Ellen & Portia Among Gay Marriage’s Top Advocates and Bisexual Kristanna Loken Gets a Girlfriend

ELLEN & PORTIA: America’s favorite lesbian couple was on Oprah last week to celebrate Ellen’s much-anticipated O magazine cover, less than a week after Maine voted against same-sex marriage [Read: Maine & Washington Gay Marriage Election Day “Live-Blog”!]

As fierce warriors in the fight against symbolic anihilation, we’re passionate & dedicated observers of the impact Ellen & Portia have had on America’s limited & prejudicial opposition to equal rights for gay and lesbian couples. (Read: Portia on The Ellen Show)

In “A Sapphic Victory, but Pyrric,” The New York Times notes that “culture leads politics, and support for familiar, respected individuals precedes support for a larger, more abstract idea,” and wonders in light of Maine’s Question 1, when we can expect what may have been the most public display of gushingly romantic affection between two gay or lesbian celebrities, among other subersive imges and popular figures, to pay off at the polls.

Rachel Maddow and Dan Savage chime in with their opinion and Savage points out that lesbians fare better than gay men on the small screen because gay men make people think of buttsex and “They look at Ellen and they don’t know what she does with Portia.”

Read the article.

BISEXUAL: OMG! Kristanna Loken, the bisexual actress you may remember from The L Word (she played Paige, Shane’s single mom post-Carmen rebound relationship), is not with her husband anymore and for the last seven months she’s been in a relationship with a woman. This is exciting because this story always happens the other way around! Her girlfriend’s a personal trainer and you can get the full scoop here: AfterEllen interviews bisexual Kristanna Loken. Loken also dishes on the difficulties of dating women who don’t want people to “know” (cough*michelle rodriguez*) and the importance of queer visibility for equal rights.

YOUR BODY IS A WONDERLAND: John Mayer says that if you haven’t gone dancing in a gay club, you’ve never really danced. Also, you’ve never felt so sexually unwanted since that time you accidentally glanced a little too long at your best friend changing her clothes in middle school and everyone called you a dyke. Or whatever.

GAY ACRES: Planet Green, part of the Discovery Channel family, has greenlit a new show about a gay couple running a farm in upstate New York: “Their eccentric, extended friends and family dynamic reveals to viewers that trying to live the simple life isn’t so simple after all.” And also maybe that the gay life isn’t so foreign or wrong. (@variety)

CRACKS: See what happens when you comment? I look at your website, and then I find special amazing things, like the trailer for this movie, Cracks. It looks lesbionic, totally enchanting, completely creepy, and absolutely necessary. Someone tell me more.

LADY LOHAN: Lindsay Lohan tweeted this week that she is obsessed with the Bad Romance video (how weird, us too!) and would love to collaborate with Lady Gaga someday. If that ever happens, Autostraddle will probably just explode. Or find it impossible not to use all caps for a while.lindsaybadromance

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  1. Homegirl looks like she’s dating a personal trainer, if you know what I mean. She also looks like her bikini is decorated with seashell necklaces that a six-year-old niece made for her or something. Totes adorbs.

    • does anyone else feel like lindsay lohan just keeps throwing shit at the wall to see if it sticks? she has declared a desire to collaborate with everyone lately.


    • Is the article good? I passed the magazine up the other day, but sort of wish I hadn’t…

  2. Paige made Shane look like a slouchy elf. I have had a hard time forgiving her for that but the news about the new real life girlfriend helps.

  3. Cracks was at the Toronto film festival this year, along with Tanner Hall, which I am DYING to see. Indy lesbian flicks that don’t suck? Yessir please more.

  4. Also in the NYT article, which was pretty great, was this:

    “When you press people on their opposition to gay marriage and gay rights, very often it reverts to anal sex…They look at Ellen and they don’t know what she does with Portia.”

    I don’t know how to feel about this. At first I laughed. But then I realized that people think we have voodoo sex or something akin to it. I guess that could be interesting.

    • Anal sex is the best. I agree with you Kelsey. I love it when a girl inserts her fingers or better yet, her tongue into my anus and thrusts deep and hard while at the same time, manually stimulating and rubbing my hard penis. I don’t have the nerve to ask her to wear a strap on and to give me anal intercourse with a huge penis shaped dildo. Maybe someday I will have the nerve to ask for that. I do have fantasies about a feminine man with a very large hairless penis and testicles ramming me until I explode.

  5. I honestly don’t care who anyone dates you can not Stop being attracted to whoever your attracted to and celebs are normal people just with better paying jobs so who cares if there dating chicks or dudes. And what I wanna put out there is these people who decide to not let us get married I wanna ask you how many straight people wake up and say I think I’m straight none well that’s the same as us gays the only reason why we always get asked when did u decide to be gay or how did u choose to be gay seriously people think about it do u think we would choose to hav some people hate us and bully us, disown us because we didn’t have a choice exactly like straight people.

  6. I enjoyed when my boyfriend inserted his large boned finger into my butt hole. When he pulled it out, it made a loud pop noise. I giggled and blushed and softly released some gas toward his face and he rolled me over roughly and rubbed my testicles.

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