Daily Fix – Best. Earth Day. Ever.

Today on Autostraddle: Carlytron is your Tuesday Televisionary. Coincidentally she is also your Tuesday birthday girl! Both of those things have been announced somewhat late in the game (Wednesday), but they are still very NewNowNext. [Sidenote; Anyone else out there who honestly tries to be the first Birthday well-wisher on facebook and then you get there at 12:03 ready to dominate and some b*tch studying abroad in Europe went in early with her HAPPPY BIRHTDAYYY! before the day even STARTED?] Also, today is Earth Day! Green, our in-house do-gooder, will have a special Earth Day post later for you today.


Now for something slightly different … Empire Pride has put together an excellent video. It’s not a NOM parody. It’s just a solid, straightforward rebuttal to all the lies in the NOM ad featuring religious and spiritual leaders in Massachusetts:

Comic Confrontations: Perez Hilton vs. Judge Judy (@jezebel)

The Times Hosts Jennifer Beals Love-in: The assembled audience of several hundred women (and about five men) seemed to hang on the exquisite Jennifer Beals’s every word; indeed, she was in fine fettle. (@TimeOut NY) [I have no idea what “fine fettle” means, but I’ll look that up when I’m in the dictionary searching for the “fetid fruit” Dorothy suggested we throw at IFC. I’m guessing “fine fettle” is to Time Out NY as “magical halo” is to Autostraddle.]

I am in a very serious way refusing to truly wrap my head around the idea that Obama also believes marriage is between a man and a woman. He said it, I just can’t stomach it … and I don’t know how much longer I can suspend my disbelief: Miss California Will Enjoy Career In ‘Standing Up For What You Believe In,’ Bigotry (@queerty)

NOM is trying to raise money to stop Obama from supporting DOMA. On a related note, I hate everyone and also need $1 million dollars for my campaign against stuff that sucks. I will be composing a letter tomorrow. (@advocate)

This is definitely a case of “you don’t need to watch the show to LOL” – the latest america’s next top model recap. (@fourfour)

Yay! Outing is fun! Let’s out out out the governor out out out you go (@on top magazine)

Hey Marty! Hey Alice! What’s the story, morning glory? What’s the word mockingbird? While I heard Perez was tweeting to Miley and she said / she loved the gays! (@the advocate)

Um, can we get an “and girls-who-like-girls” up in this headline. (@nerve)

Best G-Chat Ever: green: “are you there, Editor? it’s me, Margaret”

Today in Epic Douchebagitocracy: When the fuck will this country wake the hell up? Things like this happen all the time. As long as we live in a country where gays are denied equal rights — honestly, the fact that it’s “marriage” isn’t really of any personal importance to me. It’s just that we’re supposed to be created equal period, at least in the law’s eyes, no one should be mandated “less than” —  there will always be the possibility of bullying like this slipping under the radar until it gets to be too much for the boy himself, and then, another boy kills himself.

On the Top Ten list of our least favorite questions ever: Can Psychiatrists Really “Cure” Homosexuality? (@scientific american)

crystal-iconfrom Crystal: My mind is being blown by the Web Trend Map. It’s a fascinating diagram that maps web trends and represents them visually as the Tokyo Metro map. It took a while for me to comprehend how it worked, but it was worth it.


stef-iconfrom Stef: So Earth Day is upon us, and it is my duty as a weirdo vegan to present this article from the Huffington Post: Vegetarianism is the new Prius by Kathy Freston. Basically, the worst thing you can do for the environment is eat meat; this article deftly explains all the ways the meat industry (which is directly linked to the egg & dairy industries) contribute to global warming, pollution and other things we need to start paying actual attention to. I hate preachy vegans probably more than any of you, and I’m not saying you have to change anything about the way you live, but please read the article and be aware of the facts. For more information about the ethics of vegetarianism and veganism, please read Don’t Have a Cow!, an interview with Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, author of The Face On Your Plate: The Truth About Food.

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  1. Happy Earth Day! And a belated happy birthday day to Carly!

    Wow, I didn’t know being a vegetarian was good for the environment too. But I don’t think I could be vegan. I practically live on eggs and diary.

    • hey amaya –
      before i was vegan myself, i thought it might be impossible – it’s totally not! i don’t think i could ever go back. i see it less as choosing not to eat certain things and more as choosing everything i do eat. i can def post more information if you’re interested!

  2. I personally hate Perez Hilton because I feel like he’s stupid, but he said something that rang so true that it made me almost mildly think about starting to like him. He said, “I’m sad that people use God and religion as an excuse 2 hate, discriminate and deny gays & lesbians full equality under the law”

    Also… I read about half of that ‘Can Psychiatrists Really “Cure” Homosexuality?’ article, then I got mad and had to quit. I can’t even get past the title. It implies that being gay is something that needs to be cured. Which is ridiculous.

    I love love love that Empire Pride video. It’s so truthful and sincere and…..idk. It’s just really good.

    Also, happy earth day.

    • Yeah there are so many ridiculous scientists who want to cure homosexuality, it makes me really upset because again it’s implying that it is a disease, rather than just an aspect of one’s overall being that isn’t like everyone else. They used to do the same thing for black people.

