Chely Wright is Gonna Gay Marry That Cute Girl Lauren Who Wrote That Book

As we approach the one year anniversary of Cinco de Gayo, aka People Mag’s Big Name Celebrity Coming Out Day 2010, our very own Miss Chely Wright has announced the engagement to her girlfriend, Lauren Blitzer, of um… a year? Mazel Tov! According to People — and who doesn’t love a well-timed engagement press release to coincide with the premiere of their coming out documentary – Chely and Lauren met through GLSEN, where Chely is the national spokesperson and Lauren acted as the Manager of Special Events for 3.5 years.

So, who is Lauren Blitzer? While she’s probably best known as the co-author of the (honestly kinda shitty) book Same Sex and the City, “a relationship book for lesbians that tells it like it is,” fans of the Lesbian Internet might recall her as a co-host on the very first AfterEllen lesbian vlog, She Said What. We all need to take a minute and watch this 2007 episode starring Lauren, AE founder Sarah Warn, JULIE GOLDMAN, and Jane Lynch. And while we’re at it, please take a moment of silence for We’re Getting Nowhere.

The Blitzer-Wright nuptials will take place at Lauren’s aunt’s estate in Connecticut on August 20. Chely also tells E-Online that they plan on having kids, “The benefit of being out is I get to have everything that everyone else has. I do want a family and I do want traditional things. I just had no idea it would happen so quickly. I feel like it was a blessing from God.”

This has been quite an eventful year for Chely, having appeared on every talk show known to man promoting her coming out autobiography, Like Me, breaking years of silence after hiding her 11-year secret relationship with her previous partner. She recently rode a second wave of press in January after her Autostraddle interview made headlines on CNN, The Huffington Post and Rolling Stone when she spoke to us about her lost record sales and the death threats she received post-coming out. Meanwhile, Wish Me Away, the documentary chronicling her coming out extravaganza will premiere at the Nashville Film Festival later this month.

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  1. They’re both so beautiful and I wish them all the best! I really hope media attention and documentary making doesn’t sour their relationship. It’s kinda like getting your lover’s name tattooed on yourself. You better hope that relationship sticks or else you’re stuck with it.

  2. As a former fan of AE..ahem.I totally remember Lauren Blitzer from that AE vlog! Let’s take a moment of silence for ALL the great vlogs AE had…

    • I plan on spending the next few hours on overcoming this hangover/eating chips/watching as many AE vlogs as possible.

    • But, like, one is taller. And has glasses. That totes make them different, amiright amiright?

      I wish those counted so I could date blondes without wanting to vom on myself for being such a cliche…

  3. Haha, my birthday is Cinco de Gayo. I feel like all famous people should probably save their coming out for May 5th every year as a birthday present to me.

  4. I’m happy for them and Lauren Blitzer seems like a very nice girl, but seriously, Same Sex in the City is probably one of the worst books ever published.

    • seriously it is probably the worst book i’ve ever read. i gave it to haviland to read when i was done and she mostly liked the notes i’d written in the margins making fun of it.

      • ha! that’s so weird because I know someone who did the exact same thing: wrote sardonic comments in the margins and then gave it to a friend as a gift.

    • I believe you may be forgetting a certain series about a sparkling vampire and a clumsy idiot Mormon girl. That was probs the worst thing to ever be published, imho.

      • this!
        even my then 14-yr-old brother could explain why the book was cheap propaganda, with regards to women’s rights and so on.

        (seriously, this boy! he is so great. when he was finished talking about twilight I wanted to give him all my love and kisses and hugs. all of them!)

    • yeah, i definitely forced myself to finish it, thinking: “this is a lesbian ‘handbook,’ they’ve got 200 pages, they’re going to mention a butch-y/boi-ish girl or gender presentation somewhere in here. is this real life.” for the love of g-d. but yeah, they’re both cute, woohoo weddings, etc.

  5. i’ve never read lauren’s books or even heard of her or read/seen anything she’s associated with. and i have heard of chely wright but i dunno if i’ve ever heard her music. and i don’t feel inclined. but anyway THEY ARE CUTE. like they just look so cute together. it makes me happy. they’re both so pretty and it’s so cute to see two girls together bc two girls is the best thing imo.

      • I hate to break it to the two of you, but lesbians stereotypes are a thing for a *reason*.

        • *lesbian stereotypes.
          See? My brain won’t let the word go unpluralized. It just doesn’t work that way!

  6. Is it just me, or is her hand in that last picture huge? I mean, you have two tiny, plaided ladies in a coffee shop, adorable as can be, and then BAM…that hand.

    • oddly enough, i thought the exact same thing. that hand is huge – shouldve been a total homo tipoff yrs ago!

      • fuck the points, she takes the brownies. wink wink nudge nudge throw you out the window

  7. after reading – and absolutely loving – chely’s book, i think this is awesome news. congrats to the two of them, and wow, good lookin’ babies!

  8. i AM taking a moment of silence for we are getting nowhere, but i think we need another one for sarah warn’s “cropped” jeans and mom sneakers in she said what!!!!

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