Autostraddle Hot 100: It’s Your Turn to Be Hot. Seriously. You.

Last year Autostraddle celebrated the annual Hot 100 Season Internet Party by ranking 100 things that are literally hot: Hot Topic, bonfires, hot beef injection, hibachi grills, fried eggs, hot lava, the sun, “throwing a hot dog down a hallway,” the Miami Heat and more. “HELLFIRE & ETERNAL DAMNATION! LISTEN TO NOMNOMNOM” took the number one spot, as expected. That shit is HOT. Gays better be scared.

So now that we’ve already listed all the hot things we can think of, and the only thing that’s gotten hotter since last year is Global Warming, we knew we had to do something different. Then we thought… omg! YOU! You’re so hot! I love your hair!

Not everyone can make it to New York to be an Autostraddle Calendar Girl; so we’re asking you to send us photos of your hot self, girlfriend or friend. Whatever “hot” means to you.

We’ll choose the first 100 photos we receive, unless we get a ton, in which case we’ll have to do some kind of lottery or something, or have a “Hot 200”.

Here’s the rules:


1. Email your photo to autostraddle[at]gmail[dot]com. PLEASE ALSO INCLUDE YOUR AGE IN YOUR EMAIL.

2. You must be 18 or older.

3. You must identify as queer/bi/lesbian/trans.

4. The photo must be high-res and very clear! Pick the bestest hottest specialist photo you’ve ever taken!

5. If the photo is not of you, you must supply us with the full name & email address of the girl in the photo so that we can be sure she is for real.
We will label your photo with your first name and age as well as any other info you want us to include.

6. Optional information to include:

– your full name
– your job/employment/university/school situation
– your website/twitter
– where you live
– your favorite book
– if you’re single and looking to mingle

7. What if you ARE a famous person who might appear on a list of famous hot lesbians? What if your best friend is? Well send that bitch in! We will include you obvi. That’s right Shane, you can still take the cake!

Deadline: Saturday May 1!

There will be prizes — help us pick!

So far we’re thinking:

– Best Hoodie
– Best Incorporation of book, sword, or other geek accessory into photoshoot
– Most Emo
– Most Actually Famous Person

Any other ideas?

Oh and we won’t be ranking you. We’ll maybe just be arranging you by t-shirt color or something.
Got it?  Okay go!

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  1. okay question. can the pix be tastefully NSFW? or am I the only lesbian who likes her hotties showing some skin?

    • we can’t show any tits or vadge, but we can also block out the nip with little AS logos as we’ve done in the past

  2. Real people hotness?! Unprecedented!

    I am very much looking forward to a century of delightful queer ladies that will not be ranked and headed by Naomily, which I am totally expecting will happen in all other Top 100s this year.

  3. YES FINALLY. especially after I was denied entry to a Malaysian Black Book project (similar to this one) some years ago because my pansexuality meant I wasn’t lesbian enough. Or something.

    I sent you a photo, but if you want more tell me, I’ve got plenty ;)

  4. I like being mentioned in the same opening paragraph as Nicol Paone and Nicole Pacent

    It also made me feel like when a teacher says your name in class to make sure you are still paying attention

  5. Ooh, ive got many nerd/geek-esque photos with geek accessories included, I shall dig one up now! :-D

      • Fuckit you’re right, I guess hotness is subjective and all that! I sent it in anyway, it has a cheetah in it so I can wow people with that! Thanking you AS, it’s a really fun idea. :-D

  6. pretty pretty please with icing on top.

    tshirt colour -> robin’s rainbow bookshelf -> human rainbow -> happy turtle

    what it was a logical thought progression. :-)

  7. if i thought i was hot i’d totally send you a picture. but since i don’t think i’m hot i’ll just look fwd to the gallery. hot girls ftw!

    • Dont be mad, im sure your only gorgeous! That’s the point of this gallery I think, everyone gets a chance, no matter who you are, go for it and send in a photo! :-D

  8. What about Best Literal Interpretation of Autostraddle?? Just so people will straddle something. Because that is hawt. And this was a genius idea! Can’t wait to look at all the hotties!

  9. yikes, now that I have sent mine, I fear that others will be showing me up with their hotness. Mine doesn’t showcase hotness, just happiness and gayness, and that in and of itself is hot, right???

    • Confidence in ones gayness is super hot so yes! That’s why most women at pride parades are just irresistable! I kindof regret mine too but sure fuckit, dont be worrying girl!

  10. I submitted my gf because she’s an ultra geeky photographer.

    …and it turns out she submitted me too. I’m having a moment BRB

  11. Can the picture be black and white and crayola all over?

    …just kidding.

    I look forward to the unveiling(s)! :D

    • samesiesss. no one has to know our age? i mean we get hit on by boys nonstop, i wanna see what the ladies think!! xP

  12. I just did a photoshoot for the last four hours and I don’t have a single fucking thing to show for it. :(

  13. I’m clearly not going to submit anything.

    But there might be a picture in existence involving me, a snuggie, and a lemon.

    I really hope there chicks in snuggies in this final list.

    • if i had a hi-res photo of me in my snuggie
      a. i would RULE THE WORLD
      b. i would submit it

      my snuggie obsession clearly needs to spiral more out of control

  14. Are we allowed to use a boy as a prop? All my high resolution ones have my bestie gay friend in.

  15. I feel pretty today so I just sent my picture. (And I really can’t believe I did so somebody pinch me!) Let’s see if I’m one of the first 100. :D

  16. this is such a good confidence booster just by the mere fact that i hit send – high for the day :)

  17. Done. Totally not sad that I finally decided to register as a member just to do this contest… Hey, I’ve lurked on the site for a LOOOOONG time. :)

  18. I’m too nervous to send one in… you’ll all have to squint at me in my Gravatar instead… *blush*

  19. I was going to send one in…and then I realized I don’t have very many good pictures, so then I decided not to.

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