#AutoAri: Everything Else That Happened on The Real World Was Insignificant

This week on The Real World: Ex-Plosionthe house came together for the first time ever. Ari Fitz didn’t have far to go, since she’s a Bay Area native, but she did show up to the house in camo, so there’s that. The cast includes three girls – Jenny, Jamie, Ashley – and four dudes – Corey, Brian, Jay, and Thomas. Ari kept her cool the entire episode like a total pro.

Ari patiently entertains people asking to touch her hair, calmly explains that she’s queer to six strangers at separate times, and otherwise maintains her dignity in the middle of what soon becomes the biggest shitshow to ever hit television (paging Ashley, who has already had a drink at every bar in San Francisco but still can’t hold her liquor).


When the first house fight breaks out and Ashley is caught walking the streets of San Francisco in a bra and underwear, Ari is just calm and cool in the kitchen. The next morning, she lookin’ fly and everyone else goes planking in the billiard room.

ari tho

When another night out and another glimpse at Ashley’s ass lead to Jenny pointing her foot at people in the hot tub after some dude followed her home, Ari’s eating potato chips.

potato chips

And when Ashley throws hot oil directly into Ari’s face, she’s just kind of like, “Oh, shit. That was rude.”


Here’s the questions you had for Ari Keepin’ It Cool Fitz this week.

This Week’s #AutoAri Q&A

On San Francisco

A little! I mean, I want to travel for free! But I was working on my second film and so staying worked out. Also, it was fun to show the roommates my city.

Ha! Great question! I wasn’t around when she said all of that. Plus, true Bay Area cats don’t need to assert it’s their city, they embody it. I am San Francisco, period.

On the Show


Yes, boo! They did, and that’s why I’m addicted now.


He was such a cutie about it. Wasn’t he? Honestly, he’s one of my best friends in the house and one of the truest most authentic people I’ve ever met.

i like pussy dude


Tough, but I typically only have eyes for just one. Plus, the girls in the house were too much like sisters to be into like that.

OMG! Can I just say I love it!!! I think the world understands it’s a show and sometimes it’s awkward to experience events and then remember there’s a camera crew documenting it. I love that Real World acknowledged this and had fun with it. Definitely inspired.

I feel some kinda way about sex in animal-themed onesies! I love that Cory and Jenny had some fun and just lived their lives, and weren’t afraid to get kinky. I mean, why not?!

hats kissing

It’s the most surreal experience EVER. It definitely was an emotional rollercoaster for me and everyone else, but I grew so much and I learned so much about myself. At the end of the day, I moved into the house to build an audience for my work, and it’s exciting to see it already start to happen.

It was SO INSANE. It’s funny because the first 24 hours were literally what you’d expect from being on a show like this: drunken fights, rando makeouts and life times 1000… All of this without anything except seven crazy people.

Funniest thing is the easiest way to stay out of drama on the show is to not avoid it by being fake. I made damn good friends in the house because I was 100% Ari.

Took a lot of patience, dear. A lot. Here’s the thing, at that point I felt sorry for Ashley and I knew it was just another ploy for attention. It wasn’t worth my time and honestly, I wanted to help her in the morning.


I’m not THAT nice.



Haha! See now that one I wanna save just so it’s more interesting to watch, but I’ll say it’s one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever met.

On Ari

We are style twinsies and bring new swag to Real World, but you already know that.

I braid my hair every night and I do conditioner washes every two to three weeks. My conditioner is Seed by Akimi.

Ha sure! I need a mentee, but I gotta hear what you’re trying to do first.

24 years young.

5’10 and lovin’ it! Tall girls unite.

Three lines below my collarbone. I have a ton of shapes and lines everywhere, actually. Maybe you’ll see them when watching? For me, everything good in my life has happened in series of threes, so it’s an important number to me. Shapes and lines signify moving towards perfection.

Our Winner

Every week, Ari will pick her fave question out of the bunch and we will reward them with lavish prizes. This week’s winner, @bcraft21will be getting “You Do You” stickers!


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  1. I thought for sure my “is Ashley ever not censored?” question would be discussed. Haha. Way to be classy, Ari, and avoid it.

  2. This one time, I had sex outside our city’s only gay nightclub, with a girl from Sweden who was wearing a tiger onesie.
    My friends now consistently refer to it as “the time rosalie had sex with the Swedish tiger.”

  3. my love for the real world literally knows no bounds. it (and the challenge) are my favourite in all the lands of reality tv. i love this live tweet idea but sad me without cable will be stuck watching it online later :(

    you’ve got the cast info a bit messed in this article. brian is an ex, so he technically hasn’t shown up yet. and then you didn’t count arielle as the 7th housemate.

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