Brittani’s Video Party: Azealia Banks Has No Problems with G-Mail, and Hermione is on The Outs

Greetings. This is Brittani’s Video Party, where I bring some of the “best” videos from all over my internet together so we can clap, cry or deconstruct. Have you ever gotten to a video and it already has 33 million views and you wonder where the heck have you been? Well I’m here to help you so that you see it when it only has 32 million views. Aim low, world. Aim low.

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April Fool’s Day has passed but it didn’t take me long to realize that Google Blue was a prank that I stumbled upon a couple days late. You see, my Gmail recently tried to change to a newer version that I of course turned off immediately and will keep switched off until they force me to change because even though the new version might be better, I would much rather make things harder for myself if that means I don’t have to change. When companies makes videos like these, you would think that the self-awareness they seem to have would keep them from using the same cheesy language when they do release a thing but alas, it does not. This video is still pretty funny though.

The trailer for This Is the End has been everywhere. I love a good dude bro comedy so I can’t wait to see this. The celebrities in this movie are playing themselves (or at least Seth Rogen‘s version of them). Some of the many celebs in the movie are James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Mindy Kaling, Kevin Hart, Rihanna, and Michael Cera. If you don’t like those folks, then maybe you’ll take solace that this is an apocalypse film so they’ll probably die on screen. If that doesn’t cheer you up, then skip ahead to the end of the trailer for some quality Emma Watson action.

Azealia Banks has a new video for her song, “No Problems” which is the exact opposite of what you’d think if you ever read her Twitter feed. Banks makes me feel good about myself because no matter how long it will take me to release my mixtape, there’s no way it will feel longer than the wait for her debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste. But I guess it’s different since people are actually waiting for hers. Oh.

The Outs is a Kickstarter funded drama about gay men in New York who, like everyone at B-Camp, have a lot of feelings. This is the full length series finale that followed the series of six shorter episodes. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, the first episode is only twelve minutes and not as much of a commitment as the one below. Plus you’ll want to be able to follow the storyline as things get wrapped up for all characters involved. Alan Cumming cameos.

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  1. Re: Emma Watson. I sorta enjoyed the perks of being a wallflower, but ugh. It should be a registered crime to make Emma speak in any accent but her own because it is so perfect. SO despite how weird that This is The End movie looks, at least she’s speaking her mother tongue. :P

  2. Yeah, the best part of the This is The End trailer is Emma Watson with an axe kicking ass.

  3. This Is The End looks up my alley of entertaining.

    Azealia Banks, love her, want to smack her every time she Tweets.

    Also has Autostraddle sworn to the Gaia goddesses not to write about Spring Breakers. I so understand why you wouldn’t. But I still need an rainbow outlet to discuss it. Come hither gals! And plus Ashley Benson is not terrible in it.

    • I didn’t notice the AS silence on Spring Breakers until you pointed it out, but I am going to hope that this can only mean one thing: JULIE AND BRANDY SPRUNG BAKERS!

  4. Guys I think I figured out why Azealia Banks is forever tweeting ridiculous shit: Someone glued her phone to her hand, and permanently turned on the talk-to-text function. Everything she ever says gets badly translated and sent to the internet.

    Mystery solved.

  5. I wish Gmail Blue were real only because I would love to read hyperbolic articles about it. “Is Gmail Blue making us [smarter/rethink the visible spectrum/dumber]?”

    My love for Azealia is tweetproof.

    Great party. Alex Anwandter’s Tormenta ( may or may not be a nice way to wind down afterwards. It features people touching each other/themselves, some synchronized soaping, and a fantastic money shot (which is what I call shots of patterned ceramic tiles).

  6. That Gmail commercial was the best professional prank I’ve ever seen. Bravo!

    Also, I suddenly have piqued interest in a movie that I’d have written off as “all the reasons I can’t stand hanging out with bros” but then Emma has a motherfucking axe so now I’m confused.

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