Crystal from Australia Recaps Home & Away – The Lesbian Parts

As your resident Australian girl-on-girl, I feel it’s my obligation to update you on the most important thing to ever happen in the history of Lesbians in Australia (since the birth of Portia De Rossi): the torrid affair between Charlie and Joey, or “CharJo” as we call them ’round here.


This dynamic duo live and love and occasionally kiss chastely on the Australian soap opera Home & Away. 426_home_and_away

Home & Away‘s lesbian storyline has been quite the controversy. Conservative groups claimed it was going to brainwash our young, impressionable teenagers. But as Defamer Australia points out, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Besides, the show’s actors & producers have spoken out; they think Australia is more than ready for a lesbian relationship on the teevee. I agree.

So, they were prepared to ‘go there’… but would the story be realistic? Tasteful? Considered? Most importantly, would it be another blink-and-you’ll-miss-it ratings trick?

The story’s been running for about five weeks so I’ve got a lot of content to cover today. But this recap is mostly pictures of hot girls and therefore totally worth your time. Also, by writing this I have justified my sudden all-consuming interest in this show.

And if you don’t have time for five weeks of recapped lesbian television, my friend Kate has summarised the  story for you in this cartoon, and in these 5 lines –

There once was a trawler named Joe,
Who was a young, closeted mo,
She fell for a copper,
And then tried to top her,
And then she got kicked off the show.

You want more though now, right? Right. Before we get going on this journey, let me just say that I desperately wanted to pass down a verdict myself. Amazing … or Terrible? Great Success … or Epic Fail? But I wasn’t able to. While there were story arcs that made me cringe, sigh and curse the writers, I believe that H&A brought us a step forward in regard to the representation of same-sex relationships on Australian TV shows. Said representation was far, far from perfect – but in the end, I’m still glad it happened. Kate Bell and Esther Anderson did a cracking job, and H&A demonstrated that ladies can love ladies on Australian prime time television without sacrificing ratings – which is important. However this won’t prevent me from recapping the storyline with my tongue in my cheek.

If you’ve been keeping up with the show, what did you think? I want to know. I have a lot of feelings, let’s process.  But first, the recap!


Charlie (Esther Anderson) is a 26-year old, straighty-one-eighty police officer, aka Senior Constable Buckton. She’s a regular cast member, and she looks hot in uniform.



Joey (Kate Bell) is a 20-year old lesbian who just arrived in Summer Bay, fresh off the trawler. That’s not a joke, she honest-to-god works on a prawn trawler. It’s good to see that Home & Away is scoring key stereotypes straight off the bat.



Drama. Drama. Drama.

Charlie and Joey are brought together by romance & passion tragedy. In their first substantial scene together, Charlie’s interviewing Joey because she’s been raped by a douchebag named “Robbo,” which is coincidentally also my hamster’s name and my prawn trawler’s nickname.


Charlie is aware that Joey is a lesbian. It’s a small town, you know, people talk. Charlie wants Joey to admit it, but they’ve only just met and Joey isn’t gonna break down the closet doors without some assurance of safety.

Things are intense, so Charlie decides to take the interview somewhere romantic “less formal” — the creek, where they’ll continue to professionally discuss the case. Rather than skinny-dipping and talking about unicorns, which is what I was expecting/hoping.


Charlie drops a series of subtlety bombs trying to get Joey to fess up about being a carpetmuncher. Thankfully Joey comes clean before Charlie resorts to, “I say UH HUH you say …

Charlie: “Joey, there’s no shame in being gay.”
Joey: “I guess it’s easy to not have any hang-ups. You’re a beautiful, straight girl. You have no idea what it’s like to be me.”

Joey admitting her homosexuality is a big relief for Charlie. Her hand was just hovering over the “sexual orientation” box on the police statement all this time.

After all, coming out can be the right move when there’s a bigger picture to consider, such as prosecuting a rapist. For example; I only came out to my brother because if you looked at the bigger picture, you would see that I was expecting a booty call. Light at the end of the coming out tunnel.

Charlie and Joey break the homosexual news to Joey’s brother, who says Joey can’t come home unless she “stops talking like a psycho.” Charlie feels bad for ruining Joey’s life, so Charlie eases her guilt by taking Joey home …


Charlie and Joey have only known each other for approximately one hot minute, so props to H&A for delivering what is probably the speediest U-Haul in the history of lesbian TV. Eat that, IFC.