      Yeah I wish Perez could handle this whole thing differently. He says things like what you quote him on, which is so true, and then he calls her a bitch and uses other misogynistic language towards her, which lowers his credibility and distracts us all from the point. sigh.

      happy earth day (belated) autumn!

  3. I woke up with a horrific headache, so forgive me for not making sense and for missing about 50 IQ points I normally have.

    Now, because I feel like poop, I am confused right now about Obama’s stance on “gay marriage”. Isn’t it that he supports civil unions for homosexuals, but now “marriage”? Please correct me if my headache is causing me to make no sense.

    I think I just remember checking it off in my “mental checklist” during the election campaigning that neither candidate supported gay “marriage”, but that civil unions were “ok”. I guess I must’ve just moved on to other topics after that.

    Here’s the thing, though… the fact that the government even USES the term “marriage” REALLY bothers me. I was raised Roman Catholic, by an EXTREMELY zealous mother who was racist and homophobic (to put it lightly). The fact that I loved, loved, loved my friends Janelvin (black) and my wonderful gay buddies is nothing short of a miracle. Well, ok… basically, I was somehow impervious to my mother’s prejudice and hate from a young age, due to something I cannot explain. All I know is that, from as young as I can remember (like 2-3 years old), I rarely noticed race, sexual orientation, or gender lines.

    But, what I do know is that being raised that way, by my over-the-top mother, I always knew that “marriage” was a religious term. How did I know? For example, it was explained many, many times over the years that Catholics could not get married in just civil ceremonies; that they must also have a Catholic ceremony presided over by a priest to be “married” in the Church. Taking religious studies courses in high school, I realized even some other Christian denominations required the same in order for it to be recognized as a “marriage”.

    Now, because I’m also a law geek (never been able to afford finishing my Bachelor’s degree, but audited an entire year of law courses at WUSTL Law School), the government’s hang-up with allowing gay marriage really pisses me off. What is the government doing dictating what qualifies as a “marriage”? They can fuck off – pardon my French – and start paying attention to the Constitution. One of the best things, in fact, politicians that support gay rights could do is to start explaining that they DON’T support gay marriage, but support civil unions for every citizen. I would love, love, love if a politician was ballsy enough to completely discontinue use of the word “marriage”, except to explain why a politician should have no involvement with the word “marriage”.

    Because, frankly, marriage is a religious term, and government has no place defining a religious term. Leave that to each individual religious organization.

    In my opinion, I would see it as a monumental victory when a politician finally comes forward and refuses to acknowledge “marriage”, but only civil unions. It would be a victory not only for equal rights, but also for the health and competency of our government in general.

    Forgive me for my ramble, especially since it’s a poorly constructed, migraine kind of ramble. I probably should’ve just said, “Yay! Go gays!” since that’s how I feel. :)

    • Ugh! Stupid typos. I meant to say “but NOT ‘marriage’?” when I said: “Isn’t it that he supports civil unions for homosexuals, but now ‘marriage’?”.

    • That’s actually really interesting — and would be a much more sympathetic spin on Obama’s statements.

      • Well, don’t quote me on it, but I could almost swear that Obama is one of those who draws the line about government creating new laws that define the term “marriage”. This may be why he merely supports “civil unions” for gay people. It would stand to reason, at least, considering he was an editor of one of the most prestigious law reviews in the country, while attending Yale Law. The law review types (aka most of my friends that attended WUSTL School of Law) are very Constitution-focused, it seems. You know, people who actually get the term “separation of Church and State”.

        I should really do some research and try to find some actual quotes he has made concerning the topic. I might just do that tonight.

        I also forgot to include a disclaimer in my previous post that, while I was raised Catholic, I am no longer Catholic. While the Church as a whole is not as “terrible” to gays and other groups as it’s usually made to seem, there’s simply some fundamental things about Catholicism I cannot get behind nor be associated with. But, to each their own, I suppose. Now, if only people could just be accepting and respectful of others, I doubt there would even be a need for government or religion… but, only in a perfect world. *sigh*

  4. So my governor is being outed…again. Dude, either come out of the closet or stop being so tan. It’s OBVIOUS.

  5. I just want to say that I like your gig that you’ve got going on here. I get great little gay nuggets everyday! Thanks!

    • Agreed.
      Minus the “gay nuggets”
      That makes me think of McDonald’s nuggets.
      Which makes me think “eww gross”
      Which shouldn’t be associated with this.

      But anywho, thanks as well. This site is one of the few things that make me feel “connected” to the gay community in some round about way. It also sheds light to hysterical/interesting tid bits about miscellaneous things I never would have bothered to look at otherwise. If that makes sense. Thanks.

  6. Outing sucks! I just cringe at the thought of being in that position.

    In other news, this week South Africa will elect a president with three wives! no joke. So any kind of marriage is cool here. Come visit!

    I still can’t believe marriage equality is an issue in some places – and they said our ‘apartheid’ was outdated. Get with it America! Hang in there, your ‘apartheid’ will come to an end soon too. (Thanks Charlize).

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