Angelina Jolie’s ‘Gia’ Uncensored & Melrose Place Want More Lesbian Action, Washington h8ers Want Lesbian Rights Redaction


TODAY: We have your Tuesday Televisionary, right on time! We lose Vogue Evolution on America’s Best Dance Crew, Weeds ends with a nosedive, and Top Chef can’t win with pasta salad.

Yesterday – All About DADT: Autostraddle’s Natalie interviews Knights Out member Lissa Young, a 1986 West Point graduate and current Harvard grad student and 2002 Don’t Ask Don’t Tell discharge: DADT Discharge Lissa Young: The Autostraddle Interview.

If you haven’t already, check out L Word Star Janina Gavankar on SistersTalk Radio, and! Also, remember this, yeah you do, here’s more from Grace Fox at Grace The Spot: The Labor Day weekend Twitter war over homophobia. Hint: The lesbians won.

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GIA: An uncensored, high-def version of Angelina Jolie’s 1998 HBO TV Movie Gia, aka the best movie of all time, is being released on DVD. We like how this article says, “Before she became a Hollywood icon, Angelina Jolie starred in a steamy 1998 film that included a nude lesbian love scene with co-star Elizabeth Mitchell, who now appears as Juliet Burke on ABC’s “Lost.” Like, on our timeline, Gia is not BEFORE she became an icon. Gia is WHY she became an icon. More like a West Hollywood Icon, though. The new version features more lesbian sex. Sign us up! (@the improper)

MELROSE LESBIANS: Melrose Place wants more lesbian action too, in the form of “Melissa,” a love interest for Ella, who goes both ways: in her late 20s, she’s a gorgeous sexy, lesbian Hollywood agent who sets her sights on Ella.


LESBIAN PORN TAX: We can’t tell if this is one side of the story or the whole kit & kaboodle – “Taxpayers Should Not Fund Feminist Porn” – There’s no reason for the state to cough up half a million kronor to fund its production, argues Anti-Feminist Initiative blogger – “to argue that girls having sex with girls and women masturbating is somehow a good alternative to mainstream porn feels like a completely alien concept to me, and to many other women. Furthermore, most people would agree that the state should not fund pornography.

LADY GAGA: Lady GaGa has revealed how she used to consume ‘bags and bags of cocaine’ while listening to British rock band The Cure. Haven’t we all.

TILA TEQUILA: Tila Tequila’s tweets shed light on the alleged assault against her the other night and her declaration that she does not drink, which is really especially special. (@amy grindhouse)

TRUE STORY:I Met My Lesbian Lover at Cowboy Bible Camp. A Few Years Later, I Had a Sex Change.” (@double x)

LESBIAN WEB-TV: Far Out is a tell-it-how-it-is window on the lives of a group of friends living in London. Their first episode “These Are Guilt Muffins” premiered online yesterday, watch it now! (@far out tv) And Angela Robinson’s  Girltrash! is back! (@girltrash online)


↓ Some people clearly have nothing better to do with their time, which is amazing, they should all be Autostraddle writers. We need someone who can write about tech & gadgetry, do they believe in that stuff? Washington Gay Partnership Referendum Back in Court –  Supporters of Washington’s “everything but marriage” gay partnerships are continuing their court battle over Referendum 71. R-71’s conservative sponsors have collected enough petitions to force a vote on the latest expansion of domestic partnership rights. (@seattle times)

At the State of Black Gay America Summit, Rev. Dr. Yvette Flunder says Black LGBTS cannot settle for ‘Conditional Freedoms.” Summit leader Gregory Allen: “While it is true we are all gay, lesbian, same gender loving and we have a lot in common, we are also quite different. At this time, we acknowledge these differences. We can no longer wait until after midnight when the parties begin to make our presence known.”

Governor Patterson aims to push bill on marriage in New York in special session when legislators return! (@ny daily news)

Semenya controversy: From a Kenyan perspective – “May be Semenya’s controversy will keep Kenyans thinking through these broader issues and not the gold medal. Thank you Semenya!” (@daily nation)

Giannoulias, Senate candidate, puts gay rights on his platform “Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias said Wednesday he favors legalization of same-sex marriage and, if elected, would seek to repeal a federal law that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman.” (@chicago sun-times)

Lutheran Position On Gay Marriage Remains Hazy: They dropped the 20-year-old ban on partnered gay & lesbian clergy, but the nod to gay unions got lost after that. (@on top magazine)


Autostraddler of the Year Day!


alex-iconfrom Alex:
Whatever side of the ridiculous health care argument you’re on, we can all admit that there are many problems with the system. And Good magazine has a great infographic detailing these problems with our current health care system.

crystal-iconfrom Crystal:
Placebo’s interactive video clip for their latest single The Never-Ending Why’ is really really cool.

riese-icon3From Riese: According to this commercial, Miracle Whip is somehow a gateway to individuality and authenticity. Also I am trying to get everyone to watch Pump up the Volume so I can TALK HARD, I’d settle to get anyone to watch it now. Pleease!!!

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  1. “Feeling screwed up at a screwed up time in a screwed up place does not necessarily make you screwed up.” My older brother introduced this movie to me when I was like 7 years old. I watch it at least once a month. Also, Gleaming the Cube. It’s not related to Pump up the Volume in any way except, it’s the only other Christian Slater movie I like.

    • i have not even watched this movie yet, but i like those words a lot.
      also tila should change her name, maybes. the only problem is ’tila teetotaler’ just doesn’t have the same ring.

  2. I’m so glad I was the recipient of my friend’s DVD (donation) collection, which amazingly included Pump Up the Volume. (and Avril Lavigne in concert?)

  3. I am going to watch Pump Up the Volume this weekend, I am not even kidding. Also, cowboy bible camp with lesbians sounds fantastic.

  4. I think my favorite part of Pump Up the Volume was Seth Green’s haircut. And topless Samantha Mathis, obvs.

    I’ve always loved Drew Barrymore, but her awesomeness is multiplied by infinity when straddling Ellen Page.

  5. Now I feel even more obligated to actually get around to watching Gia. It will happen eventually, I promise. Just like I will eventually watch Pump Up The Volume.
    Also, love Drew Barrymore.

    • Angelina obsession aside. Gia is really good. You should watch it. I already have an unrated version of the movie. Do I bite the bate and buy the new extended one?

      I do love extended, uncut, and unrated. They are my favorite adjectives for movies.

      • My plan is to rent the “extended” version and see what exactly they mean by “extended.” For all we know, it could just be an extra ten seconds of a kiss scene. If the reissue is actually “extended, uncut and unrated,” I’m totes buying it.

  6. Wow. Nice pic. Really nice pic.

    I’m so glad I didn’t read this in tech class surrounded by virile young teenage boys.

    • Really, REALLY nice! I had this opened on my laptop at school, went to re-coffee and came back to three new people at my desk admiring this picture. Probably they will be loyal Autostraddle readers for life now!

  7. omfg. Drew Barrymore wearing a leather bustier and pink hotpants (!) straddling Ellen Page (!) just MADE MY LIFE.

  8. I watched Pump Up the Volume yesterday and loved it!

    I saw the Autostraddler pic on some entertainment show the other day and immediately thought: RIESE!!NEEDS!!TO KNOW!!
    Also, I loved how the commentator talked in such a way that insinuated that Drew and Ellen straddle each other often… I.Hope.So.

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