Race You To The Showers!

A few episodes later, Joey and Charlie have become good friends. I don’t think we actually saw this unfold onscreen, but we’re clued in by this “semi-flirtacious frolicking on the beach” scene.



Back At “The Ranch”…

Ruby, Charlie’s little sister, hears that Charlie is planning to take Joey for a picnic lunch at “the lighthouse.” From what I can tell, the ‘lighthouse’ is actually a lighthouse, and not a gay bar in the red light district as I’d hoped/assumed. Regardless, Ruby thinks Charlie’s being naive.


Ruby: “Have you noticed the effect your attention is having on Joey? I think she’s starting to like you.”
Charlie: “We are just mates. It’s no different to you hanging out with Annie. It’s exactly the same thing.”
Ruby: “Yeah, except that Annie isn’t into girls, and Joey is.”


Ruby makes an impression, because Charlie freaks out and cancels the picnic.


So Jealous


In their next scene together, Charlie pulls rank when she catches her friend Hugo hitting on Joey. Charlie tells Hugo he needs to get lost. Fearing the incredible power of the Cop Carrying a Gun + Smokin’ Hot Girl Crush, Hugo promptly gets lost. If this was prison, Charlie’d have a lot of bitches.

Joey: “You are a really good bodyguard. And I think it’s really sweet how much you care about me.”

Joey pats Charlie on the thigh as she speaks. Charlie freaks out and runs for the door. She “gets lost,” so to speak. So now Joey has no one to hang out with, nice one Charlie.


What Happens At Sea…

Joey surprises Charlie with a picnic on a boat (probs she’s still hungry from the aforementioned canceled picnic). Charlie’s still freaked out, and so she puts a time limit on their date by saying she has plans later that afternoon. Joey is only 20, which may explain why she isn’t recognising the oldest trick in the book. Joey is growing on me, and so I wish there was an explanation for why she’s dressed in lime green. There’s not, there’s no Leprechaun Week or K-Mart tie-in.

Joey gets handsy again, but this time Charlie doesn’t react. That’s right — after the first sign of something real, Charlie cancels her pretend plans, thereby freeing herself up for a long trip on board Joey’s big gay love boat.

Joey: “You have been amazing to me, and I still don’t understand why. But I’m so grateful.”
Charlie: “You don’t have to say that.”
Joey:“It’s true. After what happened with Robbo, I never thought I’d feel normal again.”

By ‘normal’, she obvs means ‘gay.’ Funny you mention being gay, because Charlie is starting to seem a little gay too …

Don’t get excited. I did, and then nothing happened. What happens is Charlie freaks out and runs away. That’s the “Away” part of Home & Away. Later, they’ll go “Home” and “disrobe.”

Or … not.

I’m trying to not be so quick to mock. We’ve all been there, right? We’ve probably all been a Charlie or a Joey, or love/d someone who is/was.


Defo Stays At Sea.

Joey wants to talk to Charlie about what happened, but Charlie’s holed up in bed with a ‘migraine’.  Probs a result of all her Gay Panic. Seriously, Charlie needs to update her tricks. Joey redeems herself by seeing through this one —


Joey: “Are you hiding because of what happened?”
Charlie: “Nothing happened. I’m sorry if I lead you on in any way, but I care about you as a friend and that’s all.”
Joey: “I don’t want you to think I planned for this, that I took you on the boat so that I could come onto you.”

The Silverchair poster hanging on the wall is the most interesting thing about this scene. I think I had that exact same one hanging on my wall in high school.


Heterosexuality Check, Aisle Four.

Joey is cooking dinner to thank her housemates for letting her freeload. Charlie can’t attend the big meal because she’s in denial and consequently going on date with Hugo. Hugo apparently is happy to date either lady. He must have a thing for women who like to go down on other women.


Joey plays it cool, but her eyes don’t lie. Charlie’s way casual, so either she’s oblivious or she’s a bitch. I don’t know. Charlie doesn’t do anything disappointing during her date with Hugo but it doesn’t matter because because when Joey is alone at “Home,” she packs her bags and goes “Away.” Get it?


The Push That Comes To Shove.

The next morning, Charlie hears that Robbo the Rapist has been stalking Joey. Charlie runs home to protect her, and discovers too late that she has moved out.


