BREAKING: Netflix’s “One Day At A Time” Shouts Out Autostraddle But You’ll Love This Latina Lesbian Storyline Regardless

You know what you need — nay, deserve — this Friday afternoon? Some undiluted, incandescent joy. That’s why you should go ahead and queue up Netflix’s One Day at a Time, a brand new reboot of the classic Norman Lear mother-daughter comedy that eschews the sitcom world’s overwhelmingly white history and focuses on a Latinx family. Specifically a Latinx family with a mother played by Justina Machado and a grandmother played by the legendary Rita Moreno and a TEENAGE LESBIAN DAUGHTER. A teenage lesbian daughter who gets her own coming out episode called “Pride and Prejudice,” during which her mom reveals that she is an avid reader of Autostraddle dot com!

You guys! Justina Machado said our name out loud on teevee! There are some very good jokes in-jokes about queer women in this scene! Plus, honestly, “Pride and Prejudice” is one of the most refreshing coming out episodes of television I have ever seen in my life. Also, Penelope (that’s Justina Machado’s character) has a friend who is a lesbian and they go to a gay bar where there are other lesbians. I don’t want to spoil anything for you; I just want to let you know that this exists and it will make you feel really good in your heart parts to watch it. Yvonne’s going to come at you with a full review on Monday.

And, look, your girl Gina Rodriguez thinks you should watch too!

I believe you are going to love One Day at a Time‘s writing staff.

I believe you are going to cry happy tears when you watch this show.

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  1. I waited until I’d watched the whole series to comment!

    I loved it, and I certainly hope this show gets more of a following. Absolutely *not* prestige television, for sure, but definitely what a ”family show from the 70s, 98s & 90s’ (Family Ties, Full House, even Simpsons?) should look like in 2017. Lisa goes vegetarian in the 90s, Elena comes out in 2017.

    Very progressive, also love that the mom is a veteran and joins a woman veteran’s support group.

    I also missed the Autostraddle shout-out scene first time round, making a cup of tea in the kitchen. So totally went back and replayed it and wooped and cheered and clapped on your behalf. (CONGRATU-FREAKING-LATIONS!)

    Definitely wish I had a show like this on tv when I was growing up. And certainly hope that it finds families across America and the world sitting down and watching it together (maybe instead of Fuller House? :-P )

  2. Okay, commenting once again now that I’ve finished the whole season. OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SHOW.

    It is everything I need from a TV show right now – it’s smart and funny and feminist and queer and socially conscious and uplifting and just generally made me FEEL REALLY GOOD without also keeping me in touch with all the not-so-good stuff in the world. I laughed out loud multiple times per episode, but there was also at least one scene in every episode that nearly brought me to tears.

    I am now recommending this show to everyone I know.

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