Ask Us Anything: What To Watch While Social Distancing, From Noted Queer Experts

So, you are inside (or at least, we really hope you are inside unless required for work, we really cannot overstate the importance of social distancing). At some point you’ll probably run out of things to watch on TV. Except you only think that you’ll run out of things to watch because, our friends, that’s when we step in!

We are Autostraddle’s TV Team, a rag-tag group of queer women tv/film watchers, lovers, and critics. Not to toot our own horns, but we think we’ve gotten pretty good at this whole sitting on a couch and watching your screen-go-by thing. We’d love smash our heads together for your benefit!

This idea actually came together from a couple of tweets. First, Autostraddle TV Team writer Drew Gregory offered her services to her many followers:

Then Autostraddle Managing Editor Rachel Kincaid provided this gem:

Need some background noise while you work from home? A movie for a virtual hang with your queer fam? Something that lasts for 150 hours and you’ll get so obsessively immersed in that you can eat Cheez-Its and forget about the news for days on end? We’ve got a plan for that!

Here Are Some of the Things We’re Good At:

Carmen: family sitcoms that are almost too corny to bear, Shondaland and Shondaland-style dramas, that specific genre of television that I can only describe as “rich women wear chunky sweaters and plot murder while drinking a bottle of wine,” romantic comedies, girl gang comedies, SNL, and anything that starred a black or Latinx person in the last 30 years.

Valerie: Campy sci-fi with a female lead where everyone is a little bit gay, complicated sci-fi that surely has a gay in the mix somewhere, sci-fi that is coded gay but never quite committed to it, and also anything about murder.

Drew: Every lesbian movie ever with a special focus in coming-of-age stories where teen girls have a quiet emotional journey – also every Hollywood and arthouse classic that isn’t quite lesbian but does involve misandry or stubborn women or just Katharine Hepburn wearing pants.

Riese: The L Word, ’90s/early ’00s indie films about teenage girls / women in their early 20s often involving a badass best friend from the wrong side of the tracks, high-brow drama / dramedy, pretty much anything with a butch in it, high school melodrama, the first two seasons of popular dramas that eventually go off the rails, post-1980 mainstream movies with lesbian characters, shows that are mostly just smart people telling jokes to each other in a form that vaguely comes together to loosely resemble a plot.

Kayla: “Everything everyone else said, plus I got the Bravo dykes and reality TV fans covered.”

Heather: All gay TV that’s not bloody, scary, or procedural-y, especially fantasy and sci-fi and comedies. (Carmen: Heather you forgot Cartoons!) (Heather: OMG MY MAIN THING!!)

Natalie: Shondaland, daytime soaps, procedurals, The West Wing, shows that feature POC and underrepresented communities (or created by those same people), and can really research the hell out of anything you ask.

Tell us three of your favorites, and we will pick something new. Tell us a ~vibe and we’ll help you get there.  Please share your favorite comfort movies with each other! Heck, if you just want someone to scream about a plot you love or you’ve always had a burning desire to ask TV Editor Heather Hogan which three cartoon characters she’d most want to invite over for an afternoon tea (or to survive the zombie apocalypse) now is your time.

If you have a question for a specific person, feel free to include our name in your comment since we will be ctlr+f-ing ourselves. But feel free to ask general questions for the group! Even if you have a question about something that isn’t mentioned here! We’re popping popcorn! Let’s go!

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The TV Team

The Autostraddle TV Team is made up of Riese Bernard, Carmen Phillips, Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya, Valerie Anne, Natalie, Drew Burnett Gregory, and Nic. Follow them on Twitter!

The TV has written 232 articles for us.


  1. I’m so excited!! I hope someone asks us questions!!

    Who wants to know how I would rank every season of Grey’s Anatomy?

    Who wants to know my favorite Angelina Jolie action movie that you can STREAM RIGHT NOW??

    I forgot to mention I’m also an “expert” of all action movies where the plot is “women look hot and do violent things against men”. Just in case that’s something you wanted to know!

    • Carmen! Firstly, thank you for articulating the genre “women look hot and do violent things against men” which I now realise is the Netflix category I have always wanted.

      Secondly, what are your top films in this category? I love Atomic Blonde because it has actual gayness in it, but I feel like there may be many good ones I’ve missed out on in recent years owing to being partnered to someone who kind of sensibly baulks at all TV/movie violence.

      • OH SALLY!! I LOVE Atomic Blonde!!