Ruby: “Why would Joey leave without saying anything?”


Anyhoo … elsewhere in Summer Bay, Joey is pretty tied up. She’s about to get killed by Robbo, which unfortunately is an all-too-common fate for short-lived lesbian television characters.


But thankfully, Charlie packs heat as well as she packs picnics.

We can only wonder what else she might be good at packing.


With Robbo safely behind bars, Charlie starts caring about Joey again. She rocks up to Joey’s hotel to see if she’s okay, but Joey is still a little bitter about that whole “date-with-Hugo” thing. Charlie wants to know why Joey moved out –


Joey: “I couldn’t be around you anymore. It’s too hard, Charlie. It’s too confusing.”
Charlie: “I’m sorry if I gave you false signals.”
Joey: “You gave me signals Charlie. There was nothing false about them.”
Charlie: “Joey, I have always liked men and I’ve never felt this way before.”
Joey: “Felt like what before?”

LIKE THIS!!!!!! —




Mi Casa Es Su Casa. Just Don’t Talk To Me.

Charlie and Joey are clearly soulmates, ’cause their passion is far too intense to possibly learn from their mistakes. Charlie asks Joey to move in with her and Ruby again, and you can cut the tension with a knife. Joey tries to make sense of everything –


Joey: “You haven’t said a word since we left the hotel.”
Charlie: “Maybe it’s because I don’t know what to say… I just need time to process everything.”


Joey keeps trying to talk to Charlie, and keeps getting denied …

Charlie is busy. What’s she doing, you ask?


Such a gay! I bet Katy Perry didn’t need this much time to think about her feelings.


Sugar, Spell It Out.

The writers say enough is enough, it’s time for ‘The Talk’.


Joey: “I’m in love with you. And I think you love me too.”
Charlie: “I’m confused. I’m questioning everything I thought I knew about myself. When you’re not around, I can tell myself I’m this straight girl who did this crazy thing just for a second. When I’m with you, there’s this attraction – but maybe I’m just responding to your feelings for me. It’s nice to be loved.”

Charlie tells Joey that she is leaving town for a while, to do some more processing. This scene is ripping my fingernails out, one by one. And they were already pretty short so.


I’m Not Avoiding You. I Just Had To Leave Town For A Long Time.

Charlie, home from a week’s vacay at “the farm” (uh huh … we know what that means) apologises to Joey for the disappearing act. She’s finally ready to talk –


Charlie: “I thought that if I went away for a few days then my attraction to you might fade away. But I couldn’t stop thinking about you long enough for that to happen.”
Joey: “So I was right? You love me too?”
Charlie: “My feelings for you are strong. But Joey, I’ve decided I’m not going to act on them. I know you must think I’m gutless, but I don’t want to go there. I can’t.”


I can’t even talk about this scene, not really. Everything I want to say is right there on little Joey’s face.

Joey says she’ll move out [again], but Charlie wants her to stay. She is really gonna run out of friends to help her move at this rate. Joey would prefer to move back in with her homophobic brother.

Charlie: “You can’t go back there. You can’t pretend to be someone that you’re not.”
Joey: “Why not? You can.”



So What, I Lied. I Lied To Me Too.

A few days later, some drama goes down at Joey’s trawler and so Senior Constable Charlie Buckton arrives at to the scene. This is a one-cop town, obvs. Charlie tries to talk to Joey, but Joey blows her off –


Charlie: “Joey, I thought we parted as friends.”
Joey: “I just don’t think you understand just how much you broke my heart.”


Awwwwww! And … cut.

That night, Joey visits Charlie and asks her if she wants to finish the conversation they were having at the wharf. Possibly they could finish this conversation naked. See, Joey has a new job and is leaving town tomorrow, so Charlie needs to get on it —


This is a definite turning point in their relationship, so they do what all Australian lesbians do: drive to a secluded beach and talk about their feelings.

Charlie is ready to accept that she has real feelings for Joey. They talk a lot about how it’s a big and life-changing deal, but transcribing it will kill me, so here’s the most important part –

Joey: “I’m in love with you.”
Charlie: “I think I’m in love with you too.”
Joey: “So what are we going to do about it?”




