5 Best Things To Wear To Your Gay Stay-Cation

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I’m not about to come here and tell you exactly what you must wear on your staycation. That wouldn’t be right, and it wouldn’t be true. But having a staycation is about being your best self, and these items have been hand-picked to point you in the right direction. Keep these ideas in mind when making your sartorial choices this Staycation Saturday, and you’ll be set for success.

1. Some bomb-ass underwear


Sonnet Study Corset in Noir, $59.99

Love Claudette Polka Dot Longline Bra, $78.83

Torrid Mesh Rumba Panty, $10.98

BlueBella Lottie Sheer and Satin Bodysuit, $68.08

Whether or not you’re planning to get sexy time in on your staycay, you’ve got to start your outfit with a confidence-building layer. That may mean pulling out your laciest, strappiest, most expensive lingerie item, or it may just mean wearing those super-comfy Gap boy shorts that always make you feel effortlessly cool and desirable. If you’re having trouble figuring out what that item could be, try this: Imagine your partner/crush/random object of desire is seeing you in sexy mode for the first time, and you’re looking fly but also totally like yourself. What are you wearing? That’s the winner.

2. The comfiest pants you own


Wonder Woman Sleep Pant, $38.50

Calvin Klein Underwear Collage PJ Pants, $42

Nothin’ But a Zzz Thang Sleep Shorts, $29.99 

GapFit gFast Cotton Leggings, $44.95

This one is non-negotiable (unless you’re negotiating down to no pants, in which case I say, GO FORTH). You’re not going out today, except maybe to pick up an extra jug of OJ, so you don’t need to impress anybody with your ability to pick out weather-appropriate and underwear-hiding clothing. For me personally, staycation means pulling on the uber-comfy leggings that keep me warm and make my ass look amazing, while their high waistband provides enough space for my stomach to expand as I indulge in a day of snacking, chomping and imbibing. My girlfriend prefers the Aerie boxer shorts she stole from me a year ago, which is fine so long as they fit neatly into that category up there.

3. An oversized top half

Tops 2

Scissoring Sweatshirt in Red, $48

Lavish is the Life! Robe, $79.99

Drawstring Hoodie, $59.95

Kimono in Botanical Digital Print, $68.08

I’ve been lusting after a silk floral pattern robe for a while now. Not any particular robe; I just have this idea in my head that if I get one, maybe with a blue satin ribbon around the hem and some lacy detailing, my life will suddenly become perfect and my days working from my couch will feel elegant (carefree, even!) rather than self-indulgent. But I don’t have the money to shop at Anthropologie right now, so for my staycation I’ll be wearing what is legitimately the softest item of clothing I own: my Autostraddle scissoring sweatshirt. This part of the outfit is about versatility; it’s gotta be a little baggy, to keep you relaxed, warm enough that you don’t have to wrap a blanket around your body like a shawl (though feel free to do this anyway) and easy to remove if you decide to have a dance party and get a little sweaty. So, a robe, a fluffy cardigan, literally the best sweatshirt ever created…any of these will do.

4. Slippers


Gold Toe Fleece Lined Slip-On Slipper, $24.97

KISS GOLD Fresh Floral Print Premium Cotton House Slipper, $17.99

S’mores USB Heated Plush Slippers, $24.99

Daniel Green Women’s Gildy Moccasin, $40.18

Shoes are wonderful. I have like 5,000 pairs, most of which sit in a bucket in my closet because I wear the same salt-stained ankle boots every day. But you know what I can’t wear on Staycation day? Any of those shoes. On a day when the ideal maximum distance you walk is from the couch to the fridge, the only footwear you need is a good pair of slippers. Something soft and plush, with room to wiggle your toes and easy to slip on and off at a moment’s notice. If you’re planning on checking the mail or walking the dog, maybe find something with a sturdier sole. But if all you want is to treat your toes like royalty while you lounge on the couch, I suggest you follow Taylor’s footsteps (ahaha) up there and look into a USB-powered version.

5. Something wild


Tilt the End of Time Fascinator, $29.99

Rad & Refined Floral Cluster Sunglasses, $44

La Piscine Print Fanny Pack, $24

Large Velvet Hair Bow, $14.33

This is the item that will set you apart from any other staycationer. It’s that weird thing you bought on sale at the thrift store because you convinced yourself you’d make it your “thing,” only to stuff it up on the top shelf of your closet for the next six months. Maybe it’s a hat with a giant feather. Maybe it’s a tiara, or a gigantic red bow. Maybe it’s something that doesn’t even go on your head. The point is, it’s something you’ve dreamt of wearing, but never had the courage to take it out of the house. Well, today, you don’t have to take it outside. You just have to put it on.