        My top films in this category are as follows, in non-ranked order:

        1. Colombiana (which is not a great film, but Zoe Saldana LOOKS GREAT IN IT)
        2. Wanted (which still has far too many men in it)
        3. Salt
        4. Kill Bill Vol 1
        5. Tank Girl
        6. Everything Pam Grier made in the 1970s

        The most recent movie in this category that I absolutely adored is “Harley Quinn,” which very excited for us is being released early VOD for streaming because of the self-distancing (I don’t know about in the UK though, so you may have to do a little digging). I also recommend “Widows,” which came out in late 2018 and lots of people slept on but shouldn’t have. I also recommend “Terminator: Dark Fate” which came out last year and I saw without ever having seen any other Terminator film just because of how hot Linda Hamilton looked. I have no regrets.

        • Ok, I think I am not so out of touch then as I have seen all on your top 6 except Wanted (because men) and Pam Grier’s 70s oeuvre, so I guess the latter is what I shall be tucking into!

          Widows and new Terminator definitely going onto the watch list too…

        • Widows is SO GOOD. It was not as popular as it deserved to be. (And Cynthia Erivo is such a babe!)

      • hi hello also a huge Atomic Blonde fan here! (and action in general) here are some great action flicks avail for streaming (and they all have hot women)

        1. Annihilation – Hulu
        2. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – Netflix and Crackle
        3. Aliens – HBO Go
        4. Furious 7 – Prime
        5. Mr. and Mrs. Smith – HBO

    • Ooooh I wanna know about Grey’s Anatomy!!

      I don’t know if anyone else has been feeling the same way, but for me watching Grey’s makes me feel more calm about the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s like, look at all these horrible disasters that happen at this one hospital and yet they still get through it and continue saving lives. I mean obviously it’s a fictional show but it’s still making me feel better!

      Carmen have you been watching Grey’s since the beginning? I got into it kind of late and I’m still catching up, I’m about to finish Season 11.

      • MARY!! Hi!

        I have watched Grey’s Anatomy every Thursday without fail since Season 3. I watched the first two seasons also live, but with less regularity. I have seen ALL 16 SEASONS MULTIPLE TIMES on Netflix (well technically season 16 is still airing, but you get the idea) and I have seen the first 10 seasons more times than I could reasonably count!

        Here are my favorite, off the top of my head, in order.

        1. Season 6 On top of being my favorite season finale, Season 6 gets bonus points for having MAJOR Callie and Arizona cute fest.
        2. Season 5 This is controversial! Most people associate this season with Izzie’s ghost sex and therefore hate it, but I would counter: 1. The wedding episode is gorgeous and epic! 2. Callie and Arizona eat pizza in bed together naked and it’s the cutest thing. This is the beginning of my favorite television love story and I could watch it forever and ever.
        3. Season 7 Callie’s hair looks great! And the musical episode!
        4. Season 2 Prom. Enough said.
        5. Season 4 Another controversial choice!! Pretty much everything about this season is a mess except for this: Erica Hahn’s Leaves on Trees speech, which ripped my heart into a thousand pieces and is worthy of a Top Five slot.
        6. Season 12 You aren’t quite there yet, so I won’t go into spoilers, but this has hands down my favorite season premiere and I think is when the show really starts to find it’s groove again after a prolonged slump. (Warning: Save tissues for the end of this season)
        7. Season 3 By far my favorite Cristina season!!! The entire ordeal with her and Burke, right down to the wedding finale. The fact that Sandra Oh didn’t win an Emmy for this is crime.
        8. Season 8 This is cute for some Callie/Arizona family time with Sophia, for sure! And Loretta Devine as Mrs. Webber gets an Emmy award winning performance in the back half (congrats to her!)
        9. Season 1 It’s fine. It introduces the core characters. But most of my favorites don’t show up until the later years any, so whatever. (cough cough Callie, Addison, Teddy, Arizona sometimes). Cristina is great, as always.
        10. Season 11 This is when the show starts picking up wind again after the low energy of seasons 9-10. But mostly, just fine.
        11. Season 14 Mostly Mediocre except for a beautiful ending arc for [spoiler because you haven’t seen it yet]
        12. Season 13 Mediocre.
        13. Season 15 Except for a strong episode in the back half for Jo Wilson (you may not know this character well yet), I don’t have many memories of Season 15? Despite having seeing twice? Which is pretty damning in and of itself.
        14. Season 10 It’s not as bad as Season 9? But that’s not saying much.
        15. Season 16 Whew this current season has really not been Grey’s best, I would’ve even give last place, except….
        16. Season 9 (I have every season of Grey’s more than once except for this season, which is the worst of Callie and Arizona’s dark years, starting with the plane crash and going all the way to the [spoiler that happens during the rainstorm]. It’s depressing and awful for basically everyone in the cast. I hate it. I HATE IT. I Wish I Could Erase It From My Memory.)

