Autostraddle Reader Survey 2016: We Wanna Know All About You!

Guess what! You have an amazing opportunity today to make the world, and by “the world” I mean “this website,” even better than it already is! Yup. That’s because today is Autostraddle Reader Survey Day!

It’s a multi-page survey all about YOU and what you like or don’t like, what you read, what you need and what you’re thinking, and what you’re DOING. What are you doing, reader? Do you read Autostraddle through Facebook? Do you have a cat or a dog? Did you go to college? Have you been to camp? How are you living your life? In what ways can we make it better? We need to know, and we can’t know unless you tell us!


You’re damn right it does, Grape! You’re crucial to the success of this survey, actually. Grab your phone and take a picture of yourself reading this post. Now look at the person/produce in the picture you just took. THAT PERSON IS SUCH A BIG DEAL. That person is an integral part of the Autostraddle experience. We need that person to complete the Autostraddle Reader Survey, so we can know what that person is all about!


Whoa there Skeptical Carrot.

You’re raising some valid concerns, and some totes wacky ones, and I admire you for both. Survey responses are most definitely used for good and not evil. They help steer content, advertising and marketing! We’d never sell your answers to the US government because they don’t care. We do though! We care all the way. Plus, a lot of the questions are optional if you feel ethically opposed to telling us what you buy online. (But c’mon, it’s just little ‘ol us!)


So get in there and complete that survey!

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  1. Oh my god the happy little fruit faces made me cry actual tears (in a good way). I’M SO TIRED.

    I will totally fill out the survey, but wanted you to know that I am specifically thanking in the acknowledgements section of my dissertation (it goes to the grad college and my committee tomorrow), which pretty much sums up all you know about how this reader feels about this website. <333 (and also why I'm crying over cartoon fruit this week).

  2. I put it in the survey but it’s worth noting that I had only vaguely heard of Autostraddle and i used to read AE religiously but then one day the PLL recap that went up there wasn’t written by Heather Hogan! And I tweeted at her, where’d you go?!?! And she tweeted back, I’m at Autostraddle! And the rest is history.

    Very smart hire <3 <3

  3. I feel like before asking if we share stuff on (social thing) or follow AS on (social thing), maybe a baseline question of ‘do you use (here are some social things)??’ would be a good warmup? I’m not actually on some (most) of these sites and now I feel bad I have to say Nope Never Sorry for my answers :( WHERE IS SELF ESTEEM POTATO?

  4. Just a note, as I felt bad during the survey and then didn’t put it in the final comments – but the ‘do you share articles’ is v much affected by being out or not. I’m unlikely to past on Facebook, because that’s all friends and family, but I have retweeted AS for work purposes/as part of political discussion. If I was out I imagine I’d share more widely. It’s not an issue of not being invested in the articles.


  5. So I’ve been looking forward to friday night since I saw this, cause I knew I was doing a self love date night thing and would finally have enough time to dedicate myself to the survey! A good night!

  6. I wish I’d had my shit together soon enough to do this survey! I was super pumped about it but just busy and not focused and I checked today and it’s closed. Ah well. My life and feelings will remain secret until next year’s survey, I guess.

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