The 2010 Autostraddle Hot 100 Preview

We know you’re already whet with anticipation for the 2010 Autostraddle Hot 100, which will debut on May 16th, 2010. Why? ‘Cause the Autostraddle Hot 100 is a little different than other Hot 100s. The 2009 Autostraddle Hot 100 honored things/people/ideas which were literally hot; hellfire, hot tubs, grills, the Miami Heat, Hot Pockets, global warming, Hot Cross Buns, Sarah Shahi et al.

So this year we asked ourselves…. aside from actual heatstroke/swine flu, what truly does set our loins ablaze? Sure, we dig Eliza Dushku in a pencil skirt or Jennifer Beals in a tank top as much as the next lez, but nothing truly turns us on as much as another woman who dares, as we do, to openly desire other women (see also: Calendar Girls).

So we opened it up to you — we asked y’all to submit photos of yourself or a friend so we could highlight how hot we know you are. Because you’re nagging us so much, we’re giving you a sneak peek today of 11 girls from next week’s list!


Caito. “Genderqueered Queer.” Single.


San Antonio, TX.
Marketing Student, Papa Johns Pizza Delivery Boi

[tumblr, flickr]


Brandy, 25. “Uber-Gay.” Single.


Houston, TX



Julia, 24.


Québec City, Québec, Canada
Used Bookstore Clerk



Lauren/”Tenny”. Single.


Philadelphia, PA./Cherry Hill, NJ
Student at Temple University


Nikki Siv. 22.


Chicago, IL.


Baby Julie Goldman, Lezbro. 3mos.

actress/comedian/co-star of ‘in your box office’ on
“as submitted by her best friend and writing partner in crime, Brandy Howard

[show] [movie][blog]


Beansie, 21. Queer.





Lindsay. 18. “Taken by the loveliest girl.”


Atlanta, GA.
Favorite Book:
The Virgin Suicides by Jeffery Eugenides



Sunny, 22. Queer. Single.


Northern VA/Washington DC.
Bartender/Photography Student

[tumblr] [twitter]


Kasey/”DJ Riot”, 21.


Vancouver, B.C., CA
DJ/Studying Design and Architecture
Favorite book:
A New Earth
[dj riot dot com]


Stephanie, 19. Single.


New York, NY.
Film & Music Student/Aeropostale Cashier
Favorite Book: Naked, by David Sedaris


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  1. !!!!!

    Is this list the format for the main list or will there be more info about each one?

    Also: Hot photos, everybody. akldjasldja;sld

  2. What a mixed bunch of queerettes. Can’t wait to see the whole list, love the diversity. :)

  3. Uh oh, I didnt know people were actually taking this seriously and sending in nice photos of themselves, now im a bit embarassed, maybe I should send in one nice one to balance out the other one?! :-O

    Also, it’s so nice to see such a diverse mix, nice one AS, savage beyond words!

  4. Okay. Seriously. Ridiculous.

    I’m actually happy that my friend somehow failed at cameras and messed up my photoshoot because those are some hella hot ladies and I clearly am not. Although I did have a sword and used a wind-machine.

  5. wow. super hot. i’m embarrassed by my own picture now. but very appreciative of the queer hotness happening here!

  6. I love how bashful about their own pics everyone is in these comments!

    Although the ladies in these pics seem almost professionally-hot, I am most looking forward to the super-creative-hot ones. There will be swords and wind machines? I am quivering with anticipatory lust already.

  7. Well those are sexy. They could be in magazines!

    I’m also feeling embarrassed that my photo was totally unprofessional now haha but whatever I’m sure there’s a few of us.

  8. oh. my. god. real queers are so much sexier than tv queers i love this!!!

    bah… i sent in a pic with a gay boy in it.. not accepted, too late now.

  9. “Well hello there Justin Bieber!
    No I wasn’t looking at your boobs. I was looking at your t-shirt.”

  10. the next person who says they aren’t as hot as the people in this preview is getting punched straight in the vadge. i’ve seen the other entries — y’all are smokin’. deal with it.

    also, i feel like i ordered my pizza well over 45 mins ago. hope that means it comes with a free lap dance. WHAT.


    • Is that a promise? Cause I could go for some fist / vagina action right about now. I’m so ugly. Okay, it’s go time!

    • was it delivered by a pizza delivery boi? i’m gonna be sorely disappointed next time i order a pizza, that’s for sure.

      also i am SO excited for this. and kaylucia, i wholly agree – real queers are soooo much sexier.

  11. Well. You all are just incredibly lovely. And that is really all that can be said.

  12. Okay I commented like an hour ago but now these smoking hot ladies are helping me to feel better in the aftermath of David Cameron becoming Prime Minister of the UK.

      • Im sorry too, the only good thing about it all is the Facebook groups that have started up since he won, ones like “throwing eggs at David Cameron, brick shaped eggs – made from brick.” and “Hi, my name is David Cameron, you can call me Margaret.” It’s the little things I suppose!

  13. If this is only the preview, I think my brain may explode from the hotness when the full feature is published.

  14. I can’t wait for the whole list!

    There’s no greater cure for pining over a straight girl than Autostraddle.

    • Okay, you might not see this since this post was like four days ago.. but! I clicked on your facebook for the hell of it and we had a few mutual friends in common.. one of them being my best friend of 6 years! Cassandra La Cour. Smaaaaall freakin’ world.

  15. Wow Autostraddle readers are hawt – can’t wait for the complete list! Tenny gets extra credit for the Justin Bieber tee.

  16. It’s like when I was a kid in a toy store. I was “OOOH I WANT THIS!!!” and then I saw something else, like the ninja turtles or whatever and went “OOOOOOH NOOO… THIS IS WHAT I WANT!”ad infinitum.

    (I think after hours of indecision I’d leave the toy store with the Julia box set ifyouknowwhatimean… maybeishouldntsaythatsincesheisarealpersonwhoreadsautostraddle… sorry.)

  17. Aw no, I just realised that volcanic ash cloud pending i’ll be in South Africa trying not to be eaten by a hippo and/or giraffe when this is out, shame, but at least im spared any possible mortification! Instead of me being there at the time im going to say what I know id say when all the photos are actually up on the 16th-> Fucking hell your all stunning, can all of you book a plane to Dublin immediately and i’ll bring you for pints thankyou in advance, Lou.

  18. awww…i thought about sending a pic, but i talked myself out of it. hey Lauren, how’s it? ;)

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