        • Carmen!!! This is such a great list!

          I’m in total agreement with you on the Callie-and-Arizona-being-cute seasons. And the awfulness of Season 9. Callie’s my favorite character and I hated to watch her and Arizona go through so much.

          I had a hard time getting through the first few seasons because I just didn’t like the characters as much (couldn’t stand Izzie or George). I wasn’t sad at all to see Izzie leave, Alex Karev deserves so much better!

          Now I’m excited to watch Season 12 next! And don’t worry, I keep the entire damn box of tissues next to me every time I watch an episode of Grey’s…

    • Am I allowed to ask questions, Carmen? Because I would like your official list of Angelina Jolie action movies ranked by gayness.

      • Ask and you shall receive!!

        Angelina Jolie action movies, Ranked by Gay

        1. Hackers. Sure this is technically more a thriller than action film, but it also inspired a generation of queer women to, ummm, find themselves. Very much worthy of top billing.
        2. Wanted. Fox is bisexual; no woman that hot is straight.
        3. Gone in 60 Seconds. Sway is bisexual, no woman that hot is straight.
        4. Salt. Evelyn Salt is… ha, I almost got you! She’s definitely a lesbian. And her husband was a part of her cover, she only thought she loved him because of all that Russian brainwashing.
        5. Maleficent (honestly, I would have given this top spot, but does this count as an action movie? I don’t know. But wow it sure is gay. So instead it rounds out the Top 5)
        6. Mr & Mrs Smith. She and Brad. Both bisexual. She has sex with Kerry Washington off-screen, who plays her assistant.
        7. The Bone Collector. Another one that’s mostly a thriller, but she’s a cop which in tv/film is a traditionally lesbian profession.
        Beowolf. (I’m sorry, this really isn’t my cup of tea. I bumped up one spot to counter my own bias)
        9. Maleficent 2: Mommis (otherwise known as Mistress of Evil, but also Michelle Pfeiffer so.. like I said, Mommis)
        10. Alexander. Queen Olympias was most definitely boning her handmaidens.
        11. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. We all pretend this movie doesn’t exist, and we’re better people for it.
        12. Confessions of an Action Star. See above

        (I excluded all the Kung-Fu Panda movies, I can only go so far)

  2. An early recommendation: alternative streaming services.

    We’ve all got Netflix and/or Hulu but how about trying out some new options:

    – For all you aspiring angliophiles, Acorn TV (home to my personal fave, Ackley Bridge) is offering a free 30 day trial using the code, FREE30.

    – Sundance TV is also offering a free 30 day trial (code: SUNDANCENOW30) and you can stream stuff like Fingersmith and Next of Kin (which has a lesbian character and stars Autostraddle fave Archie Panjabi).

    – The Urban Movie Channel (UMC) also has a free 30 day trial (code: UMCFREE30)…though I’m not sure if there’s any queer programming available there.

    • Hopping on this train! For the horror fans, the horror/thriller streaming service Shudder is offering a free 30 day trial with the code SHUTIN. They have a huge library of mostly cult horror movies and lots of stuff from the 80s and 90s as well as foreign films and animated stuff.

  3. ALSO!!! Autostraddle recently put together (or updated) these lists for your streaming needs:

    82 Queer TV Shows to Stream on Netflix —

    Lesbian Movies on Netflix: Everything Streaming and What’s Worth Watching —

    42 Hulu Streaming TV Shows With Lesbian and Bisexual Women Characters —

    What’s Gay and New On Netflix, Amazon and Hulu in March 2020? —

  4. Everyone should be watching Feel Good on Netflix. It’s amazing. And Mae Martin is amazing if you want to go into a Mae Martin vortex

    • I’m reviewing it! Also totally agree, after I first saw the trailer I watched a bunch of YouTube videos with her and was like… yes I like this person yes.

    • I recently rewatched Grey’s Anatomy, Weeds, Justified and Shameless. Any suggestions along those lines?

