Autostraddle Has T-Shirts, Posters & Calendars For You!

Hi! Merry Consumerist Day! I know you’re probably really tempted to spend the day at Wal-Mart wrestling over blenders, but why do that when you could relax at home in an Autostraddle T-Shirt, thinking about what lesbian sex is? Right?!

Well, because we love you and pay attention to what you say you want, we’re trying to produce some extra-fun stuff this holiday season — also because Autostraddle remains a small business with an independent voice and merchandise sales help keep us alive and “well.” For example: supporting this year’s Autostraddle Calendar is the best way to ensure next year’s Autostraddle Calendar. It’s a proven fact.

You asked for posters, and thus, we made you posters. you can now purchase limited edition 8.5″x14″ posters featuring the infamous “Is It Sex?” Flowchart or “YOU DO YOU” for $10 each ($12 for international orders). ALSO THIS WEEKEND ONLY, you can get BOTH posters for only $15!!!

Visit the Autostraddle Store For:

Autostraddle 2012 Calendar – $18

Autostraddle This T-Shirts – $25

“Is It Sex?” Poster – $10

“You Do You” Poster – $10

Unicorn Plan-It T-Shirts – $20

You Do You Stickers – 1/$5, 3/$10, 8/$20



This Weekend Only:

2 Posters For $15

Free Shipping On Orders Over $50 (enter coupon code “shipper” at checkout)


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  1. Thought about getting an AutoStraddle shirt, but then realized that as a guy that might make me look just a slightly bit more of a Pervy Wanker than I truly am.

    Will have to stick to the calendar, when I get the chance to order next month. lol

  2. I really, really, REALLY need to go to bed (it’s 4am) because if I keep online shopping I am going to have no money left by 7am, when I am supposed to go to the mall with my mom. On the “fuck it, it’s black friday and Lizz told me today was the last acceptable day to buy myself presents before march!” side, I am now the proud owner of two SEXY posters. Thanks, AS!! Incase it isn’t obvious, I am supremely thankful for your existence. <3

  3. I spilled coffee down myself in my excitement, but the burning was worth it since I know my top will be replaced with a bitchin’ autostraddle t-shirt. I’m bringing back the word bitchin’. Or did it never leave?

    • I was originally thinking right above my bed, but now I’m thinking kitchen. I just anticipate a lot of great conversations ending with me pointing to the poster and yelling GO MAKE A SANDWICH! (In a really respectful, pro-women, strong feminist kind of way, obviously.)

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