New Autostraddle Merch Item: Metal “You Do You” Pins

You guys are going to love these!

We’re excited to unveil our custom “You Do You” pins. They’re made of metal with an “antique gold” finish with the letters “YDY” inside a triangle (which is the gay symbol did ya know!) filled with black enamel.

You Do You Pins

These are tiny, about a half inch at most at the widest part. And they come with a rubber back.
I’ve given these a spin on the lapel of my fancy blazer, on my Peg and Awl bag, even as cuff links. Someone mentioned that they’re going to put their pin on their lanyard. Sounds about right!


Autostraddle “You Do You” pins on things.

So many uses and purposes in just one tiny little package. We think you’ll enjoy these.

Get your metal “You Do You” pins in our store for $8

(Though if you order your pin with another merch item, your pin ships for free.)

And as always: thank you for supporting us!

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  1. Totally awesome! I want some.

    They’re just small and oblique enough that you sort of have to be “in the club” to know what they’re about. Not that I don’t like proclaiming my love for autostraddle all over. It’s just that secret signs are cool. lol

    Is there an autostraddler hand shake yet?

  2. “Oh, they’re only eight dollars! This is perfect. Just in our price range.” -my girlfriend

  3. Oh, man. I just had to pay for car repairs. I hope you don’t sell out of these before next payday, because I want one. so. badly.

    • I think they chose to have the triangle be right-side-up because of the how the ‘A’ in the Autostraddle logo is a right-side-up triangle : )

      • Not that there is a right-side-up and a wrong-side-up; I just meant pointing upwards : )

  4. Nice!! I needed a new pin (especially a secret club pin lol. Now I don’t know if I want to put it on clothing or on my bag. Mmmm…

  5. :D I’ve always wanted to buy something to support you guys but haven’t wanted it SO BAD that I would be willing to explain the package to my parents. But well, I think I’m ready to move to the next stage with you Autostraddle, proudly professing my love for you everywhere I go.

    • Whenever I’ve ordered something from Autostraddle, I always forget about it (as I tend to do with everything) so when the package comes, I’m always like WTF is this? Then, I glance at the return address where it says “Alex Vega”. Two things happen: 1) I get really excited because my underwear/stickers/t-shirt came. 2) Blush a little because Alex sent me mail.
      (she also hugged me once last year, but I don’t talk about it because the gushing gets embarrassing)

      THE POINT IS: Autostraddle mail is super discrete.

      • I am super happy to hear this, because I’m going home for the summer, and receiving BIG GAY RAINBOW-ENCRUSTED PACKAGES is not something I am yet able to do at home. But I want all of the things. Oh, do I want them.
        Bonus points for this pin being discreet but still distinctive. It’s like the lady-loving smoke signal or something.

  6. YAAAASSSSSSS! I’ve been thinking of a way to rep the gay at work, but subtly because you can still be fired for it in my state. This is perfect, AND it reminds me to do me.

    Also, I love that Autostraddle’s slogan could feasibly be the slogan for masturbation month (May) as well. “You do you.” Oh, I will. All month long.

  7. damn this is good. and I’ll get away with it on my blazer in work.
    so yes.
    expect an order from the UK.


  8. Damn it, I’m gonna have to buy two of therse. On for my gay blazers and one for my big ol’ gay leather work satchel.
    Curse you AS, you thief of currency.

  9. Crap, now I have to go online shopping and spend all my money on Autostraddle goodies. :P

    • YES WE DO! I’ve shipped to tons of APO addresses. If you are having problems e-mail me (bren [at] autostraddle [dot] com) and I’ll walk you through it.

  10. yay something for my purse, without being like “rainbows rainbows everywhere!” and its safe for work which means I wont have to take it off of said purse every time I go into work. wooohoo =)

  11. Imma buy two and wear ’em as earrings. I’d wear it as a nose ring, but don’t think it’d work. Also because my nose isn’t pierced.

  12. ohmygourd this is awesome. I love the non-so-obvious subtlety. Rainbows are loud. This is perfect!

  13. I BOUGHT TWO. one for my leather jacket and one for my denim vest, which is possibly the gayest thing on earth.

  14. seriously, if i bought a third one and pinned it to my flannel i’d be a super lesbian or something.

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