      • @simplyb4 I mean, if you liked Justified, I think Deadwood (another Timothy Olyphant vehicle) is an easy jump. Also, the short-lived Terriers from Shawn Ryan (the man behind The Shield, Chicago Code, S.W.A.T.) just went up as part of F/X on Hulu and I couldn’t recommend that show more.

        The easiest answer for fans of Grey’s is to expand into the Shondaland universe with Private Practice or Scandal. Outside of the Shonda-verse, I’d suggest Rookie Blue.

      • @simplyb4 It sounds to me like you enjoy quirky and dark Tv starring dark and twisted women alá Meredith Grey.

        May I recommend: Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara on the darker end of the spectrum, and G.L.O.W. on the lighter end? (I’d also usually recommend Orange is the New Black here, but loathe to do so because of some spoilers around Season Four and onwards. So I recommend OITNB through Season Three ONLY and then if you decide to continue, research what happens first so you can make the educated choice for your own needs)

        • I forgot to say that Orange is the New Black (again, with caveats for your viewing) and GLOW are BOTH created by Jenji Kohan, who did Weeds.

          If you’re down to watch cartoons, I could also see you liking Bojack Horseman probably!

          In addition to Deadwood (thanks Natalie!) I also recommend Breaking Bad to most Justified fans. It’s not really my cup of tea, but most people agree it’s good television.

  5. BroadwayHD is offering a free seven day trial and they have my all-time favorite play, Indecent! Written by noted queer (I wanna say lesbian but I haven’t got my sources with me) Paula Vogel, it tells the story of a play called The God of Vengeance that was written by Polish-Jewish author Sholem Asch. The play was part of the Yiddish language movement and was famous/notorious for featuring a lesbian kiss and the throwing of a Torah to the floor. Indecent is one of the most beautifully written scripts I’ve ever read and the Broadway production was staged fantastically

    also musicals are a noted part of queer culture

    • I have been thinking about getting a Broadway HD subscription because I miss live theater so much, but I read a few bad reviews that said it was really hard to stream things and then they had trouble getting their money back. I saw Indecent and openly wept in the theater. What a masterpiece. I’ve been dying to see She Loves Me too, so maybe I’ll try it out!

  6. Also you GOTTA get the Apple TV+ 30 day trial so you can watch Dickinson. (I did it and I don’t even have an Apple TV. or an iPhone! I had to download iTunes to figure out what my account even was but it was worth it.

  7. In the UK, you can get a 14-day free trial for BFI Flare, which has a bunch of gay films:

    Also, the BFI Flare LGBTQIA film festival was due to take place in London right now and there’s mention on the website that they will be making content available digitally now it’s been cancelled, so possibly new films could get opened up to a wider audience!

  8. best soothing craft competitions reality tv!!! watched and rewatched gbbo, LOVED blown away (please watch it), just started THE GREAT THROW DOWN which is a bbc bake off imitation with pottery that is honestly perfect, but anything of that nature would be amazing as i am unemployed now lmao :/

    • I fucking love the Great Pottery Thrown Down! If you have only just started you’ve got a lot of good stuff coming up!!

    • There’s this show called Making It that has Amy Poehler as the judge and I think you can find on Hulu! It’s basically a direct rip off of GBBO, but the cast is American and they do home crafts instead of bake. Literally nothing traumatic or sad ever happens, it’s like drinking chamomile tea.

    • @ebwhite Did you watch Amy Poehler’s Making It? I think that definitely fits in soothing craft competitions. I’ve heard good things about Shop Class on Disney+ as well.

      Also? It might be a little less soothing but the new season of Top Chef premieres tonight…and there are a few queer cheftestants and, of course, PADMA.

      • making it was a little cutesy for me, but i love top chef!!!!! i will def watch the new season good idea

    • ok i am going slightly rogue with this answer, but if you want to delve into an absurdist version of craft television might I recommend At Home with Amy Sedaris

    • Oh I thought of another answer! Big Dreams Small Spaces on Netflix. Not exactly crafts but It’s a gardening show that is very dreamy and earnest

      • i love big dreams small spaces thank you so much!!! i’m gonna try at home i love the sedari

  9. I would love to get a recommendation or two for anything with butch/MOC/etc. characters, especially if they’re being thirsted over/desired in general. The shows that come closest to this that I know of and have already watched (and loved!) are Vida and Work in Progress (and also shout out to Catra in a suit on She-Ra!). Thanks in advance!

