The Best 45 Bars From Young M.A’s New Album “Herstory In The Making”

Hello and good DAY! Young M.A, the stud of my dreams and yours, has finally dropped her debut album and my GOD it’s good. She makes me wanna make her a plate, playfully flip her off, and then you know, go do grown folk shit together. And baaaabbyyy, she also has some vocals on this one. We got a little autotune, a little “lemme try and sing-rap like Drake” and it works. It works, it works, it works. All this album makes me wanna do is twerk on a real goon. I cannot wait to lose my shit when the DJ plays “NNAN” at the club. I cannot wait to have makeup sex to “Stubborn Ass.” I will walk down the aisle to “My Hitta.”

For real y’all, Young M.A is probably one of the best rappers in the game right now, one might even argue, THEE best rapper. And to hear her rap in a way that I culturally understand as loving, about other women? My little gay heart is THRIVING. This is the soundtrack to my black queer love story. When she said she didn’t need her niggas because she had her girlfriend??? Legitimately teared up, my dude. She made a gay ass album with 21 songs and they are ALL bangers. Even if rap isn’t your forte, give it a listen. She deserves the streams, in addition to our love and devotion. And this is just her first!! Imagine all the bars waiting for us in the future 😍. Keep it up papi, and also please come to Austin. I just wanna talk.

Here are her 45 best bars, presented in list form.

1. I don’t need this, I need a blunt

Me too

2. I don’t wanna care, I just wanna cum

Also, me too

3. Damn I wish love was illegal

Aries be like:☝🏾

4. I like them tatted bitches – Hi, Kehlani

5. But I’m a dyke and she a femme it’s a synonym

6. I put this dick inside her soul, nigga

7. Ooh, she’s a leaker

8. Bad bitch, she only smoke blunts with the glass tips

Just @ me next time papi

9. Shawty ain’t never need a nigga ain’t never ever need a nigga for nothing!

10. I’m usually a ho, but girl I got this dick for you

11. Ooh, that’s a bad bitch, You can tell she eat her collard greens and catfish/ I’m trying to make your daughter cry, sorry Miss Jackson/ I wear that pussy on my face like it’s in fashion

12. And I don’t need my nigga ’cause my girlfriend is my hitta

13. Holy fucking moly, I’m a superstar

14. She ain’t shy but a broke nigga make her nervous

15. Don’t take Molly don’t take Xanies but it’s weed inside the pantry

16. Pretty motherfucker, put me on the front of Vogue

17. Finessing, get back to the work ain’t no resting

18. I fuck her during tax season, perfect timing

19. Yeah I’m Young M.A, but she call me papi

20. Fuck all that humble shit

21. I hate paying bills

🗣️ a little louder for the landlords in the back

22. I can school your favorite rappers, I’m your new principal

23. I’m a sexy-ass cocky individual

24. With your stubborn ass/ Such a stubborn ass/ Come here rub my head/ While I rub your ass

25. Queen shit 👑

26. Call the po-po, ho!

27. That renaissance sounding ass flute at the beginning of “She Like I’m Like”

28. She like, “Thank you, lil daddy”

29. This is just us, this is how we are/ I am your nigga and you are my bitch/ You never leaving, I ain’t never leaving/ Why even trip?

30. I don’t wanna nag I just wanna nut

I mean… I admire the honesty.

31. I just want some head baby come and let me feed you

32. I just wanna work it out with you babe/ ‘Cause I ain’t get no pussy in like two days

33. Damn that pussy sweeter than some Kool-Aid/ I just wanna drink it till i’m woozy

34. It’s crazy how I got a big dick without a dick


35. I’d rather be inside some pussy than do this interview

36. Fucking up a Amex this is not a Vis-er [Visa]

37. Yo, she fire Brown skin, pretty brown eyes/ Slim waist, but her hips kind of wide/ Thick thighs, she about 5’5″, or about 5’6/ Pretty tits sittin’ high, legs crossed when she sit

38. I wear that pussy on my face like it’s in fashion

39. And if your ex was a disease then I’m the vaccine

40. And I don’t have a boo ’cause I think I was meant for you

41. Ayy, yeah, she my bottom bitch/ But when I need it, just like season, she on top of shit


42. And she get what she want (Uh huh), can’t ever tell her no/ She my lil’ spoiled bitch, she got that oil drip/ Apologies to my exes, and no this ain’t my confessions/ Appreciate your time and investment, patience and effort/ Having ya’ll was part of a blessin’/ Y’all all belong on the cover of Essence/ No hard feelings, no love lost


43. When we get home, better take off them clothes and no phones/ Put your hair in a scrunchy (Hair in a scrunchy)/ Freak in the sheets but a queen in the streets, got me singin’, like, “Isn’t she lovely?”

44. Tell the pig “oh, we don’t know who did it”

Prison Abolitionist Tea!!!

45. Yeah, throw her ass on the bed when she’s fussin’ and cussin’, uh Like, assume the position, stop makin’ assumptions

Download, stream, or buy Herstory in the Making wherever you listen to music.

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  1. I admired your word, specially Quiet storm and kqueen really motivated me. Now i’m a beast, ghost rapper, ready to face any challenge. Thanks Young Ma

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