The Morning After…

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and … Charlie and Joey are still talking about their feelings. They’re dressed in the same clothes, which means they’ve spent the whole night either fucking or processing. My money is on the latter. Charlie, remarkably, has not run away. However, she does suggest they run away together. Joey reminds her that they live in the real world and need to face it, and it impresses me that this is coming from the 20 year old. I’m 25 and I still have no idea what people mean when they say that. I mean, if “running away” isn’t the “real world,” then what is.


The thing about making out outside of school hours is that it’s possible (albeit, not likely) that your little sister will walk past and catch you with your tongue down the throat of a lesbian.


“I May Be Gay, but at least I’m not wearing pigtails.”

Ruby: “You are not gay, Charlie. Don’t even think about going there.”
Charlie: “I don’t know what I am, but I do know that I’m in love with Joey.”
Ruby: “You did NOT just say that.”
Charlie: “You’ve never had a problem with people being gay –
Ruby: “No, I don’t have a problem with people being gay. I have a problem with my straight sister being gay.”
Charlie: “Do you think I just woke up this morning thinking, ‘I’ll just give it a whirl?”

In case this got lost in translation, to give something a ‘whirl’ means to give something a try. This storyline only gets about five minutes of screen time in every episode, so it sorta feels like that that’s exactly what’s happened. Ruby agrees with me.


Family Meeting. All Welcome.

Ruby catches Joey and Charlie macking on the couch, and so they sit her down to discuss what happens when a woman loves a woman. I feel like it’s something Charlie and Ruby should discuss between themselves, alone … but if we’ve learned anything at any time from watching this show, it’s that there are no boundaries at the Buckton house.


Ruby: “I came to tell you that I love you and I support you. But that doesn’t mean I’m not totally freaking out, and shoving it in my face is not helping.”
Charlie: “How was I meant to know you were going to come home?”
Ruby: “I only LIVE HERE, Charlie.”


Queer? That’s it? Queer can mean a lot of things. Can I get a “dyke” up in here?

Charlie wakes up to discover her wheels have been vandalised. It’s probably the Conservative groups who opposed this storyline and the writers just decided to run with it. Graffiti seems to be a serious problem for newly minted homosexuals on television.


To add to her stellar day,  Joey’s brother files a complaint about Charlie, accusing her of using her position of authority to intimidate Joey into being gay with her. He’s a total douchebag, but it’s sort of about time someone addressed the conflict of interest, right?  The Mod Squad stand around trying to get the story straight. So to speak. Har.


The Verdict: Charlie crossed the line by shacking up with Joey, and should have removed herself from the case. So now she can’t see or speak to Joey again until the matter has been resolved. Charlie’s pissed that Greer and Cochrane don’t give her a free pass, but let’s face it, she should have known better.

dotted-divider2Charlie’s just been outed to her colleagues and her panelbeater, so she has a lot to process. Hugo crashes the pity party-

Nobody Likes Me, Maybe If I Cry


Hugo: “You could have told me that you kept knocking me back because you were gay.”
Charlie: “I’m not gay!”

This would be a good moment for “YOU’RE JUST GROSS!” but instead she decides to PROVE IT!


This scene was ripped straight out of Ilene Chaiken’s Guide To Alienating Your Audience. [Editor’s Note, also The O.C., South of Nowhere, etc.] Strike one, Home & Away. Strike one.

You know, I’ve decided this silly twist would have happened even if this storyline was about straight people. Home & Away don’t discriminate when it comes to things that don’t make sense … but, well, I think I’m doing my best to be fair and give them the benefit of the doubt and maybe I shouldn’t. When a woman betrays a man by being with another man, that’s a story about one thing: betrayal. But when a woman betrays a woman by being with a man, that’s a much more complicated story about sexuality, betrayal and the personal being political … and probs one that the girl-on-girl community is really sick of hearing.


I’m Not Unfaithful, But I’ll Stray.

The morning after, Charlie tells Hugo that it was a huge mistake. Ironically, said mistake makes her realise just how much she loves Joey. Hugo is totally cool with it, he’s got his own shit going on. I don’t know what that shit is because I haven’t watched any of his scenes.

But you know who isn’t totally cool about it?

Charlie: “I was messed up. I was confused. I’d had too much to drink and it shouldn’t have happened.”
Ruby: “One minute you’re announcing you’re gay and you’re in love with Joey. If you love her so much, how can you cheat on her?”
Charlie: “I didn’t cheat on her.”
Ruby: “You slept with someone else and that’s cheating, even in pretend lesbianland or wherever it is that you’re living.”