    • Hi hi! The majority of Cheryl Dunye’s films have butch/MOC characters! The Watermelon Woman is my favorite movie ever and I also recommend Mommy is Coming.

      Also: Princess Cyd, the middle section of If These Walls Could Talk 2, Yes or No, My Friend from Faro

      • Thank you so much, Drew! I loved Princess Cyd. Looking forward to checking the rest of these out :)

    • Lena Waithe’s new television show on BET “Twenties” has a butch lead. The first of black butch lead of a comedy series, ever!! If you don’t have cable, you can find it on Amazon Prime.

      • Thanks for the reminder! I saw your and Natalie’s review of it and it sounds super intriguing. Sadly it’s not on Amazon Prime in Canada, but I’ll keep an eye out – maybe it’s on its way.

    • @no-elle We’re only a few episodes into Twenties‘ first season but last night’s episode definitely checked the “MOC character being thirsted over” box.

    • Gentleman Jack
      I Love Dick
      One Mississippi

      there are some masc-of-center characters on the major queer shows, but how masc people consider them to be remains contentious: lip service (sam, frankie, finn), the l word (shane, tasha, candace), gen q (shane, finley)

    • also movies;
      signature move
      if these walls could talk 2
      incredibly true adventures of two girls in love
      high art
      suicide kale
      stud life

  10. What should I watch that’s engaging, low stakes, queer, and in which nothing bad ever happens? Right now I basically only watch Schitt’s Creek and Brooklyn 99. Also Making It, though I find it hard to pay attention to sometimes.

    • The Good Place seems like it would be high stakes, and it kind of is, but it’s the most warm and wonderful and redemptive show on TV. Also, Derry Girls! And Great British Bake Off!

      • Yeah I love The Good Place! Also I loved season 1 of derry girls but then I forgot it existed so I’m excited to go watch season 2 now! What’s your favorite season of gbbo? Should I start at the beginning?

    • One Mississippi
      Camping (it’s just one season and most people didn’t like it, but I did?)
      Broad City
      Take My Wife
      Faking It
      Fresh off the Boat

    • I’m going to Double Down on Riese’s rec for Grown-ish! And Broad City (which given your taste in Schitt’s Creek, you might like?)

      I will also add Fresh Off the Boat (great throughout, queer in it’s 4th season).

  11. Also I started Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu last night!! There’s only been three episodes thus far, so I don’t know that the daughter is gay, but also even if she’s not gay, she’s still definitely gay in that late 90s, cut off all my hair, worship Drew Barrymore, and wear Doc Martens kind of way.

  12. I have two (potentially) different questions:

    -anything good that has polyamory in it? I love Professor Marsten and the Wonder Women, the episodes of the l word generation q with the throuple, The throuple house hunters episode, and… that’s about all i can think of haha

    -ridiculous reality tv for a bravo lesbian who has seen all of the real l word already (and loved it)


    • My Bravo recs: Vanderpump Rules if you can handle/enjoy pure chaos. I find it to be extremely escapist. Also some cast members come out as bi later in the series. If you wanna watch some very complex friendship arcs/friendship breakups unfold over the course of many seasons, I recommend Real Housewives of New York or Beverly Hills.

    • @kewl42 I’ll leave the ridiculous reality TV question for Kayla because that feels like it’s right in her wheelhouse (though, I’ll add that the Brazilian edition of The Circle debuted last week).

      On the subject of polyamory, I’d recommend You Me Her and Please Like Me…maybe Why Women Kill if you’re looking for something more campy…or Cable Girls if you’re open to Spanish-language programming.

    • yes seconding Natalie on You Me Her!

      there’s a really fun throuple in>Shameless Seasons 5, 6 and 7, between Svetlana, Veronica and Kevin. I don’t like how it ended but it was truly fun while it lasted.

      there was a show on Showtime called Polyamory: Married & Dating. I remember not liking it a lot bc all the men on it sucked, but somehow also watching the whole season, so

      There’s a small polyamory subplot in Faking It‘s final season

      Bo is poly in Lost Girl but doesn’t have like a three-way relationship.

      Also my fave webseries The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo has a fun little thruple!

    • @kewl42 For some polyamory that some people will swear by (I don’t watch it myself, so I can’t exactly rate it), try “Siren”.

