Autostraddle Behind the Scenes VIDEO #1

Hi! Welcome to Saturday! We are going to start sharing some groundbreaking intriguing videos of “Autostraddle Behind the Scenes” with you! Aren’t you lucky?

See, our friends Rocco and Rachel own a production company and thought it would be neat to film us while we were in Los Angeles. Riese and Tess both objected vehemently to the idea of being on video ever/all the time, so as much as “Autostraddle Behind the Scenes” is about what happens “behind the scenes” of Autostraddle, it’s also about what happens when you keep filming people who hate being filmed [Riese sidenote: if this confuses you b/c of the R&H Vlogs, she’ll be happy to explain to you why that’s different, and also how that ended up happening in the first place]. It’s like the opposite of Gimme Sugar!

Speaking of Gimme Sugar, in this week’s clip you’ll see Rocco coaching Alex (Design Director) to “set the scene” regarding upcoming plans for Riese’s birthday. Chaos ensues, and Tinkerbell is, at one point, harmed.

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    Dear Buddha, when I first saw the tweet that this was something about Truck Stop… I thought OMG ALL CAPS there were no video cameras there that night were there?!

    Brooke would succeed out of those three children.

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    My favourite moment was definately “I dropped my retainer behing my bed in 1998 and I never got it back”.

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    “you already told me that out in the hall”. I wish reality shows would do that. I lost my retainer a lot to so they glued some to the backs of my teeth. I’m told this is very routine but I think it’s a conspiracy. The government is probably listening to me type right now. They probably know I’m a lesbian and like to visit autostraddle dot com. Robert Gates, if you can read this, please tell me if I have any cavities.

    Riese, You should be proud that you rid yourself of that thing. Say no to teeth conformity! Screw the man! or woman or dentist person!

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      I have a retainer thing glued to the back of my teeth too. And I still have to wear a plastic thing at night. Oh, orthodontia.

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    “‘you already told me that out in the hall’. I wish reality shows would do that.”
    I agree, which is why I lost it when Riese said that.
    I thought “she’s right. I totally just did.” Silly cameras!

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    I think this calls for the foundation of the Society for Lady Lovin’ Ladies with Retainers Cemented To Their Teeth. It’s time to raise some awareness. We could be counted as like a minority within a minority and get tax breaks and stuff? ijs.

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      until Autostraddle becomes massively popular, I cannot afford to have straight teeth again. Maybe I should see if Emily choo will let me borrow her built-in retainer. Sometimes I just push on my teeth really hard.

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    My heart burst when Alex rushed to Tinkerbell’s rescue. This is adorable. More, please.

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    This is my new favourite part of Autostraddle and I think that it should happen regularly. Alex is such a hero for rushing to save Tinkerbell like that. Give that girl a medal of honour or something.

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    Wow I haven’t been here in too long! I’m actually helpless with laughter…tinkerbell saved from the jaws of death.

    Please can there be more video? I know you guys are busy, but I miss the vlog days! This stuff makes my college workload so much more bearable!

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