While Ruby hasn’t exactly had a positive attitude, I sort of think she is the only person on this show who makes any sense. AND SHE’S IN HIGH SCHOOL.


It had something to do with an earring.

Joey finds out about Charlie and Hugo’s one night stand. The ‘how’ is such a bullshit cliche that I refuse to acknowledge it. Let’s skip straight to the fight –

Joey: “You slept with Hugo.”
Charlie: “Yes.”
Joey: “Do you love him?”
Charlie: “No, I don’t. I love you.”


So Charlie’s game is up, and Joey’s not in a forgiving mood. She packs up her stuff and leaves. Again. Moving all the time is tiring, I don’t know how Joey keeps doing it.

At least the mistake in this scenario is Charlie’s fling with Hugo, and not her fling with Joey. That’s different.


Now That You’re Leaving I Love You Like Never Before.

Ruby finds Charlie processing at the wharf. Charlie’s getting all defeatist, talking about how Joey’s gone and she’s blown it.


Ruby: “So, you’re just going to give up?”
Charlie: “No. I’m just hoping that if I give her some space and time then she’ll miss me and come back.”
[Ruby sighs]
[Crystal sighs]
Charlie: “Well what else can I do?”


Home & Away Sends The Lesbian Star Away

Charlie goes to Joey’s house and is told that Joey sailed out of town on the first trawler. But! Her brother says she’ll be back ‘in a few months’. Charlie runs off towards the docks in search of Joey, allowing us one last glimmer of hope that she’ll catch her in time and they live happily ever after.

So will Joey sail back into Summer Bay in a few months? I hope so. Kate Bell and Esther Anderson did a fine job, and I’d like to see more. And if Joey does return, we can only hope that Charlie is still single and pining for Joey’s love. And if she doesn’t, we can at least hope that the Casting Director pairs Charlie up with someone who isn’t afraid of a little girl-on-girl lovin’. In fact, I have a suggestion —


UPDATE. As I was writing this recap, the latest/last CharJo scenes came in … and well. See for yourself:

UPDATE II: Joey will not be returning to the Bay.


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  1. I’ve never watched H&A and sadly not even the much-hyped CharJo storyline tempted me to start.

    But it did make me mighty curious about the recaps. And that one was bloody brilliant!

    • I totally understand how you could not be tempted into watching this show. If I wasn’t writing for Autostraddle, it would take a lot more than some lady lovin’ for me to tune in. Like money, and lots of it.

  2. Great recap.

    Just once I’d like to be called someone’s “mate”, full on accent and everything.

    Also, what’s a “panelbeater”?

    • Bren, mate, I hope you meet an Australian soon and that happens for you.

      A panelbeater is an Australian & UK term for someone who fixes damaged cars. I feel like I should have written ‘Spraypainter’ instead, but this recap is so full of inaccuracies that one more can’t hurt.

      • My former college roommate was from Australia– Collingwood? no wait, I think thats the footy(? again – if thats even the right sport) team that she liked.. Canbrera? probably spelled that wrong. I always forget but I’m supposed to visit in the near future so i should figure that one out..

        Either way, I just realized I feel like she never said mate the entire time I’ve known her.. yet I do remember laughing everytime she called sunglasses “sunnies” among other things..

  3. I’ve been watching this storyline via youtube for a couple weeks now (and I even blogged about it last week)… It’s seriously gone between cute and annoying in almost every scene. Your recap is brilliant! Spot on. Hugo’s ‘shit’, I believe, is that his little brothers(?) caused a car accident with a slingshot and then lied about it. It was quite the ridic investigation, Charlie running around asking teenagers about slingshots and such. It was a cheap way to keep her busy and away from Joey for a bit, I’m sure. “Look Conservative Parents, Charlie is too busy keeping the teenagers in line to be gay. Aren’t you happy?”

    • did anyone recall seeing charlie watching a foreign film. i think ruby comes in and talks to her. can anyone help with this?

  4. It did go from cute to annoying, agreed. I feel like everything went downhill after the first kiss.

    You’ve answered a few questions I had about Hugo and Charlie, so thanks. Watching entire episodes was too painful and so I cheated and skipped straight to Charlie and Joey’s scenes.

  5. Great recap – good job!

    I watched H&A via YouTube for the past couple of weeks watching the CharJo storyline – how lame ass that they put the CharJo storyline on the shelf!