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    • You know, I struggled with the idea of putting a onesie on this list because they are clearly an item designed with maximum comfort in mind. But, ultimately, they failed on what I consider the most important part of a staycation outfit: flexibility. At any point, your staycay could go from chillaxing on the couch to having a dance party to getting hot and heavy — covering yourself head-to-toe in a single fuzzy item only makes one of these things easier. They may be suited to a few people’s idea of a perfect day but, like overalls, are apt to become eventually obstacles in the way of the party. But if a onesie is what feels right to you on this glorious day, go ahead and make that choice. I’ll still be proud (and a little jealous of your style).

  1. I shouldn’t even have read this, since it just expanded my theoretical wish list exponentially.

    But I really don’t see how your life could not radically change if you were wearing those sunglasses.

    • Also: not having the money to shop at Anthropologie is the story of my life. There’s one a few blocks a way, and I’ve left a comparative puddle of drool outside the windows from all the times I’ve stood there in a trace.

      • I used to work across the street from one…lunch breaks became pretty dangerous after a while, especially when I was dissatisfied with my job and looking for any excuse to touch pretty things and daydream.

        • Oh boy. That’s a serious situation right there. It starts out with the windows. Then you think maybe just a scarf? Then a sweater. Then the outfit. Then maybe dress up some furniture with those knobs? But then the plates! Cue avalanche. (fortunately, this has never actually happened– but eek) It’s the daydream effect, like you said: somehow, they have the whole store set up so you can envision your life as basically floating on a cloud of beautiful things with no worries.

  2. Ok, can I just declare how much I love slippers? I have hard wood floors which tend to be cold, so as soon as I step into my apartment, off go my sneakers and on go my slippers. Those electric smores slippers are adorable, as are the human and cat in photo of said slippers. Also, when i clicked on the link, amazon recommended almost equally-adorable electric hand warmers shaped like smiling pieces of toast. I feel like electric smores slippers paired with electric toast hand warmers would complete my life.

    • I’m constantly on a search for better slippers! The ones I have now are comfortable, warm and have a nice sturdy sole for when I need to get the mail, but they’re weirdly annoying to put on. They’ve got this tough back lip that always rolls under my heel and tries to maim me if I’m just throwing them on to run to the bathroom.

    • I can just see me answering the door with that combo; the neighbors would probably call an emergency committee meeting! I know I’ve said here before what my winter getups look like, and I’ve alarmed more than one person already with that alone. (says the person currently wearing an ancient Pac-Woman t-shirt and a cat hoodie, which she did indeed wear out in public)

  3. It kinda seems like every other article you guys do is trying to seep money from your readers. We know this is a thinly veiled affiliate marketing thing. How bout supporting gay vendors instead of whoever pays you the most per click

    • Or you could not read articles that are pretty clearly “potential items to purchase” focused. Idk. Every single article on this site is entirely optional! Feel free to avoid ones that will make you annoyed or pressured to buy stuff!

      Also the truth is “gay vendors” probably don’t have enough of their own money to give AS the kind of kickback that would actually produce a profit, and I (personally) really want AS to make money so they can continue to exist and pay gay people to write things.

      • ^^^^what Punk-Ass said (great name, btw)

        We’re a queer media company surviving through interactions with our readers, and if you’ve ever consumed any sort of media at all, you know affiliate linking and sponsored content are par for the course. Nothing we do here is veiled, not even thinly, thanks to our dedicated leaders who update you guys about the financial situation at every turn. I can’t remember a single time Autostraddle has asked for money without saying exactly where that money is going and why.

        But also, like, this isn’t one of those situations. I didn’t rub my hands together and say “I wonder how many affiliate links I could get them to click on today!” I just wanted to talk about pajamas, and it seemed sort of silly to say “Look at all this cool shit!” but then not tell you where to buy it. So I picked stuff I liked from retailers that would (read: have the resources to) directly furbish a portion of the money you spend back to a queer woman-run organized (hi!). I don’t see how that situation isn’t win-win-win.

  4. All about the H&M sweats. Sometimes you can find ’em cheap/on sale. I got a pair from the men’s department for $10 and they have POCKETS and are fairly sturdy, yet comfortable.

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