  13. I’m _always_ looking for banter/flirting/sexual tension between two women! It feels like a lot of the queer movies/TV I watch sort of skip right to them being together, and then either they are just in a relationship that is pretty static or the focus is on the fact that someone needs to leave their husband, or come out to their parents, or whatever. I just want a will-they-wont-they build up, or battle-of-wits-type enemies to lovers. My dream is like, “You’ve Got Mail” but with two women who are already out.
    TV or movie is fine! My favorite lesbian movies are DEBS and Portrait of a Lady on Fire (I saw it alone in theaters and crushed my popcorn container in my hand bc of the sexual tension during one of the painting scenes!) I am living in Spain right now, but I have a VPN that hasn’t failed me yet.

    (As a side question, any good Spanish-language content, queer or interesting queer-vibing ladies is welcome too, so I can keep my second-language skills up while I literally cannot leave my apartment to talk to anyone.)

    • Wow, that’s a tough question, @serenabee. I tried to think about slow burn love stories and, much to my surprise, I couldn’t think of any…at least not on TV. That makes me so sad. Spanish-language content I can help a bit more with, though…

      Acacias 38 – Maite & Camino are the latest Spanish-language couple taking over my Youtube feed
      Amar es para Siempre
      SKAM España – Cris & Jo in Seasons 2/3 are great
      Vis a Vis – Ended last year but a spin-off is coming…it’s like OITNB but better.

    • Years and years ago I YouTubed all of the Maca y Esther scenes from Hospital Central. Same for the pepa y Silvia scenes from Los Hombres de Paco.

      Both have that great will they or won’t they feel in the beginning and are Spanish. But don’t watch the endings of either relationship 💀 😞

      For a Mexican soapy romance there is Julia y Mariana on las Aparicio. Don’t remember how that one ended. And I don’t have any more recent recommendations

      • I can relate, @nameiwontforget, I watched the entire storylines for Flor and Jazmin from Las Estrellas and Mercedes and Barbara from Perdona Nuestros Pecados online and translated.

    • “My dream is like, “You’ve Got Mail” but with two women who are already out.” …. if you can handle blood and violence, this sounds a lot like Killing Eve? And Also the last two seasons of How To Get Away With Murder?

      WITHOUT the Blood and Violence, I also recommend: the movie Imagine Me & You which is my favorite gay rom-com.

      Also (and I can’t believe I’m saying this!!) The first THREE SEASONS ONLY of Glee have a great slow-burn romantic coming out for Santana and will-they-won’t-they for Santana and Brittany. If you love D.E.B.S., I think you can handle Glee’s over the top camp, but promise me you will stop after Season Three, okayyyyy?

    • Summer of Sangailé is a gorgeous slow burn. If you liked Portrait, you should watch it immediately!

    • I live for banter. I’m feeling very High Fidelity about this and am gonna do two top 5s.

      Top 5 Best Movies for Flirty Gay Banter:

      5. Yes or No
      4. Kissing Jessica Stein
      3. Daddy Issues
      2. I Can’t Think Straight
      1. A Date for Mad Mary

      Top 5 Best Movies for Intense Gay Longing:

      5. Lianna
      4. Circumstance
      3. Carol
      2. Mosquita y Mari
      1. Desert Hearts

      • Drew! Thank you!!! The two separate lists are perfect and I have only seen Carol and I Can’t Think Straight (both of which I loved). I had been meaning to watch Dessert Hearts because my younger brother loved it and recommended it, but had forgotten. Can’t wait to make my way through all of these!

    • @Serena For Spanish language content have you heard of “Diablero” (it gets a little queer in the second season) or “El Ministerio del Tiempo”?

  14. To anybody else doing a zombie marathon:

    Zombie Strippers (2008) is the trashiest in most poor taste zombie movie I know of

    Survival of the Dead is George Romero’s last film and I feel like it’s a metaphor for American politics in a way.
    Oh a lesbian character survives the film which is rare as well all know. She’s not a sweetheart like Tara or Denise from TWD mind you.

  15. Always looking for more documentary recs, especially ones that are easily found online or ones that have come out in the last few years that I may not have seen

    • i should add that I have Netflix, Hulu, Prime and a VPN/know how to torrent *cough* if it comes down to it

    • Are there specific subgenres of documentary that you’re drawn to to help narrow it down?