    Of course Jo left the scene after Charlie slept with Hugo (blech!) – duh – Most lesbians don’t react kindly to the straight gals going back to the straight one nighter!

    I was soooooooo peeved that they stuck Charlie into a “I’m drunk, I’m sad – let me prove to you I’m not gay and boff you Hugo” storyline – it was right out of the L Word and Jenny’s confusion with Tim/Marina….


    Hopefully they’ll bring back the CharJo storyline….bowing to public pressure to nix the storyline? What gives, H&A!? Be brave – tell the love story! Let it continue!

    • Firstly, thank you for using the word ‘boff’ in your comment, it really brightened up my morning. As for everything else, you’re right, super lame.

      With regard to sending Joey away – it probably had less to do with public pressure, and more to do with opting to follow the entertaining/dramatic road. Which probs isn’t ‘happily ever after’. So I’d be surprised if she didn’t return, y’know?

  6. thanks for your honesty Crystal – yer the highlight of this recap – and that’s another reason to like AS, because it’s not BS. Brielle<3AS <<<true (oh, you guys can use that line if you want, I got a million of ’em)

  7. I don’t understand how anyone can fall in love with anyone else without anyone slipping anyone else some tongue. those girls kiss like I kiss tinkerbell, and she’s not even a real dog.

  8. that was pretty high up there in awesome land. but what kind sadistic school does ruby go to that makes their students where that plaid monstrosity as a uniform??

    • We love plaid uniforms in Australia. Mine used to be blue, red and white. Summer Bay High (at least, I assume that is what it is called) should maybe rethink their hairstyle code.

    • Reckon it’s probably called something like Summer Bay High. But the fact is that most Australian high schools have compulsory uniform, and mostly they do include phenomenally ugly plaid summer dresses, and worse impractical, woolen plaid kilts for winterwear. It’s amazing and horrifying the things you see kids running round in just after 3.30pm on weekdays.
      I was pretty surprised that H & A didn’t go any further into the idea that Charlie wasn’t gay, but might be one of those queer people, or bisexual people, or something else unlabeled people because we don’t live in a world of absolutes. And also that ‘Ooops, I slept with Hugo, sorry!’ didn’t include ‘because I was confused and scared and coming out can be a really worrying confronting process I’m really sorry, my head’s all over the place..’ because it was something that should have been said, despite the fact that Joey would have still boarded the trawler and fair enough too because the man-cheat is a terrible thing to do to a 20yo dyke.

      • I think when I say ‘surprised’, I mean that I was surprised til I remembered that it was H&A. And then I turned off the television.

      • Well said, about how H&A didn’t explore other options for Charlie other than being flat-out gay. I guess it would have doubled her processing time, and they had to have the relationship done and dusted in 5 weeks.

        I agree that it was lacking when she half-heartedly explained her reasons and apologised for sleeping with Hugo. Although on the flip side, she mentioned her fears and confusion so frequently in earlier scenes that I sort of got exhausted from transcribing them all.

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  10. haha nice work!! as a long-avowed avoider of most aussie tv shows and home and away/neighbours in particular, i feel like your recap made the whole situation palatable, probs/definitely much much more enjoyable than actually watching it.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it even though it’s not usually your thing. I understand how you feel, I’ve been a soapie avoider for nearly a decade now. Although admittedly I did tune in to Neighbours once because I wanted to see if that Dean Geyer dude could act.

      • and could he? i feel like he was probably no worse than everyone else.

        also, speaking of ruby rose, judging by the ads today on channel 10 she’ll be on ‘what’s your generation’ or whatever that show’s called, next week some time i assume.. not having cable i didnt realise until quite recently what a big deal she apparently is.

  11. thank you for saving me 12312 hours on youtube. after 6 painful eps i’d given up on the sap of the soap and this was exponentially more entertaining:]

    • My pleasure! Happy to take one for the team. Sorta. Actually to be honest, I’ve whinged so much about all of the youtube soap I’ve consumed for this recap that my friends are really hoping Joey doesn’t return to the Bay ;)
      I’m glad you enjoyed it, thanks.

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  13. I love your take on this storyline. It was very amusing to read it. I’m glad i’m not the only one who thought the u-haul joke applied here.
    Let’s hope they bring Kate Bell back in a few months time.

