Lez Try It: Flower Arranging á la “Imagine Me and You”

there’s a lot of talk in the film about what different flowers mean, as Luce is repeatedly confronted by emotionally unstable customers demanding the perfect flowers for very specific occasions. I was intrigued. Could I make my own bouquet and send it to somebody? Is this something I could do from the safety of my own home, because there is still a slow-burning apocalypse going on outside? Turns out the answer to these questions was yes.

10 Queer Comedians You Should Know (Who Aren’t White Lesbians)

You’ll find odes to Lily Tomlin and Ellen Degeneres with only the occasional nod to comedy notables like Moms Mabley, Wanda Sykes and Margaret Cho, making queer comedy look like a whitewashed dyke party. You won’t find much evidence of the many queer comedians of color who are well-established, wildly successful and wonderfully, deliciously funny. Here’s a very incomplete list of some of those comedians. 

Fictional Cats, Ranked

There’s been even more talk of cats than usual on the queer internet lately, due to Oatmeal the cat in Russian Doll and Chewie the cat in Captain Marvel. Let’s keep that momentum going!