      • I’m pretty open to everything. My favorite documentaries are classic queer history documentaries, documentaries that profile someone with a big passion (Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Man on Wire, Free Solo) and weird, surprising documentaries (We Live in Public, Three Identical Strangers).
        Last couple of docs that I watched in theaters were 63 Up, RBG and The Final Year.

        Recently finished the Hillary docuseries that’s on Hulu, currently watching Who Killed Malcolm X? on Netflix.

        • I love Who Killed Malcolm X and the Hillary doc!! And RBG!! So we might have similar tastes?

          If you download Apple TV for free on any apple device (and then after you have it, you can download for free on Amazon TV etc and just plug in your Apple account), I recommend “Visible: Out On Television” which is a 5-hour doc about the histories of gay on tv that I haven’t seen because I can’t even make it through the commercial without crying.

          Also on Netflix, my favorite non-gay doc is Whatever Happened to Nina Simone, on Hulu it’s The Gospel According to Andre (which is gay in a different kind of way, and is about former Vogue fashion editor and LEGEND Andre Leon Talley)

          • wait wait WAIT. How did I miss “Visible: Out On Television”? I think I contributed to the kickstarter for that documentary… or something very similar years ago. I will for sure watch that, thank you!

          • (yeah there was a person who crowdfunded for a similar project a few years ago but never made it)

        • I second “Visible: Out On Television” !!

          As for docs that profile people with big passion:
          – Speed Sisters (I believe it’s on Prime)
          – The docuseries/food miniseries Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix
          – Being Serena (Serena Williams doc on HBO)

  16. oh oh what’s something that i can half pay attention to while I play Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  17. Any recommendations for a book/tv show/comic that’s like Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the good ways but not the problematic ways? Specifically, something that has good dialogue and interesting villains and jokes even during the sad bits. Preferably urban fantasy. (Does not need to have women who are feminist because they kill people. I am so over the idea that murder=feminism).
    Also, anyone have recommendations for sweet queer comedies for my girlfriend? She loves One Day at a Time, Brooklyn 99, Schitt’s Creek and Galavant. She did not like Broke City or Tales of the City or Special because too much cringiness and meanness.

    • Not urban fantasy but Leverage is an ensemble with good dialogue, jokes even during sad bits, the villains are all wealthy, powerful, mean people but none are Buffy-verse level interesting.

      Fatal violence by the team is a last resort dealio, the heavy hitter even hates guns.

      • You can follow Leverage up with the Librarians, which is sweet and fun fantasy from some of the same people, with bonus bisexual main character (although only confirmed much later and mostly ignored). I also have been rewatching Timeless as comfort television, which has some sci fi plus you get to learn about badass women and POC in history.

    • IS THIS A TRAP? This feels like a trap set up specifically for me to give my favorite answer to any question: WYNONNA EARP!!

      A demon-hunting cowgirl with a queer sister and snark for days! The writers loved Buffy and it shows. She does technically murder but only the hell-demons she was cursed to hunt!

      See also, Lost Girl. (A lot of the same writers as Wynonna, actually.) Bisexual succubus with a found family she’d fight to the death for.

      (Side note, I miss Galavant.)

      • I also recommend Letterkenny, though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and it’s only mildly queer, but it’s just some pure goofy Canadian fun. (Give it two eps before you decide; it takes the whole first ep to figure out wtf you’re watching haha)

  18. I’d love some recs for sci fi/fantasy/surreal shows that delve into big-picture philosophical themes about existence – interconnection, identity, why we’re here, what is time, that kind of thing. Bonus gay is always good. Favourite shows include The Good Place, Russian Doll, Sense 8, The Expanse, and I might be the only person in the world whose favourite ever movie is Arrival. Also someone please redo Interstellar and replace weepy Matthew McConaughey with a capable butch lesbian thx.

    • @chandra Given what you’re saying, I cannot recommend “Dark” on Netflix highly enough. It’s a German time travel show. Bonus – there is a little wlw.

    • Have you seen Annihilation? One of my favorite movies the year it came out.
      Also, reading your comment I realized that while I don’t tend to watch philosophical scifi TV shows as much, your description is the exact type of book I like to read! I know this is for TV/movie recs, but if you also like to read you might want to look into:
      -Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang (the collection that has the short story that Arrival is based on. The most creative and interesting speculative fiction!)
      -Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut (I didnt like Slaughterhouse 5 at all but I love Vonnegut when he gets really creative and invents religions)
      -Bloodchild and other stories, by Octavia Butler (she writes commentary after each of the 5 stories)
      -Geoege Saunders (I liked 10th of December and Lincoln in the Bardo)
      -For fantasy, The Fifth Season by NK Jemison and its two sequels is heavy but incredible in its moral complexity. Has the most realistic portrayal of an unmendable relationship that is understandable on both sides.