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  15. Thank you, that was freaking hilarious! I’m off to tell my friends about it/you.

  16. Wow this is really good. I am a fan of Joey/Charlie. They made such a great couple together. (I will still hope and pray Joey better returns). :P

    The storyline about them made a impression on me and I become addicted to it :) So thanks for sharing this with us. :)

    Ciao from Sarah xxx

  17. Hey I forget to mention…I live in New Zealand and I got five more weeks of Joey/Charlie left on my screens. :-p

  18. Absolutely hilarious stuff!! Some kick-ass laughs throughout that! Great writing, much better than what’s on H&A itself really! :)

  19. Loved the recap, and the numerous Tegan & Sara references. Could it get any gayer?

  20. Hey nice recap loved the prawn trawler. I too will never lower myself to watching whole eps of home and away. The story with Charjo was better than I expected but way more chaste also. I mean come on the secret life of us, water rats, satisfaction had affection and the world didn’t implode. But i guess with prime time it may whip the youth into a gay frenzy (which would rock). But i’m all addicted so if joey docks her boat i’ll be watching.

  21. crystal, great job on the recab sitting at work readin it has made my day.
    i’m not so much a fan of the show just a fan on Kate Bell who plays Joey, and can’t wait for her to get back to the bay. I think the writers did a crap job at showin a gay couple but thanks them for the 7 kissing scenes(if you can call that kissing)

  22. best line ever! – “If this was prison, Charlie’d have a lot of bitches.”

    loved ur cap :)

  23. Great recap Crystal but you missed one crucial scene…the shoulder kissing scene! sigh

    cliche #283 Joey turns out to be a lesbian vampire!!

  24. hahhaha! i love the recap and the CARTOON! just cracked me up ! i wished i can repost that to youtube. LOL!

  25. im a new zealander, we have a few kiwi shows with gay story lines, even gay marriages, and no one even blinked an eyelash here, australians need to get with the times, soaps depict real life don’t they?? and you cant make someone gay by watching it on tv. I mean do gay people go straight after seeing constant sexual content of hetrosexuals on television?? i think not,.

  26. okay the first thing i have to address is the comment “soaps depict real life.” – Where the hell are you living? Is your foster mother an ex alcoholic in jail for killing some guy she went on a sailing trip with? Or is your sister actually your brothers daughter who once married your uncle and got it on with her stepbrother?

    Re-cap – very entertaining. nice writing skills.

    I’m straight so I guess I could be wrong, but the way I see it, love is love. Just because you love another girl doesn’t mean your acting has to turn to shit. This is where the “maybe im wrong” part comes in – if her acting wasn’t shit, being gay looks insanely boring and awkward.

    And lastly, i think one of the major reasons lesbian / gay relationships aren’t often depicted on soaps is because of the huge fuckin carry on that goes with it – most of it being from gay people who are “so excited to FINALLY see a gay storyline” or “so proud of (insert soap title) for going there” who then go on to criticize and bitch about anything that doesn’t correspond with how their own personal relationship and coming out developed.

    If you want gay relationships to be shown as often as straight relationships, stop making it such a big deal when it occurs.

    • it wouldn’t be such a big deal if it occurred more often! and yeah, we do get excited — but the “carryon” isn’t the reason why these soaps don’t do gay relationships. that’s never been their excuse. I mean I get what you’re saying, it becomes ridiculous for us, too, that’s why this whole recap is tongue and cheek. Like the way people start obsessing ahead of time that a girl is gonna look at another girl’s boobs for two minutes, it’s embarrassing for us, like how desperate are we?

      BUT in fact, the reason that they DO do gay relationships at all is because of the hype. the hype gets people interested in their show! thus the “sweeps lesbian” term, which is a standard in American television but can certainly apply anywhere, I think we just have more shows in the USA so it happens here more often.

      The Lesbian Kiss episode, defined by wikipedia: “Mainstream American broadcast media have created something of a sub-genre of lesbian portrayal with what is sometimes referred to as the “lesbian kiss episode” … a number of television series have included an episode in which a heterosexual female character kisses a lesbian or possibly lesbian character. In most instances neither the kiss nor the potential of a relationship between the women survives past the episode and the lesbian character never appears again. ”

      Here’s the description of “sweeps lesbian,” a ratings ploy executed during the time of year that Neilson ratings are assessed to judge shows for renewal from The New York Times:
      “Eminently visual; cheap, provided the actors are willing; controversial, year in and year out; and elegantly reversible (sweeps lesbians typically vanish or go straight when the week’s over), kisses between women are perfect sweeps stunts. They offer something for everyone, from advocacy groups looking for role models to indignation-seeking conservatives, from goggle-eyed male viewers to progressive female ones, from tyrants who demand psychological complexity to plot buffs.”

