Holigay Gift Guide 2015: The Ultimate Guide to Giving Autostraddle Merch to Everyone

2015 Autostraddle Holigays
There’s absolutely nothing like getting all your holigay shopping done in one place. And you know what’s even better? When that place lives in the digital universe and you don’t even have to get dressed to get gifting! In order to assist you in living that dream, I’m here to act as your personal shopper in the Autostraddle store, and I’m gonna help you find some awesome Autostraddle merch for everyone.

That Person Who’s So Gay It’s Obnoxious: Scissoring Shirts and Sweatshirts


If you’re looking for the right gift for the person who says it loud and proud all the live-long day, look no further than our line of merchandise that I love deeply but still often fear wearing outside of my home.

Your Gay BFF: The Gal Pal Holiday Sweater


You’ll need to buy two, though, so you and your gal pal can match at the holigay meet-up you’re co-hosting together this month. Luckily, I can guarantee you’ll both look great and have the shiniest hair in the room. (PLUS! Since the shirt is available in two colors now, you can switch off who wears which one on which day and maximize your wardrobe.)

Your Activity Partner: Scissoring Boxer Briefs

Scissoring Boxer Briefs

Did you see that episode of 90 Day Fiancé this season where the Russian girl married the Mormon dude and they were both in their twenties and the “raciest” gift she got at her bridal shower was a totally normal nightgown for her wedding night courtesy of her new grandma-in-law? Well. Let’s just say this is not your Mormon grandma-in-law’s sexy time sleepwear.

Your Friend Who Lives Somewhere Warm: Queer Sultry Summer Zine


Having a loved one or a close friend who lives somewhere warm is a gifting opportunity full of awesome possibilities. You can scan the clearance rack for off-season merchandise that everyone else didn’t appreciate during it’s heyday! You can send hilarious gag gifts to her like inflatable tubes that go around your waist when you’re in the pool for Hanukkah! And you can send her this awesome zine so she can spend the warm days feeling sultry even when there’s non-stop Christmas music playing on her car radio because she programmed 103.5 KOST FM to be her #1 station on her faves list. Ahem.

The Cousin You Drink With Downstairs Every Time There’s a Family Get-Together: Liquor in the Flask


Everyone has one of these, right? I mean, I have one of these. I’d also recommend buying some sort of bright, like, silver or white metallic sharpie and filling in the blank on this flask before giving it to someone, just to make sure it’s really unique and special. If they’re gay, you’re gonna have a grand ol’ time figuring out what to say. If they’re not, maybe just write “time of need” so that they never understand the implied joke here for as long as you both shall live.

Your Ex-Girlfriend That You’re Still Friends With: Gal Pal Crop Tops, Hoodies, and Tee Shirts


Honestly, I just think this would be funny. Let’s all start this revolution.

The Queer DIY Grrl in Your Life: Scissoring Tote Bag

Scissoring Tote Bag

The only thing better than a double entendre is a bag that actually does do two completely separate tasks. By day, it can broadcast to everyone who comes into contact with her that she’s gay as fuck. By night, it can hold her knitting needles neatly under the computer desk in a completely unassuming manner.

Someone Who Just Came Out and Talks To You A Lot About It: OMG! I’m Gay Zine



Someone Who Loses Everything In Their Big Backpack Just When They Need to Find It: Safe Space Pencil Case

Safe Space Pencil Case Autostraddle

Get it! Like, it’s an actual safe space for all of their most important pens, chargers, phones, cards, loose change, and college graduation pictures. Y’know. Just in case. Also makes a good gift for compulsive under-packers and over-travelers, people who are still enrolled in some form of school, and anyone you know who’s gay and also a teacher. I’m really into giving people who are TAs “teacher gifts” this year, like in my heart.

Someone Who Wears Leggings As Pants: Tomboy Femme Track Tee

The Tomboy Femme Tee

Just saying that it’s a strong combination. I heard it from a friend.

Your Tenderqueer Friend: I Broke Up Like This Zine


If you know someone who can appreciate our most sincere and heartfelt break-up advice and feelings during the most wonderful time of the year, they deserve this. Also a suggested gift for the person you’re about to dump, as a courtesy.

 Your Super-Fly Femme Girlfriend: Lazy Femme Tee

Autostraddle Lazy Femme Tee

Everyone needs a shirt to chill out in, or grocery shop in, or walk the cat on a leash around the city streets in. For the lovely femme in your life, there’s no better shirt that says it all for their lazy days than this gorgeous hunk of fabric.

Literally Everyone You Know: Yes Cats! Zine


I don’t understand why this isn’t sold out yet.

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Carmen spent six years at Autostraddle, ultimately serving as Straddleverse Director, Feminism Editor and Social Media Co-Director. She is now the Consulting Digital Editor at Ms. and writes regularly for DAME, the Women’s Media Center, the National Women’s History Museum and other prominent feminist platforms; her work has also been published in print and online by outlets like BuzzFeed, Bitch, Bust, CityLab, ElixHER, Feministing, Feminist Formations, GirlBoss, GrokNation, MEL, Mic and SIGNS, and she is a co-founder of Argot Magazine. You can find Carmen on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr or in the drive-thru line at the nearest In-N-Out.

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  1. Can vie for the scissoring boxer briefs. I wore them when I went to Vegas with my co-workers and they said they thought the scissors were just a design til I explained with my fingers.

  2. I am wearing my Tomboy Femme t-shirt with leggings as pants right this very minute. It IS a solid combination. And really, can I reasonably be expected to wear actual pants during finals week?

  3. I actually did buy the Yes Cats zine as a Christmas present (I bought 2,so I get to keep one forever and ever) and it’s PHENOMENAL. It’s a great combination of things that will make you laugh so hard you cry and essays that are so moving you cry. Basically, I do a lot of crying. Plus also adorable stickers and cute illustrations from tv shows accompanied by the best cat-centric quotes from them.
    Also, I have a scissoring t-shirt, tank top, and sweatshirt (My favorite thing to wear is a scissoring shirt under my sweatshirt, so I can represent in all forms of weather). The great thing about them is that my queer friends understand the logo, while my parents and grandparents don’t get it at all, and I think they assume it’s some sort of DIY pride thing because I also have a zillion crafting hobbies.
    And I love my Lazy Femme t-shirt SO MUCH YOU GUYS. It’s soft and flattering and is 100 percent my actual gender identity.
    Also, literally want to get all of the other things listed here. Basically, I should just have my paycheck go directly to Autostraddle.
    Oh,also for the people that haven’t made a purchase yet, the Autostraddle Store has super high quality merchandise and the shipping is fast and the customer service is excellent. I had a question about my order and my email was answered super quickly that same day.

  4. I’m doing the thing where I buy a bunch of stuff for myself, wrapping it and pretending to be surprised. Best Christmas ever.

  5. I bought Queer Sultry Summer ages ago and saved it for reading in summer (which is right now in Australia). I just finished it and I super recommend it. It also doubles as an excellent hand-held fan!

  6. The lazy femme tee with leggings and a black sweater is my go-to weekend outfit right now. Can’t recommend it enough!

  7. My BFF and I already ordered matching gal pal holiday sweaters to wear to our holigay meet-up, I’m glad this is how you intended them to be used.

  8. I have the scissoring tee & tote, and I honestly think everyone assumes it’s because I’m a knitter. Which is amazing and also a little disappointing.

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