You Need An Autostraddle Hoodie, Can Buy One Right Now

Just in time for summer! HOODIES!

Y’all have been requesting an Autostraddle Merch hoodie situation for awhile, but it took us a long time to find an affordable AND high-quality hoodie situation. At last the time has come for us to unleash this $48 masterpiece upon you, thanks to our dear friends at Mammoth Printshop.

Autostraddle Hoodies
These Independent Apparel hoodies are 80% cotton, 20% polyester and comes in two colors: concrete and cardinal red, so even if you can’t be at A-Camp or don’t even know what the hell A-Camp even is, the look remains yours for the sporting. The imprint is a new retro-style A-Camp logo.
Autostraddle Hoodies
The sizing is unisex — in the photos above, that’s me wearing an extra small: I’m 5’5″ and I think I have a shorter-than-average torso. Anyway, that’s also unwashed so I can imagine there’s some shrinkage that comes with a dryer situation.

I think you’ll really like these. And we didn’t order many because we’re always afraid we won’t sell out of anything even though we always always do. Because you guys are awesome. So get ’em cause you’ll love ’em. You know that guy with the raspy voice in the Mens Wearhouse commercials who says “ya gonna like the way ya look, I guarantee it,”? I feel like him right now except I actually mean it.

Autostraddle Retro-Style Camp Hoodies – $48

[If you’re coming to A-Camp, we’ll be selling hoodies and other merch there, so bring cash!]

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  1. I want both and to be at camp but I am broke, so sadface and look of wistful longing.

    These look pretty sweet.

  2. i realize this isn’t even important but those hood strings are my favorite kind of hood strings. so excited.

  3. YES. I can totally justify buying this (even though my wallet will probably grow arms and proceed to slap me in the face), as it is pretty much winter here in Australia.

    You guys wouldn’t happen to have measurements up any time soon would you? My arms are freakishly long..

    • I feel like if You Do You hoodies were an actual thing, I’d never wear anything else ever again. Except for pants maybe? But even then I’d have to be in the right mood..

  4. Pretty sure I have A-camp depression on account of living in another far-away country and being to broke to go.

    I hope you guys have another one this year. I hope I’m able to go.

    Wait…this post was about hoodies, right?


  5. Is this for a limited time? I don’t really have $ right now but I’d buy it in a week or 3..

  6. Super torn about whether or not to get the red one or the concrete one… Then again I can wait until Chinese New Year to wear the red one, I bet my extended fam will love that! Ha!

  7. Someone should buy me one to cheer me up over the fact I’m probably not going to fail all my tests.

  8. Have you considered offering other clothing from a different brand? I would absolutely love an Autostraddle T-shirt, but I can’t in good faith buy clothing from American Apparel.

  9. Man, I spend a lot of time trying to think up a valid excuse I could give my mother if I traveled halfway across the country to A-Camp next time it happens.

    Right now I’m in between “invasive experimental surgery” (which I will probably return from with a farmer’s tan? We’ll work on it) and “writer’s retreat.” Or maybe since she found my MJ stash (and I don’t mean my Michael Jackson vinyl collection), “rehab” would work?

    “Mom, I have to go to weedhab. I have a problem. You don’t even want to know how many Pizza Rolls I ate last night. Just freebased Pizza Rolls all night long. It was like ‘Requiem for a Dream.’ Or more like ‘Requiem for Some Cheese.'”

    What I’m trying to say is that these hoodies are awesome. Let’s put some zippers on them next time, how exciting would that be?

    • Are you a troll? I feel I whupped you soundly in another forum on here. Is somebody sad they won’t be at A-Camp this year?

  10. I’m not sure why I’d just accepted those pictures as something I’d see while online shopping for like Gap or something and thus that some random model was just wearing Autostraddle stuff. But now that I know it’s Vega, I guess the model part still holds up.

  11. Can I count on there being enough that I can definitely buy one at camp? Then I won’t bring my own sweatshirt.

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