      I’s nice to feel that a gay storyline could be more than just a ratings stunt, thus our disappointment when it turns out to be.. I don’t think anyone complains that a character is bad or not represented properly, we just want to feel that when are stories ARE being told, it’s because they genuinely want to tell our stories, not because they just want our cheap brief attention, our buzz and our hype. That’s where the criticism comes from.

      Anyhow, representation is a huge deal. That’s how change happens in the media and how every other minority or special interest group has reached their goals politically and socially.

      (But also, if the other side wasn’t so adamant about opposing these gay kisses, the hype would be much quieter.)

  27. I see what your saying, and I must say again that I think the recap is wonderfully done. When I talk about the “Carry-on” I was not referring to the recap at all, rather some of the comments underneath, aswell as comments from people in general.

    I agree that shows do lesbian relationships because of the hype – and as you said, it pulls ratings. However, I also think this is the reason these relationships aren’t lasting, nor are they a regular occurance. As long as it continues to gain so much attention, good and bad, it will always pull ratings. And as long as what they are doing continues to create hype and ratings, why on earth would they change it?

    For example (i am making this up to get my point across) say a man and woman shown kissing on television was a rare occurance 20 years ago. Whenever it would be shown, people would get excited, a “Hype” created. No doubt this would pull ratings. The more often it is shown, the more people get used to it, and it becomes the norm – no longer pulling ratings. If people could just stop getting so excited over a lesbian encounter being shown during prime time, “sweeps lesbian” wouldn’t work – therefore the use of lesbians for ratings would be useless. I suppose this could have 2 outcomes – lesbian relationships never being shown, or becoming part of the norm. My bet would be on the latter.

    And I’ll agree with you again – representation is a big deal. People do want their stories put across as accurately as possible. My point was, every relationship is different. How can someone say that a lesbian relationship was not portrayed accurately when they have only experienced it from their point of view?

  28. Yes my friends, I am a Yank who got hooked on internet soaps when I lost my job due to a serious back injury. I began watching H&A Charlie & Joey at night and got hooked on it until the damn writers sent Joey into the sunset never to return. I do not understand how the writers could get rid of one of the most beautiful and sensual characters of the entire show and still think that the series will still be worth watching. No damn way. Writers, get your heads out of your butts.

  29. Charlie And Joey had such beautiful chemistry, it was amazing.
    The show was SO AWESOME when Joey came and they fell in love.
    I hope the actress that plays joey decides to come back.
    Joey and Charlie should either run away together, or stay together<3

    Home & Away please make joey come back "home" (now that shes "away") lol

    there are fan sites and hundreads of people and youtube videos about they couple, and everyone wants them together again!! I recon charlie should hav dreams of Joey and flashbacks and then after awhile, Joey comes back and is on the warf and sees her one true love, charlie, and runs to her and forgives her.
    that woule rock the tv people EVERYWHERE and thousands of people will be cheering lol xD


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  31. I know this story, and your recap has left the building, but I just watched this all on youtube. I didn’t go beyond Charlie and Joey’s last loving scene together. I imagine instead that Charlie left with Joey. Funny recap, laughed my butt off. They totally ruined the story as Esther and Kate have amazing chemistry. I think we lesbians, out here in lesbianland should pool our money get our own channel and write our own stories!

  32. To,bad some of the vids you cant see anymore!But,I really enjoyed your recap on the charjo,laughed my ass off!So,heres what I think now that ester is coming back to H&A they shouldn’t bring charlie back as a ghost they should have her wake up from a dream and shes still with joey!That,would be awesome!The chem between them is amazing!BUt,then again esther is only coming back cause she couldnt really get any good acting roles,and kate prob wont come back because her career is skyrocketing!Maybe karma in a way!LMAO!BUt,one can only dream cant they!I would love to see them together again!Jett

  33. It’s been 7 years since the last comment, but for some reason this on-screen representation popped into my head tonight. Oh, the memories. Great recap!

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