      • @serenabee I LOVE Ted Chiang and NK Jemisin aaaaahhh! Immediately putting all the rest on my to-read list, thank you so much

        I did see Annihilation and was left feeling intrigued, perturbed and kind of unsatisfied? But I also can’t stop thinking about it. Such compelling ideas that I wish had been taken further.

        • Also have YOU read the His Dark Materials trilogy? More fantasy than sci fi but absolutely one of my favourite things I’ve ever read.

      • Seconding Annihilation! Only horror movie I have ever seen in theaters because I don’t enjoy the genre at all (but couldn’t resist watching such a great cast), and was still thinking about it weeks later, in a good, thought-provoking way. Plus it is gorgeous visually when it is not grotesque. BUT as a warning it may be a little too relevant to our current situation. Proceed with caution.

    • I second Black Mirror, but also Orphan Black is a lower-stakes show but it questions humanity and ethics and connection and sense of self. And is gay.

  19. I’m finding the familiar formula of rom coms comforting these days…doesn’t have to be queer but have a higher bar for quality for straight rom coms. I just watched (straight) Plus One on Hulu and found it surprisingly excellent, and How to Be Single is my absolute favorite in the genre. Any other suggestions? (Preferably streaming rn).

    • My top 5 favorite straight romcoms

      5. Obvious Child
      4. The Philadelphia Story
      3. Cluny Brown
      2. Clueless
      1. Bringing Up Baby

      My top 5 favorite gay romcoms

      5. Imagine Me & You
      4. A Date for Mad Mary
      3. D.E.B.S.
      2. But I’m a Cheerleader
      1. Saving Face

      Quality varies but formulaic and gay: BFFs, The Feels, Goldfish Memory, Gray Matters, I Can’t Think Straight, The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love, Kissing Jessica Stein, Love and Other Catastrophes (1996), Nina’s Heavenly Delights, Puccini for Beginners

      • I agree with em, “Set It Up” is an adorable romcom. Also? “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” lives up to the hype…but I wasn’t as big a fan of the second one.

    • Thank you! I have seen most of your favorite gay romcoms but I think only Clueless of the straight ones you mentioned, so I will check them out! And probably do more re-watching of movies I have already seen than normal…

  20. Anybody know where Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries went? It’s not on Netflix anymore.

    Wanted to recommend it but boo it is gone.

      • miss fisher’s is on Acorn TV.
        death in paradise* is on BritBox.

        those are fun shows and u.s. viewers can watch both for rental/subscriptions fees through amazon prime.

        *Camille is stunning, but Harry is my favorite character.

  21. A few faves: L Word Gen Q, Jane the Virgin, and recently Feel Good! Want something funny and queer and smart with characters I’ll get deeply invested in. Movies okay too. Preferably not with a central addiction/codependency plot like in Feel Good though, don’t need to be walloped in the heart like that in quarantine!!

    Other things I’ve loved, for good measure: Wynonna Earp, Battlestar Galactica, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Masters of Sex

    Thank you, media-rec heroes! ✨

    • @carolinerose Carmen and Drew are both watching GLEE right now so if you haven’t seen it before, like Drew, or you have, like Carmen (but only through season 3!), that might be a good place to start.

      A new show that might capture that GLEE/Crazy Ex-Girlfriend space in your heart is Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

      Some other shows that come to mind: Derry Girls, One Day at a Time, Atypical, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay and the Party of Five reboot.

      • I agree with All of Natalie’s suggestions, but had to clarify: I have seen ALL of Glee, I’m only re-watching through Season 3 because I love myself.

  22. Train to Busan has a chance of giving you Feelings especially if you’re a parent or have parental issue of the absentee/abandonment variety
    Watch at your own risk fellow horror fans.

  23. Psychological horror, unreliable narrators / not much gore, favorites: the babadook, the haunting of hill house tv series (and the 1963 haunting), the ring, get out, session 9. Queers are a plus but not always available.

  24. Queer Eye
    Next in Fashion which features Tan France, a lot of queerness and a brilliant winner.
    Orphan Black works for some reason.
    Golden Girls on DVD.

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