Cobie Smulders Is a Revelation as Bisexual Dirtbag PI Dex Parios in “Stumptown”

When ABC announced it was adapting Greg Rucka’s cult-favorite detective series Stumptown for TV, our main question was: Will Cobie Smulders’ Dex Parios be bisexual, like she was the comic books? The first trailer was unclear, but at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, Smulders confirmed that her Dex is, in fact, queer. So I was a go on leaving the warm weighted blanket of binge-able streaming TV to, once again, and for the first time in a long time, attach myself to a network drama’s freshman season.

The weirdest thing happened to me when I was watching the first episode: I stopped caring about the commercials, and whether or not Dex was going to hook up with another woman. The pilot is compelling and hilarious and smart and action-packed, and while it certainly gets mired in basic network TV pilot exposition at times, Smulders is so charismatic as my all-time favorite dirtbag private investigator, I just genuinely enjoyed watching her story unfold on-screen.

Let’s get this out of the way: Dex Parios is not Jessica Jones, and anyone who suggests she is should treat themselves with a healthy dose of staying off Twitter immediately and forever. I know it’s hard for some people (men) to believe, but two whole entire women can be private investigators with traumatizing pasts and still be completely different characters.

Dex Parios did five tours in Afghanistan and she’s got major PTSD to show for it. She’s also got a gambling issue, an alcohol issue, an inability-to-commit-to-anything issue, and a car that only starts one time out of every ten tries. (There’s also a mixtape stuck in the cassette player that makes for a great gag and some Guardians of the Galaxy-worthy classic soundtrack moments.) Dex has enough baggage to crush a normal person and absolutely no self-preservation instinct. (Which: gay.) “Forget It Dex, It’s Stumptown” unfurls her whole deal: Sue Lynn Blackbird, the owner of the casino where Dex has racked up a hefty debt blowing her military disability checks, agrees to wipe her slate clean if she’ll track down Sue Lynn’s missing granddaughter. Sue Lynn seeks out Dex because she knows Dex because one time her son was in love with Dex and she wrecked their relationship because she didn’t think Dex was good enough for him.

While cracking open the case, and getting her head and ribs cracked in the process, Dex bumps up against the men in her life. There’s her younger brother, Ansel (Cole Sibus), who she tries very hard to take care of; her best pal, Grey (Jake Johnson), who helps her take care of her brother when she can’t and bails her out of jail; and her nemesis-turned-one-night-stand, Detective Miles Hoffman (Michael Ealy), who seems to understand she’s going to destroy him, emotionally, but can’t stay away. The people with the power, though, are women: The aforementioned casino owner Sue Lynn Blackbird (Tantoo Cardinal) and Lieutenant Cosgrove (Camryn Manheim) of the Portland PD. ABC only released one episode for review, but my guess is we’re looking at a case of the week-style procedural with an overarching season-long mystery that’ll keep Dex in Sue Lynn and Lieutenant Cosgrove’s orbit.

Those are just the pieces of the puzzle. What really makes Stumptown shine is Smulders. Certainly the Golden Age of Television has offered up some #ComplicatedWomen, but in the land of network TV, there are still very few women who are both complete assholes and characters you’re compelled to root for. Dex Parios is both of those things. She’s a woman who’s been beaten down — literally and a lot — by circumstances beyond her control, and a woman who’s made — and keeps making — some really shitty choices that result in a lot of heartache for her and the people closest to her. She’s kicking and clawing and smashing and bashing her way through the world and every man in her way.

“Yeah, fine,” she says, in the pilot. “I’m kind of a mess” — and it’s a joy to watch.

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Heather Hogan

Heather Hogan is an Autostraddle senior editor who lives in New York City with her wife, Stacy, and their cackle of rescued pets. She's a member of the Television Critics Association, GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics, and a Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer critic. You can also find her on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. LOVED the pilot, maybe one of the best I’ve seen in a while. It’s so good to see Cobie Smulders finally get the chance to be a messy, funny badass. Teen me who watched How I Met Your Mother for the Robin/Lily shipping is eagerly awaiting Dex hooking up with a woman.

    FYI, Stumptown is an ABC show which means you can watch it the next day on Hulu (with a subscription) or on the ABC streaming app (for free). It’s important to watch sooner rather than later so it doesn’t get canceled!

  2. I liked the pilot, and I’m glad they say that TV-version Dex is still bisexual, but the fact that they changed the cop from a woman to a man doesn’t give me a lot of hope. I mean, two male, potential-endgame love interests right off the bat?

    • I want to like it, but they’ve already felt the need to change a queer female character to a (presumably) straight man. Not holding my breath on Dex’s bisexuality being represented well.

  3. My favorite part is Dex and Nina, Sue Lynn’s grand-daughter. It seems like both have a tacit understanding of the fact that Dex should have been Nina’s mother.

  4. Yes!! I watched the pilot episode last night, mostly just because I loved Cobie Smulders in How I Met Your Mother, and I loved the other characters too. Including Dex’s car. I think it counts as its own character.

    And for anyone wanting to watch it’s streaming for free on the ABC website!

  5. Dang, the camera loves her, but I quit watching before the pilot was over. I just don’t want to see women get beaten or threatened with a knife or gun in just about every scene.

  6. I just got a chance to watch this tonight, and really enjoyed it. The mixtape gag, as cheesy as it was, totally got me & I laughed every time a new song came on.

  7. I can’t believe that an actress who made me realize I’m bisexual is playing a bisexual. What a time to be alive!

  8. Just watched the pilot and I love her relationship with Ansel and that he looks like he’ll be an important character. (Agree with @corvid though, hope that changes.)

    I’m glad Dex is queer in Cobie’s head. Here’s to some actual plot evidence.

  9. I watched the pilot! It was fun! My ex wandered in and she liked it too, for what that’s worth.

  10. Love this show. Colbie’s facial expressions are priceless throughout the show. I do agree, other than a glance of approval, this has been much the same as every other bisexual character (90% with men) so hope to see this change.

    • I am so sick of every single TV show That has a gay couple. I liked Stumptown, but it makes me nauseous. Why does this have to be thrown in our face is

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