when Outrage comes out on dvd, i think we should have a viewing party. yeah?

  6. I love the awesomeness of LL having beaten her onscreen self (one Miss Niki Stevens) from the L Word) in coming out. Angela Robinson would be proud of her for sure. The Advocate is right, as are those who defended her against a barrage of hate saying we must embrace our troubled members of our community, otherwise we are not a community. All this ‘She’s not good enough’ attitude? What sort of message does it send to the other young closeted starlets? Not a very welcoming one.

  7. Great recommendations … with the exception of the Kodak. I work at an electronic store in the camera section and I’ve found that many many people were displeased with that camera. It’s great for YouTube videos, but don’t expect video or audio quality that will thrill you on your 1080p television. Don’t buy the Flip either; it’s even worse. But on the other hand, yey Kindle, and I’ve heard some fantastic things about the Gaga headphones.

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