Also.Also.Also: The Best Places To Be Gay And Other Stories We Missed

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It looks like we’ve got one less thing to worry about in November. Republicans–or at least Mitt Romney and his groupees–have finally surrendered to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’s repeal. While there are only about a hundred other reasons to hide your kids and hide your wife if Romney wins, you can at least rest easy knowing that DADT won’t be reinstated any time soon.

via: Nadja Spiegelman

If you’ve ever lived on planet earth, you might’ve realized that the most homo-friendly places are usually the most metropolitan and are, as such, among the most expensive. CNN Money noticed it to and, this being the unofficial Month of The Gays, took the liberty of finding the most affordable gay-friendly neighborhoods in 10 major cities. As an added bonus, their idea of “gay-friendly” involved finding neighborhoods that are good fits for gay men and gay ladies.

We’ve also got the 153 most LGBT-friendly hospitals for all your health-related needs.

A school board in Utah has decided to put a book about a family with two moms behind the library counter. A big shout out to the state legislators who drafted the law that forbids school curriculum from “advocating homosexuality.” Without you guys, who knows if we’d have any straight people left? We salute you and your service to the community. Not.

GLAAD and Athlete Ally are teaming up to offer diversity training to every major U.S. sports team so that games can be welcoming places for everybody.

In straight-but-interesting news, researchers at the University of Michigan have found that people who cheat are more likely to get STIs than people in open relationships. Hooray for honesty.

“Not all hurtful things that are said are illegal.” Gai Écoute, Montreal’s gay helpline is launching a new program to track gay bashing. Except in the case of suspected crimes, the information won’t be used to intervene directly, but it will be recorded and used to make recommendations for ways to help stop homophobia. The registry is being funded with help from the Quebec Justice Department.

Though thankfully the fervor to pass the “Kill the Gays” bill in Uganda seems to have died down, homosexuality remains illegal. In an effort to keep it that way, the Ugandan government has banned 38 non-governmental organizations that it believes promote homosexuality. The organizations haven’t been named, but a government ethics minister said the NGOs that were targeted received money from abroad which the government believes was used to recruit children. Mohammad Ndifuna of Human Rights Network Uganda, one of the recently-banned organizations, says the move is part of a larger government attack on Ugandan society.

On normalcy and the death of gay male culture.

Also.Also.Also. Mailbag: Sometimes people send us really amazing thing we would’ve never found on our own. Sometimes they send us things we didn’t find for a reason.  These are the things that fall right between those two extremes.

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  5. Ahh I normally don’t post on the articles I read (which seems kinda lame but hey, sometimes a girl just wants to read) but when I saw the death of gay male culture actually linked to an article a professor of mine wrote, I couldn’t contain my joy, love and respect for David Halperin! I took a class with him called Ancient Greece and Modern Gay Sexuality at the University of Michigan and it was one of the most thought inspiring classes I’ve taken. He’s such a wonderful man and teacher, I’m glad that his influence reaches outside of the gay male sphere into the lovely world of Autostraddle :)

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