An International Meet-Up Week Sexy Surprise

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Happy International Meet-Up Weeks! I know you’ve bookmarked our mega list of all the International Autostraddle Meet-Up Week activities, and it probably seems like there couldn’t be anything better than hanging out with a bunch of Autostraddlers in your city.

And yet.

We have a surprise for you. A sexy surprise.


October 12 – November 30, Autostraddlers will receive 15% off at Babeland!


Not only can you and that cute girl you just met at a meet-up immediately go snag a sex toy for cheap, but you have until the end of November to continue buying sexessories at a discounted price. And because this is happening online and in stores, you don’t have to live in New York or Seattle to benefit!

Babeland is a sex-positive, feminist adult toy store. They are committed to pleasure just like we are committed to you, so basically it’s a match made in queer heaven.

To get the discount all you need is the code: 88515. Magic!

Happy shopping! And happy subsequent canoodling, with yourself/ a new special friend/ new special friends.

The aforementioned technical difficulty has been resolved, and you should now be able to access your discount! You don’t need the code in stores — just mention Autostraddle.
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Gabrielle Korn

Gabrielle Korn is a writer living in Los Angeles with her wife and dog.

Gabrielle has written 95 articles for us.


    • Babeland is working to fix the problem and it should be up and running very soon — I’ll let you know when it is handled! In the meantime, keep staring at your future sex toy. Thank you for your patience, and I’m so sorry!

  1. anyone coming to the co springs meetup?? I’m lonely! I’ll be sad if no one comes. Well not really it’s been a good day so I won’t be sad, but regardless you should come!

  2. Good timing, I’ve been meaning to make a shopping list. The only question now is whether I send a link to this story to my metamors too! Hmmmmmm…

    Thankfully most of them are autostraddle readers, so they’ll probably find it for themselves. :)

    Also, uhm, I’m just gonna leave this here:

    Consider that a PSA. (Also thanks to the sex panel at A-Camp Sept.)



    Then I need to get a girlfriend/buddy/someone to use it with?

  4. …Might make this sale my excuse to get my first… ah… object in this category. I’ve wanted a pinwheel for a while…

  5. My girlfriend and I were planning on going to the Seattle Autostraddle meet-up yesterday, but then we decided to go to Babeland first and do a little shopping. And then we hurried home excitedly and…didn’t make it to the meet-up. I’m sad we missed it, but I still feel like maybe this was a win?

  6. Also she got an alternative lifestyle haircut yesterday and some strangers on the street told us we were cute. It was a Sunday Funday for sure.

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